How to add TSA Precheck to Avianca

TSA precheck is a security screening process at certain U.S. airports that helps passengers pass through the security check in no time with low risk. Passengers don’t have to remove their belts, shoes, or even their lightweight jackets. Avianca Airlines allows passengers to add TSA precheck while traveling with them. To add TSA precheck to Avianca Airlines, complete the online form and schedule the appointment at any of the 380 registration centers. After the 10-minute in-person appointment, the authority staff will check and verify. Then, the passengers will be able to Add the Known Traveler Number to the boarding pass by directly calling or through the Chat with Us page. In this blog post, we will explore the TSA precheck and learn how to add TSA Precheck to Avianca Airlines.

Carry Objects Without Difficulty

Carry Objects without Difficulty

Traveling or even going through with the security check with a lot of baggage can be a headache and time-consuming as well most of the time. But, TSA precheck makes it much easier and less hectic for the passengers traveling. The process also provides some facilities to carry objects without any setbacks or placing them on checkpoint scanners:

  • Liquids 3-1-1 (containers of a maximum of 3 ounces/100 ml and stored in a plastic bag. Allowed up to 33 ounces/1 liter).
  • Electronic Gadgets.
  • Shoes and Belts.
  • Light Jackets.

Requirements to Add TSA Precheck to Avianca

If you want the Avianca TSA PreCheck with Economy Class or even with Avianca’s First Class, here are some of the requirements that passengers must complete before applying for the Avianca TSA Precheck, and complete the requirements to tackle any rejections. Passengers can apply to the TSA precheck as a US citizen, legal permanent resident, or foreigner. Also, passengers must be registered with any one of the below-mentioned trusted traveler programs in the past. These programs are:

  • TSA PreCheck Application Program.
  • Global Entry.
  • NEXUS.

How to Add TSA PreCheck to Avianca Airlines?

How to Add TSA PreCheck to Avianca Airlines

Adding TSA PreCheck to Avianca Airlines will be explained and done in 2 ways. First, for those passengers who are going to book the flight in Avianca, and the 2nd one, who already made the booking even from the official website or mobile app.

For New Passengers

For New Passengers

New passengers have to completely fill out the online form and schedule the appointment. The appointment can be scheduled by passengers at any one of the 380 registration centers. To complete the appointment process, there will be a background check, and all the information will be checked and verified. Then, the Known Traveler Number will be generated and passengers can add them while making a new reservation through the call center.

For Existing Passengers

For Existing Passengers

If a traveler has already booked a flight through the official website or the mobile app, then the passenger can make this happen by directly calling, through the chat with us option or even visiting the counter at the airport.


Passengers can skip the long queues and hectic security check process by directly adding TSA precheck to their Avianca Airlines flight. Once the TSA PreCheck number is generated, passengers can directly add them to their new as well as already booked tickets. To make it happen, Avianaca Airlines passengers can directly call the guest care staff for new bookings and provide them with the Known Traveler Number (KTN). For old reservations, one can directly call, visit the airport counter, or even do the same through the chat with us option. This blog post includes all the relevant information on how to add TSA PreCheck to Avianca flights, and its complete process. Travelers can refer to this article before planning their future trips with Avianca Airlines to skip the long security check process and save a lot of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add TSA PreCheck to an existing flight reservation?

Yes, passengers can add TSA PreCheck to an existing flight reservation by updating the KTN (Known Traveler Number) to their booking. This can be done by calling the Guest Care Staff directly, by visiting the airport ticket counter, or even through the chat with us option in Avianca Airlines.

How do I add KTN to international flights?

Adding the KTN to international flights is the same as adding it to any other flight. Call the airlines directly for new passengers, and provide the KTN to make it happen. If already booked the flight, then you can try calling them, chatting with us, or even visiting the airport directly.

How much does TSA PreCheck cost?

TSA PreCheck comes under and is run by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration which costs an amount between $75 to $90 for a 5-year membership and can be renewed for $70.

Does Avianca have TSA precheck?

Yes, Avianca Airlines has a TSA Precheck facility available which allows passengers to skip the long queue and save a lot of time during security check.
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