How to change Avianca flight

Avianca change flight process is one of the most hassle-free processes in the industry. To change Avianca flights, passengers can visit the official website or mobile app to make changes without any stress. These processes are completely hassle-free and convenient. This article covers all the required information which is relevant for you to make any change to Avianca flight. It also includes how to change Avianca flight, its policy, charges, and other important aspects. Read the complete blog post to get detailed information about Avianca Airlines before planning your next travel with them.

Avianca Change Flight Process

Avianca Airlines is safe to travel and also provides a customer-friendly and hassle-free process to make changes to the flight as well. Passengers can make the changes through many channels in Avianca flights. These channels include change through the website or mobile app, What’s App, and Phone.

1. Change Avianca Flight Through Website or Mobile App

1. Change Avianca Flight Through Website or Mobile App
  • Visit the official website or mobile app.
  • Click on “Manage Booking”
  • Enter Passenger’s Last Name” and “Reservation Number”
  • Select the “Flight Change” option.
  • Click on “Buy Now”
  • Choose the “Flight Itinerary”
  • Select the new destination, date, time, and origin.
  • Select the available flight.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • Pay the amount, if applicable.

Note: If the purchase was made by any 3rd party, then the passenger should contact them directly in case of any change in Itinerary

2. Change Avianca Flight Through What’s App

Change Avianca Flight Through What’s App

Passengers can also make the changes if the flight will be in the next 48 hours. In this case, one can choose to connect with Avianca Guest Care Staff through What’s App to make the desired changes on behalf of passengers. Request for the change, confirm and ask for the payable amount if any. 

3. Change Avianca Flight Via Phone

Change Avianca Flight Via Phone

Another best way to make changes to your Avianca Airlines ticket. This can be easily done by directly calling the Avianca Airlines office to make the changes. Call +442089767846 within the operating hours of the airline’s office. These operating hours are every day from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Avianca Flight Change Policy

Avianca Flight Change Policy

To get everything smooth and flexible, passengers can check all the Avianca change flight policies. This will make the plan hassle-free and much more comfortable for you as well as your family. Below are the policies and conditions you should refer to:

  • Passengers can’t change XS Fares.
  • Fees will be applicable on S, and M fares based on the routes.
  • No amount will be charged for L and XL fares.
  • If in case, the flight is canceled or rescheduled, then the passengers have the option to reschedule. the flight on the same route and travel class that suits their convenience. 
  • Also, passengers can cancel the flight and ask for a refund as well as claim compensation for the inconvenience caused.
  • Passengers can use the “My Trips” tab to make changes to your Avianca flight
  • The ticket must be purchased only through the official website or mobile app.
  • Changes will be applicable to all the passengers in a booking.
  • To make changes for only 1 passenger in a group booking, one can directly call the Avianca Airlines office in the city they are residing.
  • Charges will be applicable for the difference amount if applicable.
  • No changes can be made if the tickets are purchased within 24 hours, with LifeMiles, or those which are already expired.

Avianca Change Flight Fee

Avianca Airlines allows their passengers to make changes to the flights booked already. In most cases, it is chargeable to make changes and can be done under the given guidelines. One can look at the below-mentioned points to understand the charges payable for changes in different fares:

  • Economy class passengers will have to pay $500 USD and change flight difference as well
  • For Flex class passengers, the payable amount will be $150 USD
  • The difference amount between the original flight and the new flight will be payable
  • $700 USD amount will be chargeable for Promo Class passengers, and the difference amount as well
  • Upgrade charges are always payable even if passengers are upgrading within 24 hours of booking
  • This fee is for upgrading only and not for modification
  • Change fees will be considered based on the changes made in date, class, type of ticket, refundable or non-refundable, and the destinations.

On the other hand, there is another option to make changes to date as well. Avianca Change Flight Date Fee is zero, and only the flight change price difference will be payable. However, in some of the cases, there is no option to make changes to date. Whether the ticket is eligible for a date change or not can be reconfirmed while purchasing the tickets.
Note: Actual prices might be different from the above-mentioned price based on real-time changes.


Avianca Airlines commenced its operations almost 83 years ago and is providing services to hundreds and thousands of passengers daily. Most passengers seek flight change options due to emergencies or personal issues. Avianca Airlines provides an easy change policy to all passengers in simple and stress-free ways. This process includes changes through the website/mobile app, what’s app, and phone calls. This blog post answers all the questions including how to change Avianca flight, policies, fees, and other related information. Read the complete article before planning your next travel.

Avianca Change Flight (FAQs)

How can I change my flight date Avianca?

To change the Avianca flight date, passengers can visit the mobile app/website. Click on “Manage Bookings” and select “My Trips.” Select the Itinerary and make changes to the date if eligible. Confirm the changes and pay the payable amount if applicable.

Does Avianca allow changes?

Yes, Avianca Airlines allow their passengers to make changes via many channels such as Mobile App, Official website, through what’s app, phone call, etc. 

How do I contact Avianca?

To contact Avianca Airlines, passengers can call +442089767846 within the operating hours of the airline’s office. These operating hours are every day from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

How long can you cancel an Avianca flight?

One can cancel the Avianca flight at least 24 hours before the flight departure.
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