Is Copa Airlines Safe  

Copa Airlines is a safe airline. It has witnessed only two major accidents since 1947. One of which led to 47 fatalities. However, apart from this, there has been no case of demise or crash in Copa history. Moreover, it is the first airline that underwent the trials for the IATA COVID travel pass and has also earned 4 stars for the hygiene and safety standards during the pandemic.  The fleet and international certifications also prove how safe is Copa Airlines. 

Every one of us fears the accidents that we hear about on the news and hence want to ensure the airline safety standards before flying with it. If you have never flown with Copa Airlines and are planning to book a flight, then go ahead without a doubt. It has a remarkable safety record and is IATA certified. Based on the following points, you can judge- is Copa Airlines safe to fly.

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Working hoursEveryday- 24 Hrs
Mailing AddressBox 0816-06819 Panama, Republic of Panama.
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Reasons Why Copa Airline is Safe

Reasons Why Copa Airline is Safe

Copa Airlines first began its operations in 1947, in Panama City. Currently, it flies to 30-plus countries, globally. The ticket prices of the airline are also budget-friendly and hence it is preferred by many travelers. Due to its limited popularity and affordable prices, many new flyers are worried about Copa is a safe airline. 

Customer reviews are also positive about the airline’s performance and safety. Read these to evaluate why and how safe Copa Airlines is.

1. Modern and Safe Fleet of Copa Airlines

Modern and Safe Fleet of Copa Airlines

 Copa Airlines fleet count is equal to 89 aircrafts. Boeing 737 MAX 9 is its latest fleet member with state-of-the-art technology. Noise reduction, the lesser impact of jet lag, and fuel efficiency are its main highlights. The average age of Copa Airlines’ fleet is approximately 9.2 years. The repairs and maintenance of the airline are also on time, ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew. While its aircraft being narrow in shape leads to a bit of discomfort for tall and long-hour flight passengers but there is no compromise in its safety. Review the performance of airlines to know if Copa airlines is good.

2. IATA Certified Copa Airlines Safety 

IATA or International Air Transport Association audits are the benchmarks in the aviation industry. Copa Airlines attains great marks for its operational safety and qualifies as per the protocols set by the organization. IATA is an unbiased association that judges an airline performance based on various criteria including, manufacturing, assembling, crew risk managing ability, maintenance, repairs, and various others. If an airline qualifies all the criteria, it is certified as safe for the next 2 years. 

3. Copa Airlines Safety Record 

The Copa Airlines’ safety record is significantly good. There are very few airlines with the least number of accidents. In almost 76 years, Copa Airlines’ major accident was last recorded in June 1992 when 40 passengers and 7 crew people died due to a flight crash. Consequently, the airline has taken all necessary steps and remodified strategies at regular intervals to ensure no such accidents are repeated. Surprisingly, it has been able to achieve this target and safely drop its passengers to their desired destinations.

4. Trained Staff and Crew of Copa Airlines 

Trained Staff and Crew of Copa Airlines 

Trained crew members can reduce the chances of fatalities to a higher number. Copa Airlines has throughout the years focused on employing and training staff that can bravely handle a situation that are major reasons for plane crashes and accidents. Also, with the emergence of COVID, staff performance is also getting appreciated following appropriate behavior at the local and international to reduce the impact of the pandemic. It is the first airline to even try to gain a Travel Pass from IATA for flying stuck passengers to their homes and places during COVID. 


After discussing definitive points, it is easy to confirm is Copa Airlines safe or not. The airlines’ overall performance and safety track have received good customer reviews Even more, the best part is it has the least number of accidents keeping the count low to two only. 47 deaths were registered during the 1992 fatal crash. Other than that, the airline record is very safe and its current operations are also IATA certified. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Copa Airlines safe?

Copa Airlines is safe to fly as it has received IATA certifications and is a 4 star rated airline for maintaining the COVID protocols.

What is the safety record of Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines’ only fatal accident was recorded in 1992 which caused 47 people death. 

How old is Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines was established in 1947 and has approximately 76 years of experience.

When did Copa Flight 201 crash?

The fatal flight crash of Copa Airlines occurred on 6 June1992. 
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