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The Kiosk machine prints the Air Canada boarding pass. Else, passengers can check-in online and print the boarding pass themselves. There is no Boundation to receive the pass from an agent or from the airport counter. The ease has been increased for the passengers to a higher level. Some passengers might not even need to download the boarding pass even. This is why this content is here to inform you on how to Print a boarding pass on Air Canada.

Air Canada offers Electronic boarding passes that don’t need to be printed. The QR code attached on them can be scanned for tagging the checked bags or passing the security lines.

These new e-Passes are handy and can be saved in a digital wallet. This service is only applicable for mobile check-ins through the website or the application. Enter the required details and follow the steps to check-in on Air Canada. After the completion of the steps, the pass is ready to be downloaded or saved in the wallet. To add an Air Canada boarding pass to wallet select the option Add to Wallet after following a bunch of steps. The pass is sent via mail or message. 

Unfortunately, not all passengers who will be flying with Air Canada can use the online service and download the boarding pass. The passengers who don’t qualify the eligibility criteria  for online electronic boarding pass and check-in could be among these categories:

  • More than 4 people bookings and 9 people group reservations are not permitted for Electronic pass and online check-in respectively.
  • Guardians or parents flying with an infant who is 2 or younger need to visit the office for boarding pass formalities.
  • Special assistance requested tickets can not be downloaded online or saved or Electronic pass.
  • Certain airports do not allow access to Electronic vouchers or online check-ins. 

If your ticket does not lie in any of the categories and is eligible for online check-in but not for electronic vouchers, then you can use the following ways online and offline to print a boarding pass for Air Canada. 

How Do I Print My Air Canada Boarding Pass?

If you are checking online, then you can print the pass yourself and it shall be termed valid by the airlines. Follow these steps and print your Air Canada boarding pass.

Online Process

  • Navigate to the Air Canada website or visit the mobile application.
  • Select the Manage My Bookings tab from the following options.
  • After selecting, a login page will ask for last names and identity details like booking reference or Aeroplan number.
  • Fill in all the details and select bags and preferred seats. Add any extra service and pay for it accordingly.
  • Post all the procedures, the screen will display all the reservation details and ask for the last confirmation.
  • Read all the details carefully and click on confirm.
  • As you will confirm the information, the boarding pass will appear with the option to download, add to wallet or print the pass.

Select ‘Print’ to get a boarding pass for Air Canada without visiting the airport Office. While this is an online method to quickly finish the check-in process at home. You can print the pass from the Kiosks. 


Visit Kiosk at the airport or specific terminal from where the flight will depart. Review the steps to print the Air Canada boarding pass using Kiosks. 

  • Remember to visit the airport anytime between 1-12 hours of departure. Of visits, late check-in will not be permitted.
  • Standing at the Kiosks, select the identity number you wish to enter.
  • Later fill in the required details for login and continue the check-in process by following the instructions visible on the screen.
  • On the final step, the information will be on the screen and read and confirm all.
  • The boarding pass with options to download or print will reflect on the screen.
  • Click on the Print button and the pass will be printed immediately.


Defining the ways how to print boarding pass for Air Canada, this content also informs the readers about the easily accessible electronic boarding pass. There are very few conditions under which this pass can not be accessed. Otherwise, the electronic pass is available for all domestic and international routes. It is easily accessible in both online ways, either through the mobile application or the website.

You will be able to use and scan the electronic pass at the airport. Since the check-in process will be over at home, you can reach the airport late. But not too late. Check the timings for when you can check-in on Air Canada flight to the specific destination. The timings vary for each destination.

Surf More Questions Related to How to Print Boarding Pass Air Canada?

Can I Print my Air Canada Boarding Pass Online? 

Yes, passengers who check-in online can print their Air Canada boarding pass online.

Can I print my Air Canada Boarding Pass at home? 

Yes, you can  print your Air Canada boarding pass at home. The pass shall be deemed valid for security checks and other formalities to board the plane.

Can I use Mobile Check-in to Print a Boarding Pass Air Canada? 

Air Canada passengers who check-in using a website or the mobile application can download and print the pass at home.
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