What Terminal is Copa Airlines at JFK

Copa Airlines at John F. Kennedy Airport uses Terminal 4. This is the largest terminal of the airport with the maximum number of facilities. Approximately, 34 airlines operate from Terminal 4 of New York, JFK Airport. 

John F. Kennedy is the primary international airport serving New York. Its terminal 4 is the first privately operated in the country. As of now, you are confirmed on what terminal is Copa Airlines at JFK. Review further, the gates and location of its services present at JFK Airport.

Detailed Overview of JFK Airport

Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
Airport CodeJFK
JFK Airport AddressQueens, New York 11430
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Copa Airlines use Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. All its related services are also present on the same terminal. Moreover, there are additional facilities at the various levels of Terminal 4 JFK to enhance passengers’ experience. 

Detailed Overview of Copa Airlines Terminal 

Copa is a safe and budget-friendly airline that flies to more than 80 destinations across various parts of the Americas and the Caribbean. Its flights in New York operate from the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Passengers need to visit the following areas of the airport to finish the check-in and board the plane.

Copa Airlines Departures and Arrivals at JFK 

Copa Airlines flights depart and arrive at terminal 4 of JFK Airport. Passengers must carry their boarding pass in their phone or the printed version to get entry into the plane. The Departures are scheduled at Levels 4 and 1. Whereas, Copa flights land at level 1 track. 

Copa Airlines JFK Terminal Check-in Counters

Copa Airlines JFK Terminal Check-in Counters

At level 4 of JFK Airport, Copa Airlines check-in is present. Passengers have the option to get boarding passes from the ticket counters or the kiosks. Carry the login details like the booking reference number to share with the airline staff or to enter it for check-in via kiosks. Lastly, remember to check all the details before confirming and printing the pass. 

Copa Airlines Baggage Counter at JFK Terminal 

Copa Airlines baggage counter is located at the Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy Airport. As per the amount of bags you have added during booking or check-in, submit it at this counter. The staff will screen your luggage to ensure there is no forbidden item as stated by Copa guidelines. The dimensions and weight will also be reviewed according to their policy. 

Parking Facilities and AirTrain at Copa JFK Terminal 

Parking Facilities and AirTrain at Copa JFK Terminal 

There are garages allotted for passenger parking at the JFK terminal. The facility is payable on an hourly basis. Since it is a busy airport, the parking space is occupied the majority of the time. Hence, it is advised to book the service before from the online portal after confirming the availability. 

AirTrain is a transportation service at John F. Kennedy Airport that allows passengers to move anywhere within the airport. Terminal 4 of Copa Airlines, station is at Level 3. It is a free-of-cost service and the bus makes frequent visits at all its stops including parking and rental car areas. You can view the schedule at the airport. 

Overview of JFK Airport Terminal 4


Refer to the above-mentioned details to find out what terminal Copa Airlines is at JFK. It is suggested to confirm the terminal details from the boarding pass as due to operational concerns, the airline might shift it to another place at the airport. Check the signboards indicating the directions to reach any specific location at JFK Airport. Else, use their AirTrain to visit anywhere within the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is Copa Airlines in JFK?

Copa Airlines fly from terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy Airport.

How to contact Copa Airlines at JFK Airport?

Call (800) 359-2672 to connect with Copa Airlines staff at JFK airport.

Where is the Copa Airlines baggage counter at JFK airport?

Copa Airlines baggage counter is at terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy Airport.

How many airlines fly from JFK Copa Terminal 4?

There are almost 34 airlines operating from Terminal 4 of JFK Airport. 
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