What Terminal is Air Canada at MSP

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 from the Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport. In total there are 15 airlines operating from this airport. Nine out of the fifteen are serving their passengers from Terminal 1. Air Canada is one of them. The other six airlines operate from Terminal 2 of the MSP airport. 

Registering our attention back to the question of what terminal is Air Canada at MSP, let us understand the detailed information of the scheduled departures, arrivals, and other related services by Air Canada.

Things to Know About the Air Canada Terminal 2 of the MSP Airport

There are numerous services offered at the airport. Some of them are offline alternatives to online facilities. One example to simplify it can be the Ticket counters that are the same as the official website from where a user or passenger can retain information or request certain services required for the trip.

If you will soon be visiting the airport then must be informed about all such services and the location that Air Canada offers at the MSP Airport. Firstly, let us begin with the Air Canada departures and arrivals location at the Minneapolis Airport. 

Air Canada Terminal Departure and Arrival Location at the MSP Airport 

Air Canada uses Terminal 1 or the T1 for all its scheduled departures and arrivals at the airport. The exact gates are not specified though, the signs are deployed at each turn and pathway of the airport to help locate each location and facility offered by the airline and the airport. 

Also, refer to the Map of the MSP Airport and specifically for the terminal to find all service counters and other required places to finish the formalities before boarding the plane. Not just that, the lounge offered by Air Canada is also situated at the MSP Airport which is detailed in the next section along with the major other facilities that you will visit as you arrive at the Airport.

Air Canada Services and Lounges at Terminal 2 of the MSP Airport 

This section briefs all the soon visiting passengers of Air Canada passengers about the various facilities that are available for them at the Terminal 2 of the MSP Airport. 

Air Canada Flight Booking

The most basic yet the most important is the ticket counter wherein individuals can go and request the staff to book their Air Canada flight. However, it is better to book online rather than offline, until required due to special circumstances. The steps to book an Air Canada ticket are easy online and are less time-consuming. 

Air Canada Check-In

Visit the Ticketing lobby at the upper roadway of Level 2 at Terminal 1 for the check-in process. You will find it just above the Baggage Claim.

After booking the flight, you will come to visit the airport to board the plane. Before that, there are a lot of formalities related to check-in and security that the passenger must go through as part of the protocol. Kiosks and ticket counters are available where you can complete the Air Canada check-in. For all this, you need to leave for the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to the departure.  you do not wish to bore yourself waiting in the long queues of the airport, check in online and add the Air Canada boarding pass to the wallet to clear the security checks.

Ticketing and Security

The ticket office is available at Level 1 of the terminal and the security is close to the opening of the ticketing counter. Another security, SkyWay(#10)  is situated at the Concourse C-G bridge on the Skyway Level.  

Air Canada Lounge

United Club lounge is located between the E-6 to E-8 gates and accessible for passengers who have Maple Leaf lounge membership.  Since Air Canada works in partnership with many airlines, it uses and shares lounges at different airports as per the accessibility rules. Walk to Concourse E and relax before boarding the plane.

Air Canada Flight Cancellation

Absolutely opposite to the above step is the cancellation which is available offline and offline both. The ticket Counter staff asks for your information and helps you cancel the flight. However, before arriving at the airport remember to check the tickets that are not eligible for Air Canada flight cancellations. Also, if possible, save some time by canceling the ticket online. 

Air Canada Name Change & Flight Change

Sudden changes and name mistakes are common regrets we often get to hear. Now to recorrect your plans or name, visit the offline ticket counter at the Air Canada Terminal 2 of the  MSP Airport. Air Canada allows flight change for some fee. Some other major and minor services are offered at the airport. This is despite the fact, passengers have the access to finish all the above-required formalities online. It is because there are certain group bookings and others that do not qualify for online mediums.

Air Canada Transportation

The last but most important for all passengers who will be traveling to the MSP Airport. Terminal 1 has transportation facilities available that can be used to visit any place in the terminal or at the airport. 

MSP Airport Terminal 1 Airport Tour


Passengers of Air Canada are informed about the details of what terminal is Air Canada at MSP Airport and the locations of all the related services at the respective terminal. In case the terminal changes, the information will be sent to you via email or message hours before the departure. Also, the boarding pass will have all the necessary details about the terminal.

Air Canada MSP Terminal Related FAQs

What other airlines are at the terminal 1 of the MSP Airport?

Air Canada, Delta Air, Alaska, American, Denver, KLM Royal Dutch, Spirit, United, and Air France airlines use terminal 1 of the MSP airport.

What is the MSP Airport located?

Minneapolis Airport is in the Minnesota USA.

What is the full form of the MSP Airport?

MSP stands for  Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport.

What terminal is Air Canada at MSP?

Air Canada is at terminal 1 of the MSP Airport.
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