What Terminal is Copa Airlines in Miami

Miami International Airport in South Florida serves more than 90 airlines. Which, Copa Airlines flies to domestic and international routes from this airport. Here, it uses the southern terminal for its departing and arriving flights. 

Miami International Airport occupies 3230 acres of land. It is a large building with further divisions into three terminals. These terminals are subdivided into concourses, namely A-J. The airline services are located at different gates of the Concourse. Check detailed information on what terminal is Copa Airlines in Miami. 

Miami International Airport 

Airport NameMiami International Airport (MIA)
 IATA code MIA
Airport Address2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142, United States
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Copa Airlines Services At Miami International Airport 

Copa Airlines uses Concourse J at Miami Airport. Its check-in, baggage counter, and other services are located at different gates. You can use your boarding pass to find the services at Copa Airlines Miami International Airport. 

The structure of Miami Airport can be quite confusing. There are various segments created for airlines to smoothly process their operations. That is why it is essential to remember the location details for your specific airline and scheduled flight.  Below, you will see the gate numbers and landmarks for its ticket counters and other facilities. 

Copa Airlines Departures and Arrivals 

The Copa Airlines departures and arrivals take place from the Southern terminal, Concourse J. Red Line is used to indicate this terminal at Miami Airport. As previously mentioned, the airport is subject to various divisions. The Concourse J area is used by Copa Airlines for all its flights. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Counter at Miami 

Copa Airlines Baggage Counter at Miami

There is no permanent baggage counter for Copa Airlines at Miami International Airport. It is likely that the airline uses a shared area or rents vacant space for a while. You will be guided by the staff at the airport. Also, you can visit the ticket counter of Copa Airlines to confirm where you can drop your checked bags or vice versa for arriving passengers. 

Copa Airlines Check-in Counter 

Copa Airlines Check-in Counter 

Close to gates 590-607, Copa Airlines will find the check-in counter. It is advised to read all the flight details carefully before confirming. There are kiosks and ticket counters as two options to finish the check-in. At your convenience, you can choose to complete the check-in and get the boarding pass from any of the two. 

Overview of Miami International Airport 


The Copa Airlines Miami International Airport passengers can use this as their personal guide. The airport is equipped with all essential facilities to make your boarding or arrival process hassle-free. There are parking areas where you can book some space for your vehicle. Additionally, all gates and landmarks’ locations are provided above to help you find what terminal is Copa Airlines in Miami.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Copa Airlines at Miami Airport?

Copa Airlines flies from the Southern Terminal of Miami Airport.

Does Copa Airlines fly out of Florida?

Yes, Copa Airlines flies out of Florida. Miami Airport is one of the airports in the region used by the airlines.

On what gate is Copa Airlines at Miami International Airport?

Copa Airlines at Miami International Airport uses gate 31.
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