Does Air Canada have WiFi

Yes, Air Canada offers WiFi onboard. Majority of its flights are equipped with WiFi but not all. There are a few selected aircrafts that do not have WiFi. 

Slowly, the WiFi will be available on the rest of the flights. Air Canada is the largest airline service in Canada. It flies to more  than 220 locations in the world accounting for its position in the top 20 largest airlines.

It serves more than 51 million passengers. WiFi and other services are a must to keep the customers flying again and again. 

How to Verify if WiFi is Available on Your Flight?

How to Verify if WiFi

The next available flights list shows if there is WiFi on Air Canada onboard for routes searched by individuals. Else, a separate section is to determine whether or not there is WiFi availability for the route.  There are very few chances that there is no WiFi for a particular destination. As Air Canada operates more than one aircraft for the same routes at timely intervals.

Air Canada does have WiFi on international and national routes. Enter the details in the To and From section in the ‘Check If WiFi is Available For Your Next Flight’ section offered by Air Canada. An entire list of scheduled flights will be reflected on the screen. Beside each flight, WiFi available or not will be written. Otherwise, the WiFi signal image will be visible for the same flight. 

Select the flight on which WiFi is offered. Although there are few airplanes which do not have internet service. There are aircrafts of Air Canada that does have WiFi. Number of aircrafts models equipped with WiFi are detailed below:

Aircrafts Number of planes equipped with WiFi 
Boeing 777-300 ER (77W) 19
Boeing 777-200 LR (77 L) 6
Boeing 787-8 (788)8
Boeing 787-9 (789) 29
Airbus A330-300 (333)17

Air Canada has WiFi on these above-mentioned aircrafts in equal quantity  as the number of aircrafts owned. 

How many Devices can I connect with Air Canada WiFi? 

The WiFi speed  on Air Canada flights is 9.6 mbps. This speed is for browsing and slows at times due to excessive usage by too many people in the flight.  

Also, only devices per passenger can be connected at once Disconnect from one device to connect with another. The WiFi cost is not included in the ticket price. Depending on the usage and the total distance of the route, how much Air Canada’s  WiFi will cost varies. A news reading app with more than 7000 magazines and newspapers downloaded is offered complimentary. 

Does Air Canada Business Class have WiFi for Free? 

No, Air Canada does not have free WiFi for business class passengers. As per the usage, individuals can buy the WiFi. The services can be purchased after boarding the aircraft. The charges increase for last minute purchases. 

The WiFi can be bought online or from the ticket counter. After purchasing the service, passengers can connect with the WiFi soon after boarding the plane.

For long route flights, a 19 dollars pack for a whole day is sold which is very beneficial and cost effective. Rest, internet packs are sold on a per hour basis. 

Key Takeaways

There is WiFi on Air Canada flights but still a few are not equipped with the internet service. This should not impact the journey overall as there are other flights for the same route with internet connectivity. The airline has made the process to get Air Canada WiFi easy by offering instant purchase even after boarding the plane. Before that people can buy it from the online site, mobile application, or at the ticket counters and kiosks.

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