How To Earn Emirates Miles

Emirates miles are digital points that passengers earn for flying or for buying from the airline, flydubai, and its partners’ services. These are also popularly known as Skyward miles. You will earn different amounts of miles based on the service purchased, fare type, and total distance. When sufficient miles are collected, you can book a flight, hotel, car, or other related services available. The number of miles acceptable instead of money is mentioned beside each service accessible to buy via the Miles. 

Not only this, but Miles can also be gifted, transferred, renewed, and a lot more. To be able to use these benefits, let us understand the concept and how to collect Emirates miles in the next segment. 

Best Ways To Earn And Collect Emirates Skyward Miles 

Best Ways To Earn And Collect Emirates Skyward Miles 

Register as a Skyward member to add the Skyward miles to your account. These Miles by Emirates Airlines is the most beneficial for the frequent fliers. They can use it to book the next flight, hotel trip, or any other service without paying anything extra money. In case, the miles are less to buy the service, then the remaining amount could be paid via cash. Cash+Miles is a popular option amongst Emirates Flyers. 

In order to earn miles, you need to book a flight with Emirates, partner airlines or buy any other service from its other partner companies. Using certain credit cards also helps you earn Skyward miles.

How Many Skyward Miles Can You Earn? 

Here is how much you can earn when making your next purchase with Emirates or its partners.

  • 1,50,000 points are awarded for property bookings from Emirates partners globally.
  • Dubai Mall offers 1 mile for every dollar spent at the mall.
  • If you spent 100 dollars for tax refunds using “utu”, you would earn 4,167 miles.
  • Converting the Heathrow reward points into Emirates miles and vice versa is also possible. For Instance, the 250 Heathrow points value of the conversion is equal to 250 miles.
  • For every Euro spent with GetYourGuide, earn 1 Skyward mile. 
  • Earn 4599 Miles for spending 75 AED with Dubai Duty-Free (Emirati Dirham).
  • ASmallWorld gives 500,000 miles varying on the type and price of the service purchased.
  • Every 5 AED for purchasing groceries from Skywards every day. 
  • Convert American Express membership points into miles.
  • Air Canada rewards with 1.5 miles for each mile flown with the airline.
  • YourWorld Rewards twice on flights and stays
  • Each USD spent with Atlantis The Palm, Dubai helps you earn 1 Skyward mile. 

The list goes on. There are several Emirates partners that offer miles as reward points for using or buying their service. If you frequently fly with Flydubai or Emirates Airlines, then you can refer to the list of its partners to make sure that you earn for your next flight or while spending. 

Explore Emirates Airlines Partners That Offer Skyward Miles

Emirates Skyward miles take up to 48 hours to reflect in your bank account. Airlines, Banks, Car Rentals services, retails and lifestyles, hotels, and the Emirates Foundation are the major sectors under which the renowned companies have collaborated with the airline to offer miles to its users for making purchases with them. Checklist of its partners in all the above-mentioned respective fields. 

Emirates Airlines Partners 

  • FlyDubai
  • Air Canada 
  • Air Mauritius
  • Bangkok Airways 
  • Copa Airlines
  • EasyJet
  • GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes
  • Japan Airlines 
  • JetBlue 
  • Jetstar
  • Korean Air
  • Malaysia Airlines 
  • Qantas 
  • S7 Airlines 
  • South African Airways 
  • TAP Portugal 
  • United Airlines 

Emirates Banks 

American Express 

(You can convert its membership points into Skyward miles)

Car Rentals 

  • Hertz
  • Avis & Budget
  • Car Trawler 
  • Europcar 
  • SIXT 

Earn Skyward Miles with Emirates Hotel Partners 

  • Emirates Skywards Hotels
  • Your World Rewards
  • 25hours hotels 
  • Aloft Hotels 
  • Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts 
  • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts 
  • Four Points by Sheraton
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hyatt Hotels and Resorts 
  • ibis Hotels & Resorts
  • InterContinental Hotels & Resorts 
  • Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts
  • JW Marriott Hotels 
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts 
  • Novotel Hotels, Suites & Resorts 
  • One & Only Resorts 
  • Pullman Hotels & Resorts 
  • Raffles Hotels & Resorts
  • Rixos Hotels 
  • Rotana Hotels and Resorts 
  • Sheraton 
  • Sofitel Hotels & Resorts 
  • St. Regis 
  • The Luxury Collection
  • The Ritz- Carlton
  • W Hotels 
  • Westin Hotels & Resorts 

