Where Does Air Canada Fly in Europe

Air Canada is among the top leading Airlines in the world. It is the largest national carrier in Canada. In total, Air Canada flies to more than 220 destinations. Further, it covers cities and regions within these destinations.  

Specifically for Europe, it flies to all the major cities and regions of the continent. It brings a lot of business to the airline. You can find the list of all the places Air Canada flies in Europe. The airports it uses for each region are also specified. 

List of Cities And Regions Where Air Canada Flies in Europe 

List of Cities And Regions Where Air Canada Flies in Europe 

There are various countries in Europe. A list has been created to give you an idea about what regions it covers in each of these countries along with their respective airports from where Air Canada operates its flights. 

1. Air Canada Destinations in Austria 

Austria is a region in the southern part of Europe. It is popular for its architectural beauty of the palaces, castles, and other historical and modern art touch buildings. Find below where Air Canada flies in Europe. 

GrazGraz Railway Station 
SalzburgWolfgang A. Mozart,Salzburg Hbf Railway Station 
Vienna Vienna International 

2. Discover Belgium with Air Canada 

Belgium is one of the popular countries of Europe with borders with France, Germany, and other important nations of the continent. Here, Air Canada flies to Brussels, which has been written below with its airport.

Brussels Brussels National

3. Air Canada Flights to Bulgaria  

Air Canada flies to two main regions in Bulgaria. This country is the oldest in Europe with a rich history of 7000 years. Find the airports and the cities Air Canada offers its flights in Bulgaria. 

Sofia Sofia 

4. Find the Destinations Air Canada flies to Croatia 

Air Canada offers flights to various destinations in Croatia which is located somewhere between the SouthEast and Central Europe. View the regions and the respective airports to book a flight with Air Canada.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik 
Rijeka Rijeka Airport
Split Split 
Brac Brac
Osijek Osijek
Pula Pula 

5. Czech Republic 

The Czech Republic is a very significant destination in Europe. Three regions or cities are currently covered by Air Canada Airlines in this country. 

Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary  
Prague Vaclav Havel
BrnoBrno Airport 

6. Denmark

Air Canada flies to six regions in one of the most popular tourist countries in Europe. Check the airports of these regions where Air Canada flies in Denmark.

Aalborg Aalborg
Aarhus Aarhus 
Billund Billund 
EsbjergEsbjerg Airport 
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 

7. Finland 

Finland is famous for a bunch of reasons but majorly for the Northern lights. If you are planning to fly to this country with Air Canada, find the regions its flights depart and arrive at.

Helsinki Helsinki – Vantaa
Ivalo Ivalo Airport
Kuusamo Kuusamo 
Kittia Kittia
Tampere Tampere-Pirkkala 

8. Visit the Cities of France with Air Canada 

France offers a beautiful blend of fashion, food, and fests that attracts tourists from around the world. Review the cities you can book to visit France with Air Canada.

Fort-de-FranceMartinique Aime-Cesaire 
BiarritzBiarritz Pays Basque Airport 
Brest/GuipavasBrest Bretagne
Clermont-Ferrand/ Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne 
Lille Lille Airport 
Marseille Marseille Provence 
Montpellier-Mediterranee Montpellier- Mediterranee 
NantesNantes Atlantique 
Nice Côte d’Azur 
ParisCharles de Gaulle, Orly
PauPau-Pyrenees International Airport
RennesRennes Bretagne Airport
StrasbourgStrasbourg Entzheim International, Strasbourg Bus Station 
Toulouse Toulouse- Blagnac
Ajaccio, CorsicaAjaccio Napoleon Bonaparte 
Bastia, Corsica Bastia-Poretta Airport
Calvi, CorsicaCalvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport
DeauvilleDeauville Normandie Airport
Metz/NancyLorraine Airport
Figari, CorsicaFigari-Sud Corse Airport

9. Plan your Trip with Air Canada to Germany

Germany’s Oktoberfest, chocolates, and cheese apart from their strong significance in the world are major attractions for tourists. Check the range of regions or cities Air Canada flies in Germany. 

City/ Region Airport 
AachenAachen Hbf Railway Station 
Berlin Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Berlin Hbf Railway Station
CologneCologne Bonn, Cologne Hbf Railway Station
Dortmund Dortmund, Dortmund Hbf Railway Station
Dresden Dresden
DusseldorfDusseldorf, Dusseldorf Train Station
Frankfurt Frankfurt  International
Hamburg Hamburg, Linz Hbf Railway Station
HanoverHannover, Hannover Hbf Railway Station
LeipzigLeipzig/Halle, Leipzig Hbf Railway Station
Munich Franz Josef Strauss 
Nuremberg Nuremberg, Nuremberg Railway Station
RostockRostock Airport 
StuttgartStuttgart, Stuttgart Hbf Railway Station
Karlsruhe/ Baden BadenBaden Airpark Airport, Karlsruhe Hbf Railway Station
Westernland Sylt Airport 
Heringsdorf Heringsdorf
KasselKassel, Kassel Wilhemshoehe Railway Station
Saarbrucken Saarbrucken Airport 
Freiburg Freiburg Hbf Railway Station
Ulm Ulm Train Station
Wurzburg Wurzburg Hbf Railway Station
PaderbornPaderborn Lippstadt
Erfurt Erfurt Railway Station
Goettingen Goettingen Hbf Railway Station 

10. Book Air Canada Flights to Greece 

The historical and modern vibes blend to offer a unique experience to travelers. Air Canada flies to approximately 20 cities or regions in Greece. 

