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Copa Airlines flies to various destinations across the North, Central, Southern Americas and Caribbean. It uses Los Angeles Airport for flying to international destinations.  Copa Airlines flight current day flight schedules are displayed on the airport screen for passengers to reach the boarding gateway on time. 

Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is the only hub for international flights in the region. That is why it is crowded on a regular basis. Passengers who have upcoming flights can refer to the following content to find out what terminal is Copa Airlines at LAX. 

Brief Description of Copa Airlines LAX Terminal

Copa Airlines is at Tom Bradley or TBIT terminal of LAX Airport. It is one  of the modern terminals, equipped with the latest features, enhancing the overall experience of the travelers. Also, it is an international terminal used by various global airlines to fly to different parts of the world.

All Copa Airlines departures are scheduled from terminal B or Tom Bradley. At times, there are changes in the terminal due to various reasons. In such scenarios, the airline informs the passengers via message or mail. Also, details on Copa Airlines LAX terminal will also be given on the boarding pass. Currently, all its operations are scheduled from here and you shall find the ticket counters also on its following levels. 

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Copa Airlines Departures TerminalTerminal B (TBIT )
Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
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Level 1 of Tom Bradley 

The Tom Bradley Terminal Level 1 has a bunch of services. Majorly, there are baggage counters of various airlines. Copa Airlines guests can move to this level 1 for submitting their checked bags. 

Copa LAX Terminal Level 3

There is a direct jump to level 3. The number 2 is missing in the sequence. At this level of Copa LAX terminal, passengers will be able to check-in. It is very important to carry the confirmation number for log in at the kiosk or to share it with the staff at the ticket counter. After logging, carefully read all the booking details. Confirm the info and get a printed version of the boarding pass. Here, ticket counters are also available for new reservations or flight bookings. 

Level 4 of Tom Bradley or TBIT Terminal 

Departures are scheduled at Level 4 of Tom Bradley or Copa Airlines LAX terminal. Passengers must reach the boarding gates on time. The timings are already prescribed, informing how early it will close the gates before departure. Entries are denied for latecomers at the gateway. Make sure to check the timings for your flight and destination. 

Level 5 and Level 6 Facilities 

The Level 5 and 6 of LAX terminal B are loaded with lounges of airlines. A bunch of other private lounges are also present here. Additionally, at level 5, there are restaurants and various fast meal food outlets. You can use the escalators to visit here, anytime before boarding or after flight arrivals to grab something delicious and calm your hunger. 

Other Amenities and Facilities at Los Angeles International Airport 

Los Angeles Airport hosts various national and international airline’s passengers.Hence, it is very essential to serve with the best of the facilities. Atleast, when it is one of the busiest airports. On your next visit to LAX terminal, use these facilities to make your trip more convenient. 

Parking: The parking is a paid service at LAX Airport. It has connected paths to each of the airport terminals. Also, the best way to reach the terminal from the parking lot or garage is by booking a shuttle bus to the next stop.

Fly Away Shuttle Bus: The Fly Away Shuttle Bus of Los Angeles Airport transits anywhere at the airport.It has two more stops outside the premises- Van Nuys and LA Union Station.  This service is also payable. Make online bookings and pay to reserve a seat for your next visit to LAX airport. 

There are tons of other amenities present at this airport. Great Hall at the Tom Bradley terminal is loaded with shops, restaurants, food outlets and can be referred to as a mini mall of the airport. Another list of features available at the LAX Airport are:

  • WiFi
  • Pet Relief Areas
  • Nursing stations
  • Medical rooms and First Aid 
  • ATMs 
  • Currency Exchange Counters 
  • Water Coolers 
  • Escalators 


The content offers directions to what terminal is Copa Airlines at LAX. Use it to find all boarding or arrival related services. Also, check out the other amenities that are available at Copa Airlines LAX terminal. There are several restaurants, stores, shops to keep the boredom away and there are many options to buy before meeting your office colleagues or closed ones.

FAQs on Copa Airlines Terminal lax

Where is Copa Airlines at LAX?

The Copa Airlines at LAX Airport serves from Terminal B or Tom Bradley.

What is the Great Hall at Tom Bradley?

The Great Hall at Tom Bradley terminal is a dedicated place with numerous facilities, shops and restaurants.

How do I contact Copa Airlines at LAX?

Dial (800) 359-2672 to connect to Copa Airlines at LAX or Los Angeles International Airport.

Does Copa Airlines fly to international destinations from Los Angeles International Airport?

Copa Airlines flies to various international destinations from Tom Bradley terminal of LAX airport.

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