Is KLM a Safe Airline

KLM Airlines has improved its safety standards as compared to the 90s. Now, it is ranked as the safest airline in Europe. Earlier, it had a bad history of accidents but it has greatly rectified and updated its protocols to ensure a safe journey for its passengers. 

Since 1977, it had met more than 63 accidents that led to fatalities and injuries. But, post that, there has been no record of any major accidents. This is a true mark of the airline’s present safety status. While it is essential to evaluate the past track record, since the authority keeps working to upgrade the performance, the present accident and safety record must be considered first for a better comparison. Here, we will determine is KLM a safe airline using international rankings and other essential factors. 

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Comparative Analysis of KLM Airlines Safety Performance 

KLM Airlines first took its flight in 1920 from the Netherlands. It has been flying successfully for more than 103 years, which is a lot. Its experience and dedication to building a better and safe environment for its passengers have led to improvements in its later career. There is no denying that KLM has been part of major accidents but there are other factors that led to these instances and are now rectified. 

Jet Airliner Data Crash Evaluation Center also ranks it as the second safest internationally. While in Europe, it jumps to the highest position for its safety standards. This evaluation is based on more than 30 factors. But the impact of past accidents has been reduced in the analysis and more real-time data is collected to evaluate whether is KLM a safe airline. There are a few limitations of the JACDEC which will be discussed later. However, it does not impact the KLM airline safety evaluation. So, without further delay, let’s discuss these points. 

KLM Airlines Safe and Modern Fleet

KLM Airlines has a modern fleet that amplifies the level of safety for its passengers with state-of-art technology and features installed in the aircrafts. Currently, it has approximately 110 aircrafts of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer series. It has a wide range to offer a variety of seats and features including narrow-shaped aircrafts. 

Its modern fleet consists of Airbus A330-200 and 300 planes. Also, the Boeing 737-700, 800, and a few others. Similarly, there is a range of modern aircrafts of Embraer. 

International Safety Rankings and Present Performance

International Safety Rankings and Present Performance

JACDEC uses real-time data and analyzes the airline’s Performance to rate and rank it among the top 20 safe airlines. As stated above, KLM Airlines is at the top in Europe and at second position Internationally for safety. While it is true that the airline has performed well to reach this level. But it is also a fact that JACDEC only audits major and popular airlines. So the rankings might differ if smaller airlines that are efficiently working towards safety are also included. 

Nonetheless, KLM is a safe airline irrespective of the rankings. Yet, it is also essential to praise and appreciate its spot as the safest among the top airlines in the world. 

Present and Past Data of KLM Accidents

 KLM Airlines still witnesses minor accidents but no fatality has been recorded so far in the 2000s. As previously mentioned, the airline had met more than 63 accidents that led to many sad deaths of passengers and crew members. 

Despite this, the airline is termed as safe and reliable because it is a matter of the past.   Also, these records are of the time when there were not many protocols and guidelines to ensure safety. It was the early era of the airlines and led to mistakes and accidents. But as clearly visible with changes and updates in the safety standards, KLM Airlines has successfully reversed the accidents and fatalities records to negligible after 1977. Now, the airline has not met any incidents for the last 46 years. 

KLM Airline COVID Precautions for Safety and Hygiene

KLM Airline COVID Precautions for Safety and Hygiene

KLM Airlines is a 4-star rated airline that has managed to fly its passengers safely during the COVID pandemic. Testing, masks, and vaccination protocols were strictly followed by the airline. All International and local regulations were added to its protocols. 

A few of the passengers did not like the service and found disturbances during the flight. While others felt safe and sound when flying during COVID with the utmost rules and regulations implied. KLM still follows many protocols specifically related to pandemic hygiene and safety to ensure a smooth journey. 

Overview of KLM Airline Safety


KLM Airlines is amongst the safest airlines in the world. JACDEC audit is a big approval of its safety standards. Passengers who have seen the past record of accidents might worry if is KLM a safe airline but they can relax as those fatalities were recorded before 1977. The present performance of the airline has greatly improved. The reasons for this are detailed above. Even good customer feedback reflects the airline’s overall performance in terms of safety and the services it provides. KLM is one of the oldest and most reliable airlines to fly with. Refer to this content to understand the reasons why and how is the airline safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is KLM a safe airline to fly?

KLM Airlines is a safe airline to fly and is among the top-rated airlines in terms of safety. 

How is KLM Airlines rated for safety?

KLM Airlines is absolutely safe to fly with the least accidents and fatalities in present. 

Is KLM the best airline in the world?

KLM is the top-rated airline in Europe and stands in second position internationally for good safety standards.
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