How to Book Jetblue Mint

Mint Class Cabin in JetBlue is a luxurious and reasonably priced lie-flat business class service flying across various popular destinations worldwide. On a lot of flying routes, Jetblue takes out the competition as most such routes have lie-flat seats. While flying on JetBlue Mint is no less than first-class flying, passengers must know how to book JetBlue Mint through all possible methods. With cabins of other airlines, you won’t get as many comfort-centric recliner seats as JetBlue.

The Mint Class draws all the attention of travelers due to its great value on various routes. As an example, it is possible to fly economy on Blue for around $240 or get lie-flat seats with alcoholic drinks and food for only around $71 or more!

The aforementioned price was in a particular sale period. However, the general JetBlue prices are around $500 to $700 for each route. Mint Class flights across San Diego and Seattle are generally less costly than Los Angeles flights (LAX).

JetBlue Mint Features

JetBlue Mint Features

About 1-minute seats are there across 5 rows, with alteration in each row in a configuration of 2-2 (odd-numbered rows) and a 1-1 configuration (for rows with even numbers). All the seats are fully flat and they come with a handy massage function, USB port, in-built power outlet, and an entertainment screen on the seatback. With that being said, the even-numbered row seats can offer the most amount of privacy, total with closing doors. 

How Do I Book A Jetblue Mint Flight?

Passengers can either book JetBlue Mint through Cash or JetBlue Mint Points. Further, we know both these methods in detail and know what would work for you.

JetBlue Mint Booking With Cash

JetBlue Mint can be booked through cash, and people who wish to book Mint generally don’t consider the method type. Not surprisingly, the straightforward method of booking Mint tickets on JetBlue naturally would be through cash. As it is mentioned, fares in Mint Class can go below $300 for a one-way flight. However, passengers are generally expected to pay about $00 for one way on routes covering cross-country, with $500 on all Caribbean routes ways and about $1,000 to the U.K. 

To know whether it is possible to determine which route or time which was consistently the cheapest, we searched around 14 routes for one-way tickets for close–in dates (less than 72 hours) and three months in the future. Here’s a chart of outcomes, Prices each way while you book a round-trip ticket

Origin Departure DestinationArrival DestinationClose-inFuture Fares
BostonLas Vegas$813$846
BostonLos Angeles$808$759
New York-JFKSeattle$1,148$548
New York-JFKLos Angeles$799$667
New York-JFKSan Francisco$959$817
New York-JFKSt. Maarten$430$430
NewarkSt. Lucia$435$435
NewarkLondon Heathrow$1,979*$992*
Los AngelesNewark$992$648
Los Angeles Miami$949$499
Los AngelesAruba$890$640
Los AngelesLiberia$442$442
Los AngelesMiami$949$499
Los AngelesFort Lauderdale$699$599

Overall, Mint’s flying routes in the Caribbean would need to be the best chance for flying Mint at the lowest pricing. Before you book with JetBlue Mint, make an exact estimate of how much is Jetblue Mint. Booking within a few months in advance often scores lower prices, but the differences aren’t always that significant. In one of the examples, it was cheaper to book close-in than far out so there is no hard and fast rule at the moment.

Using Points For Booking JetBlue Mint

If you’ve had Skyward miles, you might be confused about how to book Jetblue mint with points. There are three main ways for booking JetBlue Mint tickets through points. It is possible to redeem the same directly from Skywards points, JetBlue TrueBlue, or the travel portal of your credit card. A few transferable card points like Chase Ultimate Rewards and Amex Membership Rewards also transfer into JetBlue programs. 

Although it would be possible to Book JetBlue flights through HawaiinMiles, it won’t have any avenue of booking Mint tickets. 

While you book Mint seats through TrueBlue. It might seem like the obvious choice, but it doesn’t offer the most value. With JetBlue, you get a dynamic price scheme so the award flight price is always tied to the cash rate. The higher the flight cost is there in cash, the more cost it would have in points.

The TPG value of TrueBlue points is at 1.3 cents a point. However, the redemption value is around 25% lower for the Mint award tickets than for the rest of the seats on the plane. Thus, you’ll be better off saving more points for redemptions in the economy. 

Later Emirates Skywards started offering redemptions on Mint. Previously, they only had economy awards. 

Emirates prices the JetBlue rewards depending on the flown distance. And in most cases, the rates of redemption can be great deals, Emirates award charts for JetBlue flights would be as follows. 

