What Terminal Is Copa Airlines In Toronto

Copa Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson Airport. The airline flies to various national and international destinations from this airport in Canada. Arrive at the airport 60-90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the main airport serving more than 40 airlines. It is ranked as North America’s second-largest airport visited by international passengers. It is considered to occupy half of Canada’s aviation operations. Look out for more related details on what terminal is Copa Airlines in Toronto.

Toronto Pearson Airport Contact Details

Airport NameToronto Pearson International Airport
Address6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada

Complete Information On Copa Airlines Toronto Terminal 

Complete Information On Copa Airlines Toronto Terminal 

As previously mentioned Toronto Airlines fly from Terminal 1 of the Toronto Terminal. All its departures and arrivals are scheduled from this airport. Its check-in counter is located at Level 3 of this terminal. Reach the terminal, submit the bags at the same terminal, and board the plane from the respective gate mentioned in your flight details. 

Toronto Airport has two main terminals, namely, 1 and 2. One other is an Infield concourse. Each of these platforms offers a variety of services to passengers that are essential in nature or added for passengers’ comfort. Find what facilities you will find on the Copa Toronto terminal’s levels. 

Level 1 of Toronto Copa Terminal 

Level 1 of Copa Terminal 1 is used for Arrivals. All national and international arrivals of the airlines occur here. After landing on the runway, passengers can forward to pick up their bags and leave via their personal vehicle or book a cab from the airport counter. 

Level 2 of Toronto Copa Airlines Terminal 

This Level of the Toronto terminal is dedicated to all departures. Copa Airlines passengers will board their flight from the gateway of this level. Arrive early to finish the check-in formalities and other immigration security checks, at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

Copa Toronto Terminal Level 3 

At Level 3, the Copa Airlines check-in area is situated. Passengers can use the kiosk or the ticket counter to get the boarding pass. The line can be too long during peak seasons. It is suggested to either check in online or arrive early for timely completing all the necessary procedures. You can not board a plane without a boarding pass. 

Ground Floor 

The ground floor is reserved for transportation services taking place at this airport. You can catch the bus or move towards the parking lot from this area of the terminal. Copa Airlines passengers can visit this floor for any ground transportation-related activity to transit anywhere between the terminals.

Terminal Link Train At Toronto Pearson Airport 

Terminal Link Train at Toronto Pearson Airport 

Terminal Link Train is a complimentary service by the Toronto Pearson Airport. It drives you anywhere between the terminals, Viscount Station, Sheraton Gateway, and the ALT Hotel. It visits each stop at frequent intervals and is available 24/7. Check the waiting time during the following hours. 

HoursMaximum waiting time
12:30 am to 3:30 am8 minutes
3:30 am to 8:00 am4 minutes
8:00 am to 11:30 am8 minutes
11:30 am to 12:30 am4 minutes


Copa Airlines flies to Montreal and Toronto in Canada. It also offers flights to various other international destinations from this country. Passengers who will be soon boarding their flight can check what terminal is Copa Airlines in Toronto. You can also get final confirmation from the boarding pass. Baggage, check-in, and other services are also present at the same terminal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Copa Airlines at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Copa Airlines is at terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson Airport.

What is the Copa Airlines flight code?

CM is the Copa Airlines flight code.

How many airlines fly from Toronto Pearson Airport?

Toronto Pearson Airport is a hub for more than 40 airlines.

What is the Copa Airlines global helpline number?

Dial the Copa Airlines helpline number in Canada at 1 647 493 5022.
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