Is Play Airlines Safe

Play Airlines is a safe airline to fly with no record of accidents within 2 years of work history. It uses a reliable fleet and measures to ensure the safety of the passengers. The Airbus 320neo and 321 series are used to offer a safe travel experience to its passengers. Also, the experienced pilots and crew follow detailed guidelines to further strengthen safety during the journey. 

Approximately 800 thousand passengers and 5400 flights were flown by Play Airlines in 2022. It is a significant number for a new and young airline. Hence, a Yes can be concluded for all the queries and concerns regarding is Play Airlines is reliable and safe. But, for passengers flying for the first time or those who are unfamiliar with the airline, it is too early to reach the final answer. You should confirm its safety by evaluating the overall performance and various other factors. Continue further for a detailed analysis. 

How Safe Is Play Airlines?

How Safe Is Play Airlines

Play Airlines is comparatively a safe and budget airline. Despite its low fares, it does not compromise on the safety factor and has been able to successfully manage a track record of zero accidents and fatalities. No incident of any major or minor accident leading to injuries or deaths of passengers has been recorded so far. 

It commenced its operations in 2021 and within the span of two years, it has ensured safe landings for thousands of passengers. Due to its affordable rates, many individuals are interested in flying with the airline, so genuine searches about is Play Airlines a safe airline, keep increasing. But nothing to worry about, the airline has a swift mechanism to ensure safety and convenience to its passengers.

The Play Airlines website also clearly emphasizes safety and ensures the passengers regarding safety concerns. While the quality of how good is Play Airlines might not be the best but safety is still a confirmation as per the current data and overall performance record. As we move further to find answers about is Play Airlines is a safe airline, these are the standard parameters to judge airline safety. 

Play Airlines Safety Record

Play Airlines Safety Record

Play Airlines has a good safety record with no major accidents and fatalities or injuries witnessed during its 2 years of flying history. The airline is very new in the industry and the future plans seem to be reliable and promising. Even its fleet and other protocols are well maintained as a surety to the safe journey. Furthermore, it is amongst one of the best options for affordable tickets with decent services and a good safety plan. Passengers who have traveled with the airline also reviewed the overall experience as nice and reliable, given the prices. It dedicates a significant share of its operational cost to safety. Although, it is not that the airline has or will never meet any accident or troublesome situation, as it is unprecedented most of the time. Its ability to manage or handle it to ensure a safe landing can only be evaluated based on its current and past performances. 

History of Play Airlines and Management

History of Play Airlines and Management

 Arnar Már Magnússon and Sveinn Ingi are the two founders of Play Airline. They unveiled the plan to launch the airline in 2019 and took sufficient time in planning before launching it. Up till now, the airline’s performance has been rated as good in terms of safety. The passengers are happy to fly a safe journey at affordable rates. On the other hand, unfamiliar passengers are searching about Play Airlines and its safety. Both founders hold significant experience in managing airline operations as they previously worked as executives with the former airline. 

Later, in 2019, they disclosed the plans to launch a low-cost carrier for European and North American regions. Initially, it was introduced as WAB (We Are Back) and at the time of launch, the final name was released. The airline management also includes experienced professionals in their respective fields. The focus and the intention of the Play Airlines team is good and seem successful as of now. The flights are safe and reliable. Expectations for a positive future depend on many other factors like operational changes. 

Crew Experience and Performance Record

Crew Experience and Performance Record

The risk-handling ability of Play Airlines crew or pilots is good which has enabled it to create a safe and strong safety record. Experienced staff are employed after detailed interviews and analyses of the overall performance and the efficiency of handling risky-unforeseen situations. Even timely training is assured to inform the pilots and crew about the new risks that they might encounter during a journey and the possible measures to overcome or reduce the impact of the circumstance. Within its 2 years of its history, Play Airlines has been able to manage its operations in order to ensure a safe landing. The airline emphasizes safety in each of its introductions and the results can also be seen in reality. 

Fleet of Play Airlines

Play Airlines owns the Airbus series of 320 and 321neo. It is one of the trusted aircraft series for a safe and convenient journey.  It offers nice and comfortable seating options at quite desirable rates. For safety, the airline has a dedicated policy and guidelines to avoid any minute of ignorance leading to accidents. While no airline is completely fool-proof of the upcoming risks related to air journeys, the practices to reduce and handle such unforeseen circumstances can surely be analyzed for a secure journey. Nowadays, these advanced aircraft are self-equipped to warn about potential risks or mechanical errors. It allows the crew to take action on time. Evermore, the aircraft itself changes or adapts to new settings for minor failures or issues. So, Play Airlines’ Airbus fleet is a secure fleet, given the crew is also experienced and well-trained. 

COVID-19 and Hygiene Management of Play Airlines

COVID-19 and Hygiene Management of Play Airlines

HEPA filters, contactless payments, and regular flight cleaning are the three measures or tools used by Play Airlines to ensure hygiene and virus free in-flight atmosphere. These were extensively followed during the COVID and led to successful management of the pandemic with a safe journey experience for the passengers. 

After every flight, the aircraft is prepared for the guests by thorough cleaning and sanitization. Also, the HEPA filter keeps the air clean and fresh by its mechanism to eliminate viruses and renew it before realizing it in the flight. Every 2-3 minutes, the air is renewed or cleaned for better hygiene and to combat the spread of any virus or health hazard. Also, a contactless delivery and payment system is used to offer services in the cabin. Play Airlines uses a bunch of other measures to ensure passenger safety and hygiene on Airbus flights. 

Play Airlines Contact Information

Airlines HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland


Is Play Airlines safe is a constant question arising with the increasing attention the airline is receiving with its recent launch in the market. Many individuals are unfamiliar with the airline and because of its low prices are looking for confirmation about its reliability and worthiness to fly. Luckily, its founders and management are experienced professionals in the industry who have planned the operations well to manage and avoid the risks associated with an air journey. Those searching for Is Play Airlines reliable can read more about the guidelines and the measures to confirm all the queries before booking the airline ticket. 

Overview of Play Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How safe is Play Airlines?

Play Airlines is a safe airline with no accident record. 

Is Play Airlines a safe airline?

Play Airlines’ safety is ranked as good according to the passengers.

Is Play Airlines reliable?

Play Airlines is surely reliable with a clean track record with zero accidents and no fatalities. 
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