What Terminal is Air Canada in San Francisco Airport

Air Canada is located at Terminal 2 of the San Francisco Airport. The airline has the largest network spread, serving the most number of flights in the United States. California is one of the most popular states and has the largest airports to welcome tourists. San Francisco is the second largest airport in the state and is home to various international airlines.

It is an International Airport and has airlines majorly flying to places across the globe. Air Canada has a track record of flying to more than 200 locations in the world. The highest number of flights it offers is to its neighboring country. So, if your plan includes visiting San Francisco, then remember the location of the Air Canada terminal of departure and arrival.

Locations and Gates Air Canada Uses at the SFO Terminal 2

Air Canada services at the Terminal 2 of the SFO airport are located between the D1 to D18 gates. You can finish the boarding process from this terminal only as all related services like Air Canada Check-in, baggage drop, and others are located here. To cut short the time at the airport, use mobile check-in and download the pass.

There will be no need to get a printed copy, Electronic Boarding pass offered by Air Canada will be valid to clear the security lines and board the plane. Now that you know what terminal is Air Canada at SFO, check the departure and arrival locations at the airport.

Air Canada SFO Terminal for Departures and Arrivals?

Air Canada reserves Terminal 2 for the departures and arrivals at the San Francisco Airport(SFO). Operational concerns can lead to changes in the terminal at times. Otherwise, this Air Canada terminal at SFO is fixed for the majority of the schedules from the airport.

The daily updates of the flight are enlisted on the airport’s official website. Refer to the list or the boarding pass for the information related to which terminal is Air Canada at SFO airport. It is suggested that you visit the airport early to board the plane with no disruptions or delays. Air Canada assigns timings post which it does not entertain any boarding requests, so review once when you can check-in Air Canada and plan your arrival accordingly.

Air Canada SFO Terminal Services and Lounge

Air Canada passengers can use the United Club lounge at the airport.  Maple Leaf lounge is not available at the SFO airport. Although this is not the official lounge offered by the airline, access to the former is given on the basis of the partnership with the Star Alliance airline member who owns this lounge. Only members with Maple Leaf lounge membership and access can enjoy relaxing in this alternative.

If you are North American and have domestic membership, then the access to partnered lounges is limited to airports in the local region. Whereas, for the international members, the privileges extend to lounges anywhere in the world where Air Canada operates. Other than this, all other facilities like the name change, security, flight change, and others are also at the same terminal. 

Winding Up 

Essential Information regarding which terminal Air Canada use at SFO airport is briefed in the content.  The entrances are open from the parking areas, main gate, and connections within the terminals. Book the transportation service offered and reach anywhere at the airport. There are shopping and fooding options to explore that can make the trip for layovers and the departing flights’ passengers really convenient. 


Where are Departures and arrivals at Air Canada Terminal at San Francisco Airport?

Air Canada is at terminal 2 for all arrivals and departures at the SFO airport.

Is there a lounge at SFO terminal for Air Canada?

Yes, United Club is the partnered lounge with United Airlines that Air Canada passengers are allowed to use.

Which terminal does Air Canada use at the SFO terminal for International routes?

Terminal 2 is the only location for all Air Canada aircraft, either for international departure or arrival.
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