Are Air France Duo Seats Worth it

Air France Duo seats are two adjacent seats in a row of two in all their Economy cabins. There is no middle seat in between. From extra leg space, reclinable seats, and more privacy, these seat options offer a convenient journey. Currently, the availability is limited to long-haul flights. 

An ideal seating plan for the passengers who are flying together and want to ensure there are seats next to each other can reserve the duo seats for their long hours of journey. We all know the struggles of requesting a passenger to exchange their seats so that we could sit with our known members. To resolve this, you can save two seats. Else, to increase the level of privacy, book the Duo seat plan with Air France. 

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Are Air France Duo Seats Worth It?

Are Air France Duo Seats Worth it?

Air France Duo seats are surely an ideal choice for two people who are flying together. At least, when there are limited features in the Economy cabin, these ensure a better experience at a minimal price. The seats’ extra space makes it more comfortable. 

The cost of Air France Duo Seats varies depending on the destination and the date of travel. It is not fixed and is also influenced by the availability of such seats. The Flying Blue members can reserve the Duo seats for free. More details on this are given in the next section. Before that let’s learn how to book the Air France Duo seats in the Economy cabin. 

Reserve Air France Duo Seats for Your Next Flight 

Air France Duo seats can be booked while booking the flight via the mobile app, website or offline ticket counters.  After selecting the aircraft and entering your details, a section for additional facilities appears. Click on the Seat option. You will be redirected to a new page which will show the arrangement and the seats available for booking. 

On the same page, beside the seat sketch, there will be a Duo seats option. Click on it and select among the green color highlighted seats. Above is an attached reference image representing the Duo seats availability for the United States to Paris flight. Once you click on the seat, its summary along with the benefits will be shown to help make a better decision. 

Passengers can also log in to the My Bookings section to add their preferred seats even after booking the Air France flight. 

Enjoy Air France Duo Seats For Free 

Enjoy Air France Duo Seats For Free 

The Flying Blue members who are awarded for being frequent flyers of Air France get the advantage to book the Duo seats for free. No additional fees are applicable to these people. However, the free service is accessible only during specific hours only. 

Membership Category Duo seats for free 
Silver Within 24 hours prior to departure
Gold Within 48 hours before departure 
Platinum No timelimit, anytime before departure

Overview of Air France Economy Class


What is a Duo Seat on Air France? These are the seats that are together in a row without the presence of a middle seat. The prices for these depend upon the final destination and the time when you are traveling. Check how to reserve a Duo seat and who are the lucky passengers who can get it for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Duo Seat on Air France?

Duo Seats are sections of two seats in a row with no disturbance of the middle seat. 

Can I book a Duo seat for free on Air France?

No, Air France Duo seat selection is not free of cost.

What is the Duo seat Air France price?

Duo Seat Air France prices are based on the destination and the time of travel.
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