What is Air Canada Travel Voucher

Air Canada Travel Voucher offers the advantage to convert the ticket value into a digital voucher. Its non-expiry, transferable, and multiple times usability features add value to it.

Rephrasing it as a digital receipt of the due refundable payment will give a much clearer understanding of What is Air Canada Travel Voucher. Vouchers are no new concept. These have been part of the marketing strategy for decades now. While it is a new introduction to the airline industry.

Generally, if a flight is canceled due to various voluntary or involuntary reasons and the ticket amount is refundable, it is credited to the payer’s bank account. However, these days airlines have started offering digital records or receipts reflecting the original amount as a balance that can be reused to book a flight or other services offered.

Air Canada has added a certification format to it. Introduced in 2020, a travel voucher is formed for all canceled flights after March 1, 2020. However, it is not a compulsion but an additional method to receive the refundable amount. 

For this, a person will have to raise a request to transfer their amount into a travel voucher. Upon conversion, the airlines will send a 15-code email confirming that the amount is now stored as a voucher. 

Following, the Air Canada travel voucher can be used at any time to make payment for other flight bookings or to book a combo package. The combo package includes hotel and flight booking for Mexico and the Caribbean. 

The Package Bookings are Not Valid for Group Reservations

The benefit of this travel voucher is that it can be used multiple times. You can book a cheaper flight or hotel and the remaining balance can be used for the next time. Similar to wallet money, a passenger can pay using the Air Canada travel voucher a number of times until the balance counts to zero. Also, these come with a never-ending expiry date and are transferable to 

The usage of the voucher is very simple by opting for it as a mode of payment. A step-by-step simple procedure has to be followed to use the Air Canada travel Voucher. There are a set of terms attached to use the travel voucher that limits its usage in certain aspects.

In case you received a 13-numbered voucher. Then it is an electronic voucher. Air Canada offers a variety of vouchers. Read the rest 3 to know their usability and the related benefits.

Other Vouchers from Air Canada 

Apart from the popular Air Canada travel voucher, there are three other forms of voucher that passengers can use. These three offer different usage and have different features with different numbers of digits. The biggest distinction to these vouchers is the number of digits for each of them. The vouchers are namely.

  • Electronic Travel Vouchers
  • ACCredit
  • e-coupons

Electronic Travel Vouchers

These are 13 digits and limited-time period vouchers. These are also transferable but can be used to make payments for ticket charges only. No additional services like baggage allowance, WiFi, lounge, or others can be purchased using these electronic vouchers. 

Only the base fee, which is the basic fare fee, is payable through this. Even the taxes and extra fees have to be paid separately. This voucher comes with an expiry and any delays in using it can lead to a nil balance.

Enter the 13-digit number and pay for the ticket amount. Else call the airlines or the travel agent and use the voucher for bookings. These are valid for bookings of Air Canada Rouge, new Air Canada, and Air Canada Express tickets. 

In case there is no trip planned and you wish to transfer the voucher, then sign the voucher and pay for someone else’s ticket by visiting the airport counter. 


Another Travel voucher can be used to buy travel-related and ancillary(medical) services offered by Air Canada Express, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada. 

Its identity is its 15-digit number along with a 4-digit PIN. To check the balance, enter the numbers with the PIN. In case you lose the number, security code, or both, a Customer Assistance form has to be filled out. 

Simultaneously, a maximum of two e-coupons can be used to make payment. Its other features include transferability, other tickets, and a limited time. Like the electronic voucher, it is no more after its expiry date. To use it within the time frame, visit the site or connect with airlines on call.


These are the last forms of tickets. Under defined conditions, ancillary and air travel-specific services can be booked with the ACCredit. These are similar to E-coupons.

These also cover purchasing capacity of services from Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express.

Remember, there are chances that passengers might confuse other vouchers with Air Canada travel vouchers. Terms and conditions and the number of digits in the code must be counted well to avoid confusion.


Lastly, to brief you about what Air Canada Travel Voucher is, there are a few points that you must keep in mind before requesting to transfer the amount as a voucher. If you have no upcoming plans to fly with Air Canada, it is better to receive a refund in the original mode of payment.

Also, limited-time period vouchers can be a complete waste if not utilized on time. So, it is better to use the transferability feature which will be at least useful for someone you know. It is a request that you read all the terms and conditions carefully in order to avoid the wastage of money later.

Air Canada Travel Voucher Related FAQs

What is Air Canada Travel Voucher for?

Air Canada Travel vouchers allow you to transfer the refundable amount as a travel credit for later purposes.

Can you cash in Air Canada Travel Voucher? 

No, Air Canada travel vouchers can only be used to book flights and services offered by Air Canada and are non-refundable in form of cash.

What are the Air Canada Travel Vouchers?

 Air Canada travel vouchers vary for all. Transferability is one of the common benefits. Some vouchers come with no expiry and can be used anytime.
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