What Terminal Is JetBlue At LGA

JetBlue Airlines uses Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport (LGA). It is located at the centre of the airport. The airline operates the arrival and departure of JetBlue flights through this terminal. Passengers flying with JetBlue Airlines must arrive at LGA Terminal B two hours before the flight departure. Thus, passengers must identify what Terminal is Jetblue at LaGuardia Airport to save some time. The airline as well as airport offers several services at the terminal to meet passenger’s requirement.

JetBlue LGA Arrival Terminal

JetBlue uses Terminal B for operation of arrival flights at  LaGuardia Airport. Passengers can use this terminal after disembarking the plane and to collect their baggage. Afterward, passengers can simply leave the airport and do their deeds at the destination. International travelers must complete their customs and immigration at the airport first. 

JetBlue LGA Departure Terminal 

JetBlue Airlines uses Terminal B for its flight departure at LGA Airport in New York. Passengers can complete airport formalities at this terminal before boarding on the plane. The activities include check-in, baggage drop, security check, etc. After that, passengers are leaded to the boarding gates according to the flight departure. It is possible that the terminal may change at any time, thus, check the terminal printed on your ticket.

About JetBlue LaGuardia Terminal 

JetBlue is an American Airlines that operates domestic and a few international flights within the United States. It also flies to a few international destinations like Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, etc. One of its major hubs includes LaGuardia Airport (LGA), which is the third largest airport in New York. Check the following details of the airport and the airline for future reference:

Name of the AirportLaGuardia Airport
JetBlue LaGuardia Airport VenueQueens, NY 11371
Airport AbbreviationLGA
JetBlue LaGuardia Airport Contact Number(212) 435-7000
JetBlue LGA Arrivial TerminalTerminal B
JetBlue LGA Departure TerminalTerminal B
Working Hours24 hours
Official Jetblue Websitewww.jetblue.com
JetBlue Twitter Accountwww.youtube.com/user/jetblue
JetBlue YouTube Pagewww.facebook.com/JetBlue
Jetblue Twitter Accounttwitter.com/JetBlue

JetBlue LGA Terminal Map

The airport indicates all the locations at the JetBlue LGA Terminal Map. This map makes it easier for the passengers to locate a particular place. You may use it to find nearby restaurants, and shopping stores, or to find check-in terminals. check JetBlue LGA terminal B Map to determine the distance between the two places and avoid roaming around.

How to Travel between Terminals at LGA Airport?

Passengers can use a complimentary shuttle bus service at LGA Airport to travel between terminals, parking lots, and car rental points. The bus connects all the terminals and departs every 8 to 10 minutes. It may take 15 minutes during the off-peak time. Passengers can also walk between JetBlue LGA Terminal B and Terminal C. The walkway connects both the terminals and takes only 5 to 10 minutes to reach. You can locate shuttle bus at JetBlue LaGuardia Terminal B near the curbside. 

Popular Destination Accesible via JetBlue LaGuardi Terminal B

Passengers can always get great deals on JetBlue Flight from LaGuardia Airport. Weekly flights takeoff to both domestic and international destinations. The following are the list of popular destinations that you can fly to via Jetblue Terminal LaGuardia Airport. 

DestinationsFlight Duration
Boston1h 24m
Atlanta2h 39m
Nashville2h 40m
Denver4h 34m
Orlando3h 1m
Fort Lauderdale3h 15m
Tampa 3h 7m
West Palm Beach3h 7m
Charleston2h 19m
New Orleans3h 32m

Services Offered at LGA JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue Airlines use terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. There are three terminals at the airport serving different airlines. All activities and services of JetBlue flights are performed at terminal B. JetBlue is a good airline that provide access to all the required services to its customers. These services are divided into four levels of the terminal. Passengers can locate facilities at different gates. It is often seen that passengers gets perplexed while completing the formalities. Thus, it is advisable to carry the airport map and check the JetBlue Terminal at LGA airport. In addition, we have listed some of the services that you can find at the terminal:

JetBlue Baggage Service Terminal

The Baggage service is at gate 11 of terminal B. The arriving and departing passengers of JetBlue can visit this location to pick up and drop their checked bags respectively. JetBlue Airlines also offers assistance in recovering damaged bags or if there is any delay. 

Security Check-in

Terminal B Security 

JetBlue passengers will find security at level 3 of the terminal. The wait time for both security differs by 7 mins. TSA security has 1 min waiting time, whereas normal security is expected to take approximately 8 minutes. After clearing the line, you can move ahead to the check-in counter. 

JetBlue Check-in zones at LGA

JetBlue Ticket Counter is at the LGA Terminal B. Passengers can check in offline via the ticket counter and designated kiosk. While the ticket counter is at the LGA terminal B, the kiosks are available at the terminal A it is a common zone. Passengers can access this area to print their boarding pass on their own with the help of kiosk.

Parking Garage for Terminal B LGA passengers 

If you are arriving at the airport using your own vehicle, then the parking garage for JetBlue LGA terminal B is at level 2. You can check the parking area prices online on the official website and pay accordingly. Currently, the terminal B La Guardia parking prices range between 5$ to 60$. If you pre-book the parking service, then for 24 hours, it will cost 39$, instead of 60$. 

Restaurants and Shops at La Guardia JetBlue Terminal 

Restaurants and Shops at LaGaurdia JetBlue Terminal 

La Guardia airport offers a variety of shops and restaurant outlets for passengers and visitors. Each terminal has its sets of shops and food outlets that you can visit and purchase the service while waiting for the boarding announcement. Coffee shops to fast food retailers like Dunkin’ and Wendy’s are present at lga airport. 

WiFi at Laguardia Airport Terminal 

The WiFi service is free and easy to connect at LGA Airport Terminal B. JetBlue passengers who will be visiting the airport soon can simply connect to the WiFi and use the internet service for office work or for entertainment purpose. Switch on the WiFi detector and select to_Free LGA WiFi and connect to the free internet access. 

JetBlue Terminal LGA (FAQs)

What Terminal does JetBlue use at LGA?

JetBlue Airlines is at Terminal B of La Guardia airport.

Which Terminal is JetBlue at LGA for Departures? 

JetBlue departing flights take off from terminal B of the LGA. Passengers can board the flight after finishing the check-in at level 1 of the same terminal.

Is there a Transportation facility at LaGuardia Airport?  

LGA has shuttle bus for passengers to travel within the airport premises.

Are Terminals B and C Connected at LGA?

LaGuardia New York airport terminals B and C are not interconnected. Passengers can use the airport shuttle bus to travel between the terminals.

What does LGA Stand for Airport?

LGA Airport stands for LaGuardia Airport. It is known as a domestic airport in New York. Only a few airlines fly its International flights from this airport. 
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