How to Change Flight on KLM

Change KLM flights online using the “My Trip” section on the official website. Provide your booking number and last name to start the flight change procedure. Select the alternate option with a changed date, time, or destination. Passengers can alter flight details according to the guidelines defined under the KLM flight change policy. Make the required changes as per their present situation. Complete the process by paying the change fee and fare difference, if applicable. Passengers can use either online or offline means to change KLM flights. However, it is recommended to use the same method use for booking the ticket. In addition, many passengers prefer to change flights online as it is more convenient and saves time as well.

KLM Flight Change Policy

KLM Flight Change Policy

Passengers can change KLM flight details three times according to the KLM Flight Change Policy. The request must be made at least 48 hours before departure. Passengers can change flight dates, departure times, and selected routes through the website or by contacting the airline. During the flight change process, the website will naturally display the best available options for passengers. In case the price of the new flight is higher then the passenger must pay the fare difference. If already checked in then first cancel the ticket before making the necessary changes to your flight. For a successful flight change, passengers have to pay the KLM Change Flight Fee. KLM Airlines is a safer choice for travel as it has flexible policies according to different scenarios. 

KLM 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

KLM 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

KLM does not ask for a change fee if modifications are made within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. Passengers can make free changes to their flight during this grace period. Once the period is over, the airline will start charging a penalty fee for making the changes. It is important that the flight is booked at least seven days before the departure date under the KLM 24 hour flight change policy. In some cases, you might have to face fare differences along with the change fee. 

Change KLM Bookings with Multiple Passengers 

Changing KLM Bookings with Multiple Passengers 

Changes made to the flight are automatically applied to all passengers included in a single booking. So, if you are traveling with a friend or a member and want to change only a part of your ticket then the procedure will be different. Change KLM booking with multiple passengers through the “My Trip” option on the official website. In case the booking consists of 10 passengers or more then the scenario would be different. Change travel details by connecting with airline customer care. Proper assistance is given on call to solve the query. 

KLM Flight Change Affects on Purchased Services

KLM Airlines make sure to book the alternate flight with the same purchased services, if possible. For instance, if you purchased a flight with extra options such as a seat or meal, the airline provides the same options for the new flight. However, there is a possibility that the price of these services can be higher. In such cases, passengers have to pay for these additional services. If you do not wish to pay extra then you can always cancel the extra options through the manage booking option.  On the other hand, if the services are cheaper than the original booking, the airline issues a travel voucher to the passenger, valued the same as the remaining amount. 

How to Change Flight in KLM Airlines Online?

How to Change Flight in KLM Airlines Online

Passengers can either use the booking details to log into the manage trip section or use their frequent flyer account to access the page.

  • Open the official website on your smartphone or laptop.
  • Now, navigate the “My Trip” section.  
  • Click on the “Login to my account” button to manage your trip. Here, you can either provide booking details like “booking code” and ‘last name’ or enter the Flying Blue number.
  • Select the “Change my Booking” option on the next page.
  • Choose the concerned flight and request to change KLM flight online.
  • Finally, make the necessary changes by following the prompts.
  • Afterwards, pay the change fee and fare difference, if any.
  • Once the request is confirmed by the airline, you will be notified through an email. 

Change KLM Flight By Contacting Customer Care

Change KLM Flight By Contacting the Customer Care

You can call KLM Royal Dutch Airlines customer care at 800-618-0104 to change a flight. 

You can also change your flight through My Trip. When changing your flight, KLM will show you the best available options. If the price of your new flight is higher, you’ll have to pay the difference. 

You can change the date of your KLM flight ticket at least three times without cost. You can avoid paying a change fee by changing or canceling your ticket within 24 hours of booking. You won’t have to pay a fee if you booked a Flex ticket, added flexibility to your booking, or are flying Business Class.

How Much Does KLM Charge to Change Flight?

How Much Does KLM Charge to Change Flight

KLM Airlines charges a fee of $200 to $400 per passenger in a single booking for long-haul flights. It is possible that the airline levies about 20% to 30%  change fee of the total fare price. The change fee amount completely depends upon the purchased fare, selected route, and the time of requesting the flight change. If the passenger booked a Flex ticket type then according to the fare conditions, no change fee is applied. The same goes for passengers flying Business Class. 

In case the KLM Flight Change is requested on the same day, then the airline may ask to pay for 70% of the complete ticket price. In case the changes are made within 24 of booking the ticket then no charges are levied. After that, KLM Airlines changes around $74 as a change fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my flight time with KLM?

Yes, passengers can change flight times with KLM Airlines via the “My Trip” option on the website or by offline means. It is convenient to use the same method as flight booking.

Is there a way to change the flight date for free on KLM Airlines?

Yes, modifications made within 24 hours of booking are eligible for free changes on KLM Airlines. However, after the grace period, a change fee is applicable. 

Can I change my flight details after checking in?

Yes, you can change your KLM flight details after checking in but make sure to cancel the flight first to make the necessary changes. 
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