What Terminal is Air France at JFK Airport

JFK airport, officially known as the John F. Kennedy, is centered in New York city. It is known to serve various airlines gaining the rank of the thirteenth most busiest airport in the United States.  The Airport has five terminals which are equipped with several facilities ensuring an A class experience to the travelers. 

Air France Airline also uses the JFK Airport Terminal 1 for arrivals and departures from New York. Passengers who have booked the tickets with the airline must be looking for the details about what terminal does Air France use at JFK.  If yes, then here is the content that covers each and every detail about the services and their respective location at Air France JFK Terminal

JFK Airport Terminal 1

What Gate Does Air France Use at JFK Airport? 

All services offered by Air France are available at  Terminal 1. There is no need to wonder which terminal is Air France at JFK for international and domestic departures.  The later section briefs about the same. Air France is one of the landing airlines and promises to serve the best to its passengers. While there are offline ticketing counters, kiosks and other essential services, to cut short the time and the load to visit the airport too early,  the same features are available online. At Least booking the flight can be finished online and for rest others visit these levels at the terminal 1. 

Air France Departure at JFK Terminal 1

What Terminal is Air France at JFK

Air France aircrafts depart from the level 3 of the Terminal 1 of the airport. 

Passengers need to visit the same terminal to finish all formalities before boarding the plane. The services are though on different levels. 

Air France Arrivals Terminal 1 JFK Airport

Arrivals of Air France flights are reserved at the terminal 1 JFK airport.  Passengers after landing can move to the baggage section to pick their luggage from the conveyor belt. The connecting flight passengers use the lounge if allowed under the accessibility permit of the Air France Lounge. 

Air France Check-In John F. Kennedy Airport

The departure and check-in of Air France is on the location which is level3 of the Terminal 1 JFK. The directions available on the interactive Airport map.

Air France Lounge 

Air France JFK Terminal has the lounge to rest and relax before boarding the plane. 

Near the gate 1 on Level 3, the Air France lounge is situated at the JFK Airport. Only those who clear the eligibility criteria can use the Lounge. 

Other Baggage, security and other services are located at Terminal 1 of Air France JFK Airport. Now well aware about what terminal is Air France at JFK. The ATM, Water refill station and others are also situated on level 3, close to the check-in area. 

What are the Services at John F. Kennedy Airport? 

JFK Airport serves more than 90 airlines. It is one of the leading International airports in New York. Located in the Jamaica Neighborhood of the United States, it is approximately 16 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. The Airport even offers rental cars, taxis for bookings to arrive or leave the airport. 

Evenmore, there is an Air Train connecting to various other airports. Connecting flights passengers can use this to reach the airport. While within, there is an Airport bus to travel from one terminal to another. It picks passengers from the main gates, parking areas or the terminal entrances. More details  about the routes that the Airport transport offers is available on the official website. Such as there are a bunch of other facilities that passengers can use when at JFK. 

Air France passengers in the meantime can use the transportation service to the airport. There is a museum that showcases crafts and sketches of the locals covering the walls of the airport. Other than this, there are a variety of other facilities like high luxury brand shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and others that you can use. A list covering a few have been defined below. 

  • WiFi 
  • Restrooms 
  • Fitness Zone 
  • Pet Relief Areas
  • ATM Machines
  • Michael Kors 
  • Duty Free 
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • iS Beauty
  • Burberry
  • Coach 
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Fresh Flowers 
  • SIM Cards
  • JikJi Cafe 
  • Mc Donald’s
  • Wok & Roll
  • Dunkin
  • Soy & Cake 
  • Eat&Go 
  • Vending Machine

There are tons of restaurants at the Air France  JFK Airport. A few of them have been mentioned in the above list. Rest others can be reviewed from the official site,shop and dine section. The map even has filters that also enable specific shop, terminal search features. Travelers can write and search for the specific service. The image above depicts how the Airport Map search feature looks like.  Refer to it for better clarity. 


The blog has focused on providing well detailed content about what terminal is Air France at JFK Airport. Passengers can now travel with zero confusion. Pack the bags carefully as per the baggage allowance of Air France and follow the other guidelines to ensure a tension free journey. Reach early at the airport to finish all necessary procedures to board the plane and shop, dine, relax, play or use other services in the left out time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal does Air France use at JFK? 

Air France reserves terminal 1 for use at JFK.

Which other Airlines including Air France use the Terminal 1 of the JFK Airport?

Aeroflot, Air China, Air France, Air New Zealand,  Air Serbia,  Air Senegal,  Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, Azores, Brussels, Cayman, China Eastern,  Egypt Air, Eastern Airlines, EVA Air, Flair Airlines, Interjet, ITA Airways, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Neos, Norse Atlantic Airways, Philippines, Royal Air Maroc, Saudi Arabia, SWISS,  Swoop,  TAP Portugal, Turkish, VivaAerobus,  and Volaris are the airlines that regulate their services from terminal 1 of the JFK Airport.

Which Terminal is Air France at JFK for International Departures? 

Terminal 1 is the hub for all Air France International departures and arrivals.

Does Air France fly out of JFK?

Yes, Air France flies out of JFK. The airline offers direct flights to various destinations including Paris.
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