Retail & LifeStyle

  • Skywards Everyday 
  • Dubai Mall
  • The Bicester Collection 
  • Dubai Mall
  • Arabian Adventures 
  • Dubai Duty-Free 
  • Emirates Official Store 
  • GetYourGuide 
  • Heathrow Rewards
  • Marbha 
  • utu 

Evaluate Other Benefits of Skyward Miles 

The award points are subject to offers stated by each partner of the airline. Find and calculate the number of miles you will possibly earn from the respective partner services purchases by visiting the Emirates Partners page on the official website. Moving forward, Emirates also enables its users to buy, transfer, multiply, and gift miles. There are other benefits that you must know to enjoy the benefits of Skyward Miles. 

How To Buy Miles In Emirates?

How To Buy Miles In Emirates?

Emirates customers can now buy miles and increase their miles count for their flight booking. This is a flexible feature that you can decide to purchase after comparing the actual cost of the ticket and the miles required for it. Choose the option that seems more cost-effective. Otherwise, you can pay half and half using the Emirates Cash+Miles option. While exploring other options, let us learn how to buy miles in the Emirates.

  • Navigate
  • Log in to your Skyward account. If you are not a member yet, register as a member. 
  • After logging in, find and select the BuyMiles option.
  • Choose or add the number of miles you want to add. 
  • After adding the Emirates miles, proceed to pay. 
  • Make the final payment and you are ready to use the miles. 

Each individual can buy 1,00,00 or 2,00,000 miles. The minimum amount of Emirates miles you can purchase is 1000 miles for 30 USD. 

Not only this, but you can also gift, transfer or multiply your miles at a feasible cost and enjoy the benefits. Look further at the prices for earning Emirates miles using these options. 

Multiply Emirates Miles 

Now earning miles has become easy with the purchase option. If there is a reward or benefit awaiting in your list then you can multiply the miles. It costs 20 USD per 1000 miles to multiply. You can increase the Emirates miles by multiplying it to a maximum limit of 50,000 per year. This feature is comparatively more cost-effective when compared to buying the miles. 

Transfer the Emirates, Miles 

Stuck with limited rewards that are less to buy any service or book an Emirates flight, then transferring miles is an option for you. If you have someone in your family or friend who holds an Emirates account, then combine your miles with their points to increase the overall count and buy the service you desire to avail. 

Gift Emirates Miles 

Gift your loved ones the Emirates miles and help them increase their share to further use the former on various services and occasions offered by the airline and its partners. The price of 1000 miles is 30 U.S. dollars. You can gift a maximum of 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 miles depending on the membership tier.

Renew or Extend Expired Emirates Miles 

Emirates allows you to renew your expired or soon-to-be-expiring miles. With this feature, you can save the effort and money that you have put into collecting those. 

At the price of 20 USD per 1000 miles, you can renew your up to 6 months old and expired Emirates miles.  

On the other hand, Miles’s expiry date can be extended up to a year. The price varies and can be confirmed while making the purchase. 


Emirates passengers can earn miles for various purchases with the airline and its partners. Even more, now you can just buy miles at a much more affordable rate and collect them to buy a desired award or flight. Renewing your Emirates miles is also an option for passengers. Count the miles you want and choose from the various options available to increase your miles. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is 1000 Emirates miles worth?

Emirates Airlines’ 1000 miles is equal to 30 USD. 

How do you earn Skywards Miles?

Emirates users can earn Skyward miles by booking a flight with Emirates Airlines, flying Dubai, and other partner airlines. Also, its partners are spread in banking, car rentals, hotels, lifestyle, and retail, where you can use or buy their services to earn miles. 

Do Emirates miles expire?

Yes, Emirates miles come with an expiry date. The good news is you can renew your miles at a special rate. Also, the renewal is only possible anytime three months before the expiry date. 

Can I transfer my Skyward miles into someone else’s account?

Emirates members can transfer up to 50,000 miles to their loved one’s accounts. The airline charges 15 USD  for each 1000-mile transfer. 
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