Does Avianca Serve Food

Most travelers feel confused about the airline whether will provide them with food or not. This same condition applies to Avianca Airlines. Avianca Airlines provides complimentary meals if requested at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. But, this depends on the tickets purchased and the flight booked for any specific location. If we talk about the onboard menu, flights from and to Europe, on the Bogotá route, and America’s wide-body aircraft Business Class provides the onboard menu. In this blog post, we will find out does Avianca serves food or not and explore some interesting meals and food they provide while traveling.

Avianca Airlines Onboard Flights And Meals

Avianca Airlines Onboard Flights and Meals

Avianca is a safe airline that provides onboard food service only for some of the flights. These flights are from/to Europe (Bogotá-Madrid-Bogotá, Medellín-Madrid-Medellín, Cali-Madrid-Cali, Bogotá-Barcelona-Bogotá, Bogotá-London-Bogotá and Madrid-El Salvador-Madrid). America’s wide-body aircraft Business Class also includes these meals. Check the below-mentioned flights and the meals they are providing on these flights:

Bogotá – Los Angeles – Bogotá Route

Bogotá - Los Angeles - Bogotá Route

Avianca Airlines provides snacks, food, and beverages for Business Class depending on the duration and flight schedule. Airlines provide snacks and 3 options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, the selection of hot or cold beverages, and liquors.

Flights To or From Europe

Avianca Airlines provides meals depending on the schedule and duration of the flight. Passengers must be flying in Business Class and will be able to get beverages and snacks with nuts. Also, 3 can be given for lunch or dinner with 3 dessert options or two breakfast options.

Wide-Body Aircrafts in America

The same criteria will be followed for these flights as well. Passengers will be able to receive snacks and 2 options for lunch or dinner with dessert. Also, there will be a selection of cold, and hot beverages, and liquors. 

Conditions for Avianca Airlines Meal Service

Conditions for Avianca Airlines Meal Service

Apart from the above-mentioned information about the meal service, there are some guidelines released by the airlines to clear everything for the passengers to tackle all the hassles while traveling. Below are some mentioned points to remember:

  • Avianca Airlines provides onboard menu service for the flights to and from Europe and for the Bogotá – Los Angeles – Bogotá route as well.
  • On the other hand, passengers will have access to Avianca Airlines’ onboard sales service for wide-body flights within America.
  • For vegetarian passengers or those who are traveling with children, the menus (check on Avianca Airlines’ official website) will be free of cost and can be requested through the contact center at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • Avianca Airlines also allows passengers to bring their own food if anyone has a special diet. It should be light and pre-packaged.
  • For other flights than mentioned above, Avianca Airlines provides an option to purchase onboard meal service and gives a variety of products to choose from.


Food is a priority for most of the passengers, and they can’t go anywhere without it. Most of the passengers often ask for the inflight meal service whether it will be included or not. Avianca Airlines provides onboard meal service but not for all passengers. Only the Business class and specific route flight passengers will have the opportunity to get the food and beverages free of cost. Passengers traveling with Economy class will have the option and a variety of products to purchase from. This blog post includes all the related information about the Avianca Airlines food service. Travelers will also get the answer about does Avianca serves food or not in this article. Read the complete blog before planning your next dream trip with Avianca Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is food free on Avianca?

The onboard meal service is only for the flights for some specific locations, and also for Business Class on America’s wide-body aircraft.

Can you take food on Avianca?

Yes, Avianca Airlines allows passengers to carry food in carry-on or checked baggage, and it should be inside an airtight container and pre-packaged.

Does Avianca serve water?

Yes, Avianca serves alcohol to adult passengers only and up to 2 glasses per passenger.
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