Is Air France Star Alliance

Air France is not a Star Alliance member. But it has codeshare flights with the airlines that are part of it. Presently, it works as a member of SkyTeam. This group has several renowned airlines. 

Finally, we know it is a big no to the question,’ Is Air France part of Star Alliance”. The airline has other partners with which it shares its services to expand the variety of its passengers. Scroll down to know the SkyTeam airline partners and the benefits accredited with it to the customers or travelers. 

Air France Airlines Contact information

Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France
IATA code AF

Facts About Air France SkyTeam Alliance

Facts About Air France SkyTeam Alliance

Air France SkyTeam membership allows passengers to sign up with any one of the airlines and enjoy shared benefits with the others.  It is an agreement between ITA Airways and all other airline partners.

Recently, SkyTeam won ‘Alliance of the Year’ in 2023. Earlier also the partnership has won awards for the best alliance.  Irrespective of the fact that you are a Frequent Flyer or not, there are several benefits stored for you. While on the other hand, repeated or frequent passengers have an additional set of advantages. 

Benefits of SkyTeam 

Multiple benefits are offered to passengers who fly with SkyTeam Airlines. 

Vast Variety of Destinations

One very obvious benefit of the SkyTeam alliance partnership is the codeshare flights that increase the number of destinations offering a much wider or vast variety of places to fly for the passengers. 

Priority Services

SkyPriority services are offered to partner airline passengers. Individuals should be First or business-class passengers. SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus are the top most classes that enjoy these priority and additional services. 

It allows Fast check-in, baggage drop-off, security lanes, Boarding, transfers, Baggage handling immigration, and ticketing. 

If you are eligible for SkyTeam membership, then you get to join the special VIP Lines. Resultantly, you finish the formalities in no time and move ahead to board the plane. 

Frequent Flyers Earn Miles

SkyTeam Airlines offer Miles as reward points to their Frequent Flyers. Sign up for any one of the airline programs, enter Your number and the Miles will enter your account. These points can be used to fly with any SkyTeam airline in the future. 

Additional Premium Benefits of SkyTeam Elite Members 

The members who fly with First or Business class are deemed as Elite Class or Elite Plus members of the SkyTeam. Check the Additional benefits offered to these. 

Lounge Access

Lounge Access

SkyTeam Elite members are eligible to partner airlines and third-party lounges. Even more, they are eligible to bring one guest. Given, the accompanied guest is also flying from SkyTeam airline. 

Guaranteed Reservations

If you book at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight, then economy seats shall always be available for a confirmed reservation. The flight duration should be 6 hours or more. 

Preferred Seat Selection

SkyTeam Elite members get the advantage to select desired seats before anyone else. This access is offered on airline flights working under the alliance. 

Priority Services at Immigration and Security Lanes

No need to spend long durations standing in queue to clear the security and Immigration lanes. As a SkyTeam member, you are eligible for short and fast lines leading to immediate clearance of lines.

Extra Baggage Allowance

SkyTeam passengers who are part of the Elite status are given an extra baggage allowance. Enough free or discounted bags permit is offered to ensure smooth and premium experience for the passengers of this group. 

Air France SkyTeam Members 

Now it is confirmed No for Is Air France part of Star Alliance. Yet, the airline is part of the SkyTeam group. We have already discussed the benefits. 

Count the number of airlines that are part of SkyTeam Alliance.

  1. Aerolineas Argentinas
  2. Aeromexico
  3. AirEuropa
  4. Air France
  5. China Airlines
  6. China Eastern
  7. Czech Airlines 
  8. Delta 
  9. Garuda Indonesia
  10. ITA Airways 
  11. Kenya Airways
  12. KLM 
  13. Korean Air 
  14. MEA
  15. Saudia
  16. Tarom
  17. Vietnam Airlines
  18. Virgin Atlantic
  19. Xiamen Air 


Unfortunately, Air France is not a part of Star Alliance. It has a few codeshare flights with airlines that are part of the same group. In terms of the alliance, it works with SkyTeam members that have 19 airlines. There are numerous benefits of being a Frequent Flyer or SkyTeam Priority passenger. While passengers who fly on special or rare occasions only are also accredited for many other benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Air France part of Star Alliance?

Air France is not part of Star Alliance. It is instead part of the SkyTeam.

Is Air France Star Alliance or SkyTeam?

Air France is part of SkyTeam Alliance.

Can I use Air France Miles on any partner airline? 

Yes, SkyTeam membership works as one and allows its passengers to easily transfer benefits to any of the partner airlines and use it for future travel.

What is SkyTeam Elite Membership? 

SkyTeam Elite Membership is awarded to Passengers flying from First and Business class.  Additionally, Elite Plus is the status titled Business+ Frequent passengers. 
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