KLM Airlines flies to 13 destinations in the United States, including New York, Atlanta, Austin, Washington, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The airline serves around 18 locations in North America and provides non-stop flights to most of these locations. Passengers can take flights from all major airports like New York John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). KLM Airlines offers various flight options and connects its passengers to exciting locations in the United States. This also implies passengers can book affordable flights from anywhere in the world to the USA. In addition, travelers can take KLM flights from the States to all destinations around the world. It also offers intercontinental flights with an amazing selection of entertainment options. Explore the page to find a list of destinations KLM flies to in the United States.

Explore USA With KLM Royal Dutch

Explore USA with KLM Royal Dutch

KLM Airlines has increased its number of flights to USA destinations by 9% this year as compared to 2019. This was possible with the introduction of Austin in the route network and 

Operating twice the flights to Las Vegas. By including the Texas capital, KLM is now among the other four European airlines that offer services to Texas airports. In addition, KLM has beaten Icelandair in the USA flight race. The latter used to offer more services. Now, KLM Royal Dutch is the 10th largest airline offering non-stop flights between Europe and the USA. Which was earlier in the 11th position as per the 2019 record. On the other side, the airline has also terminated many locations like Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Newark, Orlando, and Seattle. This leaves the airline with the following destinations in the USA route network:

Country NameCities/RegionsConcerned Airports
GeorgiaAtlantaHartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
TexasAustinAustin–Bergstrom International Airport
HoustonGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport
MassachusettsBostonLogan International Airport
IllinoisChicagoO’Hare International Airport
NevadaLas VegasHarry Reid International Airport
CaliforniaLos AngelesLos Angeles International Airport
San FranciscoSan Francisco International Airport
FloridaMiamiMiami International Airport
Minnesota Minneapolis–Saint PaulMinneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport
New York New York CityJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
UtahSalt Lake CitySalt Lake City International Airport
WashingtonWashington, D.C.Washington Dulles International Airport

KLM USA Flights Are Increased By 9%

KLM USA Flights Are Increased By 9%

KLM Airlines US route network will be as shown below up to October 29th. The airline has increased the frequency of daily flights to the following destinations. The increment is almost 16 times as compared to the previous number of flights. Such as KLM flights from the JKF terminal have increased three times by the B777-200ER, B787-9, and B787-10. Similarly, KLM now has six times weekly flights to Las Vegas. The Nevada joined the route network of KLM back in 2019. It used to operate 3x weekly flights which was later suspended in March 2020. The flight operation to LV commenced again in December 2021 and increased to 4 flights per week eventually.

US DestinationsFlight Frequencies
(Daily/ Weekly Flights)
JFKThree Times B777-200ER, B787-9, and B787-10
Los AngelesTwo TimesB777-200ER, B787-10
San FranciscoEleven Time WeeklyB777-200ER, B787-10
AtlantaOnce DailyB777-300ER
ChicagoOnce DailyB787-10, B777-200ER, B787-9
HoustonOnce DailyB787-9, B777-200ER, B787-10
Washington DullesOnce DailyA330-300
Las VegasSix Times WeeklyB787-9
BostonFour Times WeeklyA330-300
MinneapolisFour Times WeeklyA330-300
AustinThree Times WeeklyB787-9
Salt Lake CityThree Times WeeklyB787-9
Miami Three Times WeeklyB777-200ER

KLM Airlines Flight From the United States 

KLM Airlines Flight From the United States 

USA travelers can book KLM flights originating from the States to several other countries, cities, and regions. Please note that when you fly from the USA, the airline will apply special rules. The airline has participated in the USA Transportation Security Administration Pre-Check Program. This program is eligible for travelers flying within the US. KLM Airlines offers services from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, etc. You book a flight to the following destination from the United States:

  • Kenya – 17h 39m
  • India – 17h 35m 
  • Turkey – 12 45m
  • Austria – 10h 10m
  • Greece – 12h 5m
  • Rwanda – 18h 5m
  • Poland – 10h 15m
  • Finland – 11h 40m
  • Sweden – 9h 40m
  • Serbia – 11h 30m
  • Croatia – 11h 5m
  • Tanzania – 20h 25m
  • Ghana – 18h 20m
  • Italy – 10h 5m
  • Denmark – 7h 40m
  • Spain – 10h 30m
  • Norway – 10h 5m
  • Nigeria – 16h 30m
  • UAE – 15h 35m
  • Belgium – 9h 15m
  • France – 7h 15m
  • Luxembourg – 9h 20m
  • South Africa – 20h 10m 
  • United Kingdom – 7h 5m
  • Hungary – 10h 0m
  • Switzerland – 9h 45m
  • Portugal – 10h 35m
  • Czech Republic – 9h 55m
  • Germany – 9h 5m
  • Uganda – 22h 55m
  • Ireland – 9h 40m
  • Republic of Singapore – 1d 3h
  • Israel – 13h 10m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does KLM fly domestically in the US?

KLM offers services from the USA that include flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco to locations within the States or North America.

Does KLM fly to North America?

Yes, KLM flies to 18 destinations in North America, including 13 locations in the United States. 

Does KLM fly to California?

Yes, passengers can book KLM flights to California and destinations like San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Which US airline partners with KLM?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines partnered with Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic to over multiple flight options from the USA.

Does KLM fly out of Florida?

Yes, KLM Airlines operates flights out of Miami, Florida to a large number of destinations in the world. 

Does KLM fly to Las Vegas?

Yes, the airline operates flights to Las Vegas and recently increased the weekly flight frequency to six times. 

Where does KLM fly to from the USA?

The airline connects passengers from the USA to over 30 countries including India, UAE, Finland, Germany, Uganda, Israel, South Africa, Norway, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece, etc.

Where does KLM fly in the US

KLM offers services from the USA that include flights from  Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco to locations within the States or North America.
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