Does Copa Airlines Have WiFi

Copa Airlines does not offer in flight WiFi for messaging or browsing. Their wireless network is known as Showpass that enables you to connect to their in flight entertainment app and shows. Unfortunately, internet connectivity to stay connected to the outside world is not available in the Copa Airlines flights. However, the airline claims that there will be no shortage for entertainment options and will keep the boredom away. 

Copa Airlines is a domestic airline of Panama that flies across parts of the Americas. It is a prominent airline that serves passengers with standard-good quality services at reasonable rates. Although, it lacks a bunch of features like WiFi, excess leg space and others. This content finds out the answer to,”Does Copa Airlines have WiFi”. 

In Flight Connectivity to Entertainment with Copa Showpass On Board

Entertainment with Copa Showpass On Board

Copa Airlines is considered as a good airline for the features it offers at lowers comparatively. It has a mini universe to keep you entertained. It has a collection of shows and series to binge watch. Furthermore, its Panorama magazine with annual 8.6 million readers is also there to keep the boredom hours away. Unfortunately, Copa Airlines does not have WiFi that gives access to stay connected via messages or emails. Additionally, the internet connectivity to scroll the web is also majorly missing in Copa Airlines. 

Nevertheless, Copa Airlines has a complimentary, wireless WiFi network. It is recognized as Copa Showpass that can be accessed to connect with their in-flight entertainment portal. Follow these to connect to Copa In flight entertainment network. 

  1. Enable the Flight mode.
  2. Switch on the WiFi router. 
  3. Select the Copa Showpass network from the available list visible on your phone or laptop screen.
  4. You will be redirected to or type the same url. 
  5. A range of series or shows as in flight entertainment will appear. 
  6. Select whatever you prefer and watch your favorite show. 

Connect directly to the Copa network without the need to enter a password. It is advised to carry a USB for connectivity to the portal online. Passengers watch the entertainment shows on the TV screen attached to their seats. Netflix and a bunch of other popular channels might also be missing. The passengers can only view the shows or series that are already installed on the Copa Showpass network. 


Does Copa Airlines have WiFi? No,it does not offer internet connectivity for browsing or chatting on your personal devices. However, passengers can stream popular TV shows or other songs that are pre installed on its In flight entertainment network- Copa Showpass. The shows are sufficient for long and short haul flights, both. Also, their popular magazine is available for reading and keeps you engaged and entertained. 

Copa Airlines WiFi/Showpass (FAQs)

Is there any password to connect to Copa Showpass?

Connect to Copa Showpass WiFi network to gain access to the in flight entertainment options. There is no password required to connect to  the Copa network.

How much is the price for Copa WiFi network?

The Copa Network is a complimentary service for all travel classes on each flight.

On which devices can I connect to Copa Airlines WiFi?

Copa Airlines does not offer WiFi service for personal devices to browse or chat.

Does Copa Airlines have WiFi?

Copa Airlines does not have WiFi but passengers can connect to their onboard to enjoy a range of entertainment shows. 
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