City/ Region Airport 
Athens E. Venizelos 
Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis 
KerkyraIoannis Kapodistrias International 
Mykonos Mykonos Airport
Rhodes Rhodes-Diagoras International
Chania Souda
Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Macedonia 
Alexandroupolis Alexandroupolis International Airport 
Kos Kos International Airport 
Chrisouplis Kavala International Airport
SamosSamos International Airport 
Karpathos Karpathos Island National Airport 
PatrasAraxos International Airport
Kalamata Kalamata 
Preveza/LefkasAktion Airport 
Volos, Greece Nea Anchialos 

11. Buy Air Canada Tickets to Hungary

Hot Springs, Saunas, and lakes are the popular attractions of this country. Air Canada offers flights to two main locations in Hungary and arrives at these airports. 

Budapest Budapest Liszt Ferenc International
Debrecen Debrecen 

12. Fly to Iceland with Air Canada

Air Canada flies to one popular destination in the Nordic Country, Iceland. Find the airport details with the city name below. 

Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport 

13. Reserve a Seat with Air Canada to Fly to Ireland 

Ireland is popular because of various reasons including its geographical location and natural beauty. Air Canada flight arrives at these three destinations in Ireland. Check Details.

Dublin Dublin

14. Fly to Israel with Air Canada Flights 

  Israel, a country in the Middle East can be better termed as a European nation because of its geographical location. Check the places Air Canada visits in Israel.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International
Ovda Ovda

15. Plan a Holiday to Italy 

Italy, the land of pasta and pizzas is an irresistible country that witnesses a huge crowd every year. If you are planning to take a trip to this nation, then review the airports and destinations where Air Canada flies in Italy.

Ancona Ancona-Falconara 
Bologna Guglielmo Macroni
Cagliari Cagliari
Catani Catania/ Fontanarossa
Cuneo Cuneo Airport 
Florence Firenze/ Peretola
Forli Forli Airport
Genoa Genoa 
Lamezia TermeLamezia Terme International
MilanMalpensa, Linate
NaplesNaples International
Pisa Pisa International
Rome Flumicino International
Trieste Friuli Venezia Giulia 
Turin Caselle International
Venice Marco Polo
Verona Verona 
CosmioCosmio Airport
Olbia Olbia 

16. Reserve the Air Canada Flight to Visit the Netherlands

The Netherlands is another beauty that Air Canada flies to and arrives at these four regions or cities of the country. Check the details below.

City/ RegionAirport

17. A trip to Norway with Air Canada

 The Air Canada flight takes you to the following places in Norway.  The list is a bit long, read carefully.

Oslo Oslo 
Tromso Tromso Airport
Alta Alta 
Evenes Harstad/ Narvik Airport 
Haugesund Haugesund 
Kristiansand Kristiansand 
Kristiansund Kristiansund 
LongyearbyenSvalbard Airport

18. Plan your Next Vacation in Poland 

Poland is a country in central Europe that is popular for containing the oldest forest on the continent. Food and its history are also other popular reasons to visit this place. Check places for which you can book a flight with Air Canada.

City/Region Airport 
Gdansk Gdansk Lech Walesa
Krakow J. Paul II International Krakow-Balice 
LublinLublin Airport 
Lodz/LublineckLodz Airport
Rzeszow Rzeszow International
SzczytnoOlsztyn- Mazury Airport 
Warsaw Warsaw Chopin
Wroclaw Wrocław Strachowice
Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz 
Zielona Gora Zielona Gora 
Szczecin Solidarity Szczecin- Goleniów Airport

19. Board Air Canada Flight to Portugal

Portugal is a country located in the southwestern part of Europe. These are the following places that are flown by Air Canada to Portugal.

City/ RegionAirport
Faro Faro
Madeira Madeira 
LisbonLisbon Portela
Ponta Delgada Azore Ponta Delgada
Porto Santo Porto Santo
Terceira Terceira Lajes Airport

20. Plan a Vacation to Romania 

Capturing another country in Europe, here are the regions where Air Canada offers flights.

City/ RegionAirport
Bucharest Henri Coanda International
Cluj- Napoca Avram Iancu International Airport 
SibIu Sibiu International Airport 
Timișoara Timișoara Traian Vuia 
Constanta Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport 

21. Explore the Country of Russia with Air Canada Flights

Russia, the largest country in the world, is part of Europe, and here are the regions where Air Canada offers flights. These are the respective airports used by the airline.

