What Terminal is Air Canada at LAX

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is a hub for many airlines. There are more than 69 airlines that operate from the LAX Airport. Air Canada uses Terminal 6 at LAX airport. It offers the highest number of flights in the United States. 171 cities are the current total number of destinations that Air Canada covers in the country. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, and a few other places enjoy a larger share of popularity as compared to others. Here, the blog discusses flights to Los Angeles and What Terminal is Air Canada at LAX.

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport(LAX)
Airport CodeLAX
AirlinesAir Canada
TerminalT6, T7 & T8
Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

Where Can You Find Services Offered By Air Canada at LAX Airport?

Air Canada flies to 60 destinations in the U.S. and to various cities from the following major locations bringing the total count to 171 cities.  It uses the airports of major places like Chicago, Boston, New York, and others to fly in the domestic regions of the country.

LAX Airport is situated in the state of California and in one of the popular cities, Los Angeles.  If you have booked the flight with Air Canada and will be visiting the LAX airport soon then check the services offered by Air Canada at the airport. Also, to avoid confusion and chaos, remember to check the location of the services, security check-ins, and other places along with what terminal is Air Canada at LAX. As you will have to visit all these before boarding the plane.

Which Terminal Air Canada Uses For Departure at LAX Airport? 

Air Canada departs from Terminal 6 of the Los Angeles (LAX) Airport. This is the hub for all the aircraft owned by the airline that flies to various international and national destinations. 

Terminals 7,8, and B runways are used for codeshare flights of the Star Alliance Members. When booking the flight, you will be able to see the code of each aircraft available for reservation. If it shows AC then it is an Air Canada aircraft. Otherwise, the code for other airlines will be mentioned.

Which Terminal Air Canada Uses for Arrivals at LAX Airport?

Air Canada reserves the same Terminal 6 for arriving at the LAX airport. The chances that you will arrive at Terminal 7, 8 or B depend on whether it is a direct flight or a codeshare flight. Air Newzealand, United Airlines, and Avianca are the three major airlines that share their flights for routes flown to and from Los Angeles Airport.


The guide focuses on sharing details about which terminal Air Canada uses at LAX. Now you will be able to reach the terminal on time with all the information memorized. Remember to keep the airport map open when visiting the airport to avoid getting lost within the terminals.

As you arrive at the airport, catch the free bus service from the parking area, main gate, terminal entrance, or other major spots of the airport. The bus shall drive you to any location within the airport. Just remember to reach on time according to the check-in timings described for your flight.

Air Canada LAX Terminal Related FAQs

What terminal does Air Canada fly out of at LAX?

Air Canada flies from terminal 6 of the LAX airport.

Is Air Canada part of Star Alliance Membership? 

Yes, Air Canada is a part of one of the largest airline groups in the world known as Star Alliance group.

Does Air Canada use the same terminal for departure and arrival at LAX airport? 

Yes, Air Canada departs and arrives at the same terminal as the LAX airport. Codeshare flights have departures and arrivals scheduled from terminals 7,8 or B.

Which other airlines use terminal 6 of the LAX Airport?

Alaska ( International departures), Southern Air, and Horizon are the few other airlines that operate from terminal 6 of the LAX Airport.
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