As you’re able to see, Mint Class would always double the price of the economy in the program. 

Distance in miles (one-way)Mint ClassEconomy Class
0-2508,000 miles16,000 miles
251 – 50010,000 miles20,000 miles
501 – 1,00014,000 miles28,000 miles
1,001 – 2,00020,000 miles40,000 miles
2,001 – 3,00026,000 miles52,000 miles
3001 – 4,00032,000 miles64,000 miles
4001 – 5,00038,000 miles76,000 miles
5001 – 6,00044,000 miles88,000 miles
6,001 – 7,00050,000 miles100,000 miles
7,001 – 15,000 60,000 miles120,000 miles

For an idea, the fares for a few renowned Mint routes are as follows:

  • JFK-New York to Aruba (AUA): 40,000 miles (1,951 miles in distance).
  • JFK New York to Los Angeles (LAX): 52,000 miles (2,475 miles)
  • Boston (BOS) to San Francisco (SFO): 52,000 miles (2,704 miles)
  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Miami (MIA): 52,000 miles (2,342 miles)

The new route of JetBlue from New York-JFK to London Heathrow costs around 4,000 miles (3,451 miles). With that being said, reports also suggest that flights to the U.K. can’t be booked yet with Skyward miles. 

It is possible to book all other routes through the official Emirates website. Till the time you see the availability of the “I” fare, it would be bookable from Emirates. 

Considering sometimes transcontinental route fare goes around $900 for each way, it is possible to get around 1.7 cents value per mile with such redemptions, which is quite solid. When you require Emirates miles, it is possible to transfer the points to Skywards through major transferable points programs, including the Chase Ultimate Rewards ( on a 1:1 ratio), Amex Membership Rewards (1:1), Bilt Rewards (1:1), Citi ThankYou Rewards (1:1), Capital One miles (2:1) and the Marriott Bonvoy (3:1 with 5,000-mile bonus for around 60,000 transfer of Marriott points. 

The final option for considering how to book JetBlue Mint is redeeming the transferable points directly at the fixed rate through the travel portal of the credit card.

For instance, when you’ve got the Chase Sapphire Reserve, you’ll redeem points on Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal for around 1.5 cents a piece. It means that the $300 Mini ticket to the Caribbean costs around 20,000 Chase points. Meanwhile, Ink Business Preferred Card and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card can be redeemed at 1.25 cents each towards the portal travel Chase. 

When you have a Business Platinum Card from American Express and get 35% Pay with Points rebate (around 1 million points for each calendar year), that ticket will be 19,500 Amex points. 

Overview of JetBlue Mint Booking

  • Conclusion

The JetBlue Mint is a great product and many affordable opportunities are there for flying at the provided time. The simplest Mint fares are offered mostly on Caribbean flights, but when you’re booking enough in advance, it is possible to get great deals on the U.K. and cross-country flights. 

There aren’t plenty of great answers for how to book JetBlue mint with different methods. The same is no longer the case now that Emirates Skywards provides Mint redemptions. When the cash fares are low, redeeming points at a fixed value from the travel portal of a credit card would also be appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do passengers get with JetBlue Mint?

With JetBlue mint seats passengers get lie-flat seats, blankets, big entertainment screens, pillows and blankets, an amenity kit, a small plate meal, and complimentary alcohol.

Is it possible to get lounge access with the JetBlue mint?

JetBlue doesn’t operate on airport lounges.

Are JetBlue Mint Class seats flat?

Yes, Mint seats in JetBlue are flat with a room of 6 feet 8 inches, with a pillow and blanket for use in the flight.

What are the options for Served food in JetBlue mint?

Yes, the food would be served in the Mint Class in JetBlue. Guests can select three little plates from a selection of five, and a parting and welcome snack.

How many checked baggage would you get in Mint JetBlue?

The mint passengers at JetBlue also get complimentary two checked bags that weigh up to 70 lbs each, with a priority claim or delivery at baggage claim.

Is the Mint Class at JetBlue and the business class the same?

Yes, the JetBlue Mint would be the same as business class. Unlike carriers offering business and first, the only upgrade way would be the mint class on JetBlue.

What is available with the JetBlue Mint?

With flying mint you entail many benefits of first-class level like a sleeping kit (including a convertible blanket and a pillow), using noise isolation headphones, and lie-flat seats. 
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