Is JetBlue a Good Airline

JetBlue is generally considered a good airline by passengers. It is often praised for its reasonable prices, dedicated staff, and in-flight services. Not only this, JetBlue Airways is awarded as the Top Domestic Airline under the 2021 World’s Best Awards and considered as the safest low-cost carrier. Even during the tough times of the pandemic, the airline managed to stand out and performed well. As per the online ratings, almost half of the passengers find JetBlue a good airline. 

JetBlue Airways ranks 6th among the largest Airlines in the United States and is rated excellently in various aspects. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as perfect. It has many drawbacks as well. Start reading through to determine why JetBlue is a good airline.

Things to Know About JetBlue Airways


JetBlue is famously known for its budget-friendly flights. It has a pretty good frequent flyer program for rewarding passengers with extras and bonuses. Additionally, it charges close to no fee for any changes or cancellations on JetBlue Flights. The airline operates more than 1000 flights on a daily basis to 100 national and international destinations. However, there are a few disadvantages of flying with JetBlue but this doesn’t imply that it’s a bad airline. 

Determining whether the airline is good or bad depends on the passenger. It is highly affected by the customer’s preferences and requirements. Some individuals give more significance to in-flight services while others want to travel under budget. Thus, there is going to be a vast difference in feedback from such customers. 

In this post, we have laid down some of its best pros and often raised drawbacks. This way we can understand more about the airlines.

Reasons Why JetBlue Is a Good Airline

Reasons Why JetBlue Is a Good Airline

Aside from attractive prices, JetBlue has a lot in store to offer to its customers. This varies from in-flight services to excellent frequent flyer programs. JetBlue Airways has some useful advantages to offer:

1. Low-cost Flights
Obviously, the airways offer tickets at a reasonable price which makes it more affordable for its passengers. JetBlue Airways provides you memorable experience without breaking your wallet. As compared to other premium airlines, JetBlue Tickets are way cheaper.

2. Fantastic In-flight Services
JetBlue Airlines is often highlighted for its in-flight services that altogether add up to customers’ experience. Even on flight, the source of entertainment persist. There are a number of movies to watch along with TV Shows to bust boredom for long flights. The airlines also keep you updated with location maps. It’s good to have a couple of options for entertainment while traveling for long hours.

3. Excellent Cabin Features
The airline’s aircraft are compact with excellent cabin features. The technology therein amps up the overall experience of the customer. Almost every aircraft has WiFi with good speed known as FlyFi. Passengers do not need any specific application to get connected. 

Alongside, it offers a generous amount of food and beverages. Some are on house while others have to be bought. Mint Class upgraded members can enjoy plenty of complimentary food and drinks. 

4. Extra Legroom and Spacious Seats
People who travel often know the importance of extra legroom. Being stuck in an uncomfortable seat with no legroom for long hours is hectic. Tall fellas will be excited to know that JetBlue offers plenty of legroom. Whereas, there is not much of a difference in economy class compared to other airlines.

5. TV Screens On All Seats
JetBlue Airways seats have Tv Screens attached to the back of every seat. So, do bring your headphones to watch blockbuster movies and shows. You can simply jam to your favorite tunes to kill boredom. The airline has partnered with Peacock streaming service, passengers will soon be able to stream, popular movies while on flights.

6. TrueBlue Loyalty Program Perks & Rewards
Get the most of your travel experience with JetBlue’s TrueBlue Loyalty Program. Herein, you earn reward points every time you travel or make a purchase with its partners. On top of that, it’s completely free to join the loyalty program. So there is nothing to lose but only to win. Earned points can be redeemed to get additional benefits. Especially, providing you lounge access and priority boarding for hassle-free travel.

7. Experience Luxury with JetBlue’s Mint Suite
If you are someone who enjoys luxury then we recommend you try JetBlue’s Mint Suite. This gives you a next-level experience with an award-winning and personalized experience. It is introducing lie-flat seats, Larger TV, and a separate designated cabin with sliding doors. Its studio rooms provide you with an extra seat to be used for work or a lounge.

8. Flexibility 
JetBlue understands that there can be sudden changes in travel plans and thus provides a flexible cancellation policy. It charges no cancellation or change fees except for Blue Basic Flights. Such concerns can be brought to notice online by providing the ticket number and last name. 

Is It Safe to Travel with JetBlue Airways?

Is It Safe to Travel with JetBlue Airways

Yes, it is safe to travel with JetBlue Airways. It always puts customers’ and crewmembers’ safety first on the priority list. The airline is listed among the top 10 low-cost carriers thus it is often observed as the safest low-cost carrier. It has been through accidents various times. Fortunately, with its good management system, the airline manages to ensure people’s safety.

  • All the crew members are fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine and follow all the rules and regulations. 
  • The air within the plane is changed every three minutes and comprises of half fresh air and half HEPA-filtered air. Being said, HEPA helps in removing all the particles, bacteria, & viruses present in the air. 
  • The in-flight entertainment services have touch-free features. In addition, the airline has self-scannable boarding passes.

Cons of Flying with JetBlue Airlines

While the airline has several good things to consider, there are some downsides as well. This section lists some of the major drawbacks for a clear vision of potential passengers.

  1. Baggage Mishandling
    The major drawback of JetBlue Airlines is mishandling Luggage. Often passengers complain about the loss of baggage. The airline has a history of frequently losing passengers’ baggage thus it was highlighted many times. Such scenarios can lead to serious problems if the customer for carrying valuable items in the bag.
  2. Postponement in Flight
    JetBlue airline is called out for frequently delaying flights. According to passengers’ reviews, evening flights often arrive late than those in the morning.
  3. In-flight Entertainment
    The in-flight services are not free for many fare classes. This is not something to be considered a deal breaker but passengers should be aware of this. Therefore, if you have bought a low-fare ticket then you are more likely to pay for in-flight services. 
  1. No Carry Back with JetBlue Blue Basic Fare
    Passengers flying with Jetblue’s Blue Basic Fare are not allowed to have a carry bag. Space under the seats can be used for personal items. However, there are some expectations of this as well. The rule may vary according to the selected routes. 
  1. Is JetBlue a good airline for international travel?
    JetBlue Airlines initiates international flights to limited foreign destinations. At present, it operates flights to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Vancouver. If you’re someone who often travels outside these destinations then JetBlue cannot be your choice.

Is JetBlue A Good Airline to Fly?

JetBlue is a good airline to fly after considering all the perks and drawbacks. It is a great choice for those who prefer budget-friendly flights. JetBlue offers high-quality services with fantastic in-flight services and comfortable seats with extra legroom. Yes, there are several downsides as well but it does not make the airline bad. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is JetBlue Airlines known for?

JetBlue Airlines is known for its budget-friendly tickets, high-quality amenities, and in-flight services. 

Why do people like JetBlue?

People often prefer JetBlue Airlines for its low-cost flights and spacious seats with extra legroom. 

Is JetBlue cheap or expensive?

JetBlue is a low-cost carrier that offers added benefits as well. Passengers will have to pay extra for add-ons. 

Is JetBlue economy comfortable?

JetBlue Airways provide comfortable seats in economy fares with spacious legroom than those average economy class. Plus, you get seatback TV screens and free WiFi.

Does JetBlue have good legroom?

Yes, JetBlue offers 32 inches of legroom per seat on average, ensuring a comfortable journey. 

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