How to Cancel KLM Flight

Passengers can visit the official website and cancel KLM flights through the “My Trip” option. You can cancel a KLM flight from 30 hours to 1 hour before the departure time. The airline also provides the option to cancel a flight by visiting the nearby KLM Airport Ticket Counter. If the passenger is eligible, the airline will provide a cash refund for the canceled flight. The airline strictly follows the KLM cancellation policy for clearing requests. Passengers must know that canceling a flight may lead to a KLM flight cancellation fee.  Kindly note that the complete cancellation process depends on the selected route, travel class, destination, and departure date. 

KLM Cancellation Policy

KLM Flight Cancellation Policy is applicable to flights booked from either the official website or by connecting with the airline directly. If the flight is booked through a travel agent then you may contact them directly to cancel your trip. Once the request for KLM Flight Cancellations is accepted, the trip is automatically canceled for every passenger in a single booking. In case you want to cancel the flight for one person then it can be done via My Trip. However, if the booking includes ten or more passengers then reach out to the airline for cancellation concerns.

Secondly, the cancellation policy is different for every fare type. It is possible that some fares may not be eligible for a refund after cancellation due to its non-refundable nature. 

KLM 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

KLM 24 Hour Cancellation Rule

Passengers are eligible to cancel KLM flights for free if the request is sent within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. The grace period is provided to every passenger irrespective of the type of purchased ticket. This policy is applicable to all flights plus flights originating to or from the USA. It is necessary that the booking is made at least seven days or more before the departure date. However, if you cancel the flight 24 hours before the departure then the fee is applicable for sure. 

How to Cancel KLM Flight Within 24 Hours?

You can use the “My Trip” page if you want to cancel a flight within 24 hours of making the reservation. Secondly, dial the KLM customer support team contact number and ask for assistance. The line will connect you with the executive team and your flight will be canceled by them. The passenger is asked to provide flight details like booking number, last name, and other relevant information. Afterward, the airline provides a full refund on the canceled flights. 

How to Cancel a KLM Flight Online?

How to Cancel a KLM Flight Online

Passengers can cancel a KLM flight online through the official website and on the mobile application. Make sure to keep the flight details handy before following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the KLM Airlines website on your device and go to the “My Trip” page.
  • Login through your account or by providing the booking details such as booking number and last name. 
  • The next page will load your booking details and various options to manage the bookings. 
  • Select the “Cancel flight” option provided right in front of your upcoming flight.
  • Confirm the flight cancellation and request a refund, if eligible. 
  • The airline will then send you the cancellation update on your registered email ID.

Cancel KLM Flight via Customer Care Team

Cancel KLM Flight via Customer Care Team

You can also connect with the KLM customer care team to cancel the KLM flight. Just dial 1-800-618-0104 (toll-free) and connect with the executive team which will provide you the real-time solution. The representative will ask for the flight details and cancel the flight on your behalf. You may also visit the nearby KLM Airport Ticket Counter for a face-to-face interaction. 

KLM Flight Cancellation Fee

KLM Flight Cancellation Fee

KLM Flight Cancellation Fee differs according to the selected route, fare type, and the date of departure. The levied fee would be heavier if the request is made close to the departure date. Check the table below for the applicable cancellation fee:

Cancellation ConditionsFee Amount
Flight canceled within 24 hours of bookingNo Fee
Economy flight cancellation after 24 hours $100 to $400
International and domestic flights$100 to $500

KLM Cancelled Flight Compensation Policy

KLM Cancelled Flight Compensation Policy

KLM is safe to travel because if your flight is cancelled by the airline then you are entitled to certain compensation and reimbursement. You will be eligible for reimbursement under the KLM Cancelled Flight Compensation Policy if you meet the following criteria:

  • If your arrival at the final destination is delayed by three hours due to flight cancellation.
  • You are traveling to or from a European location.
  • The flight was not canceled due to uncontrollable reasons.
Flight DistanceCompensation Amount
Up to 1,500 kmVoucher worth EUR 350 (non-refundable)
Cash payment of EUR 250
Flights within Europe and more than 1,500 km and,
Flights outside Europe between 1,500 and 3,500 km
Voucher worth EUR 500 (non-refundable)
Cash payment of EUR 400
Flight outside the EU and more than more than 3,500 kmVoucher worth EUR 800 (non-refundable)
Cash payment of EUR 600

KLM Airlines Cash Refund Policy

Passengers can request a refund for only unused parts of the trip through the online refund system. It will check whether the passenger is eligible for a full cash refund or only a part of it. One can call the airline as well but this will incur additional charges. Refund requests are usually processed under 2 to 4 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel the KLM flight and get a refund?

Yes, passengers can cancel KLM flights and at the same time request a refund. It is eligible for only refundable fares. No refund is provided for used tickets. 

Can I cancel my KLM flight online?

Yes, you can cancel the KLM flight online using the official website or the mobile application. Access the “My Trip” page to cancel the ticket.

What happens if KLM cancels my flight?

If KLM cancels your flight then you will be entitled to get compensation. As long as the reason for cancellation is not an uncontrollable event, the passenger is fully compensated.  

How do I cancel a scheduled flight with KLM?

You can cancel a KLM flight through the official website, mobile app, or by visiting the ticket counter. Afterwards, request a refund online for the used part of the trip.

Is there a cancellation fee for KLM?

Yes, passengers are liable to pay the cancellation fee for KLM flights. It can vary from $100 to $500. 
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