City/ RegionAirport
Ekaterinburg Koltsovo 
IrkutskIrkutsk International Airport 
MoscowDomodedovo International,Sheremetyevo International,Vnukovo  
St. Petersburg Pulkovo 
Sochi Sochi International 
Chita Chita- Kadala Airport 
KaliningradKhrabrovo Airport
Krasnodar Krasnodar International
Samara Kurumoch International Airport 
Kazan Kazan International
Rostov Rostov 
Stavropol Stavropol 
Ufa Ufa 
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 
VladivostokVladivostok International Airport
Voronezh Voronezh 

22.  Board Air Canada Flight to Serbia 

Serbia, a geographically bordered nation by various other strong countries of Europe offers an exquisite view of its history, forts, and many other architectural buildings. Check the cities and their airports that Air Canada captures in Serbia.

Belgrade Belgrade Nikola Tesla 
Nis Constantine the Great Airport 

23. Visit the Cities of Spain With Air Canada 

Air Canada flies to 15 regions in Spain. This country is very well known for its vibrant energy that it offers with its culture full of dancing, sports, and other activities.  Also, its wine gained a last share of its popularity. 

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Piarco International 
Alicante Alicante- Elche 
Barcelona Barcelona 
Bilbao Bilbao
Granada Granada Airport 
Puerto del RosarioFuerteventura Airport 
Ibiza Ibiza Airport 
Jerez de la Frontera Jerez Airport 
Arrecife Lanzarote Airport 
Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport 
Malaga Spain Malaga 
Madrid Madrid-Barajas
Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca Airport
Santa Cruz de la Palma La Palma Airport 
Sevilla Sevilla 
Tenerife Tenerife Norte Airport, Tenerife Sur Airport
A Coruna A Coruna 
Menorca Menorca 
Asturias Asturias 
Pamplona Pamplona Airport 
Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela 
Vigo Vigo 

24.  Air Canada Flights to Sweden 

Amongst the several countries that Air Canada flies in Europe, Sweden is one of its prime destinations. Read to find out what and how many cities it visits in this country. 

City/Region Airport
Gothenburg Gothenburg-Landvetter 
Stockholm Arlanda, Bromma Airport
Jonkoping Jonkoping  Airport
Karlstad Karlstad Airport 
Norrkoping Norrkoping Airport 
Angelholm Angelholm Helsingborg Airport 
Kalmar Kalmar 
Kiruna Kiruna 
Luela Luela 
Malmo Sturup Airport 
Orebro Orebro 
Ostersund Are Ostersund 
Timra Sundsvall-Tirma 
Skelleftea Skelleftea 
Umea Umea 
Visby Visby

25.  Discover the Beauty of Switzerland with Air Canada 

Air Canada flies to Switzerland and offers flights to various connected routes within its cities. This country is known for a variety of reasons like chocolates, watches, and the state of the art designs and devices.

City/Region Airport
Basel Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Basel Bad, Railway  Station, Basel SBB Railway Station 
Geneva Geneva Cointrin 
Lugano Lugano,Lugano Rail Station
Bern Bern Airport 
Zurich Zurich 
Sion Sion 

26.  Take a Flight to Turkiye  

Turkey, now known as Turkiye is very popular amongst tourists. It is authentic beauty and rich culture is the major driving force. Select where you would like to visit from the following list of regions that Air Canada offers flights to and within these regions.

IstanbulIST Istanbul Airport,SAW Sabiha Gokcen International Airport 

27. Ukraine 

This is the largest country in Europe which witnesses high crowds of visitors. See which regions Air Canada arrives in Ukraine at the following airports. 

Kyiv Boryspil International Airport, Kyiv International Airport
Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport
Dnipropetrovsk Dnipropetrovsk International 
Kharkiv Kharkiv 
KhersonKherson International
Odessa Odessa International
Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhia 

28. Book an Air Canada Flight to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consisting of four major countries, namely, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland is situated in the Northwestern part of Europe. These are the regions of the country where Air Canada offers flights.

Aberdeen Aberdeen International 
Birmingham Birmingham International 
Edinburgh Edinburgh 
GlasgowGlasgow International
Jersey Jersey 
Leeds Leeds Bradford 
Liverpool Liverpool
London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London City Airport, London Luton Airport, London-Stansted 
Manchester Manchester International
Bristol Bristol Airport 
Norwich Norwich Airport
East Midlands East Midlands Airport 
Southampton Southampton 
Durham Tees Valley Durham Tees Valley 
Belfast Belfast International, Belfast City 
Newcastle Newcastle International 


Where does Air Canada fly in Europe? It flies to a total of 28 countries in Europe. Within each country, there are other domestic regions that the airline covers. If you are planning a trip to any of the countries in Europe, review all the places and the countries that are listed above as destinations flown by Air Canada in Europe. Confirm the spot you want to book a flight for and use the offline and online mediums available to reserve a seat with the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Air Canada operate in Europe?

Yes, Air Canada has flights scheduled for routes to and from Europe. 

What countries does Air Canada operate in?

Air Canada flies to 28 countries in Europe. There are direct and indirect flights offered to and from these regions.

Are there direct Air Canada flights to and from  Europe?

Yes, Air Canada offers direct and code-share flights to and from Europe.
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