Does Avianca Have First Class

A lot of passengers only search for a First Class in every airline. This can be challenging for them because many airlines don’t offer a first-class facility. Avianca doesn’t have a first-class availability but its business class gives tough competition to other airline’s higher classes.

Baggage allowance and lounge access are the same for Avianca Business Class regardless of the routes of the flight. However, Inflight services like food, drinks, etc., may vary depending on the length of the flight. In this blog post, we will explore Avianca Airlines flight class and find the answer for: Does Avianca have first class? We will also look for the alternatives available.

Alternatives To Avianca First Class

Aviance doesn’t have a first class but still, there is another best way to travel with the airlines. Avianca Business class is another best option for first class passengers. Avianca is a safe airline and along with this, it provides many facilities in the Business class section. These services are not the same for all flights but depend on many factors. Below are some of the points to check:

Services in Avianca Business Class

Services in Avianca Business Class

Reviews about the Avianca Business class may vary depending on the route and the distance of the journey. Avianca Airlines provides a quality service that might surprise travelers. Below are some of the inflight services Avianca Business Class provides:

Avianca Baggage Allowance

Allowance for Baggage

Avianca provides the baggage allowance in Business Class for two checked baggage with a maximum weight of 70 pounds each, one carry-on bag of 22 pounds, and a personal item like a laptop bag, or handbag. Passengers may get more allowance for checked bags for free through the Elite Status. 


Avianca business class passengers are required to board in Group A, which is the first group after pre-boarding. Keeping in view the maximum allowance time, the passenger has to arrive before the closing of boarding i.e. 15 minutes before departure.



Avianca Airlines offers a wide variety of aircraft used for flights between Central America for which Avianca Business class recliner seats are similar to the domestic flight of Avianca Airlines. However, in Avianca flights like Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 aircraft have lie-flat bets available in Business class.

Lounge Access

Passengers can get access to many VIP lounges in airports like Colombia, EL Salvador, Brazil, and North America, etc. while traveling with Avianca Business Class tickets. 

Meals and Beverages

Meals and Beverages

Inflight services like meals and beverages depend on the flight route and length. Short domestic flights within Central America may have complementary beverages available. Also, full meal service can be provided to the Avianca Business Class passengers on longer international flights.

Get the Most Value for Avianca Business Class

Get the Most Value for Avianca Business Class

Passengers can get most of the value for Business class tickets by simply keeping a few important things in mind. These services might not be available on all the flights but on some flights with a defined route. Passengers can check for the routes as well. Check the below-mentioned points for the same:

Book with Lie-Flat Seats

Book with Lie-Flat Seats

Airbus A330 or Boeing 787-8 aircraft have lie-flat seats instead of recliner seats. Passengers can check and book these same flights for the routes they follow. Also, one can find these flights between Bogota and New York or the Los Angeles route.

LifeMiles To Book Business Class Awards

LifeMiles, the loyalty program of Avianca Airlines will give you the best choices and facilities while booking a Business Class in Avianca. One can use LifeMiles (Avianca Mileage Program) to book awards directly. The rates of the awards may vary depending on the dates and routes.


Avianca Airlines is one of the best options to travel with and also a convenient and good option if the passenger is flying between the United States and Central America. As Avianca doesn’t have an availability of first class, one can go for it business class which gives a direct competition to other airlines operating on the same routes.

Food and beverages may depend on the route and the travel distance for Business class. This article includes all the related information answering does Avianca has first class, the best alternative for this, and other important details. Read the complete blog post before planning your next travel with Avianca Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Business Class like on Avianca?

Avianca Business Class gives a luxury experience to its passengers and has lie-flat seats on most American route flights. Others have recliner seats available with food and meals depending on the route and length of the flight.

What is an Avianca plus seat?

Avianca flight plus seats are available for passengers who need the door closer to their seats. These seats are available between 4 and 14 rows and are light and comfortable. This gives an experience of 6 positions for better rest, USB ports, etc.

Does Avianca Business Class have flat beds?

Flatbeds are the exclusive seats available in Avianca Business class flights from or to Europe, and American wide-body aircraft. Not all the flights or route flights have these seats available.
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