What Is Play Airlines

Play Airlines is a newly launched air carrier in Iceland. Arnar Már Magnússon and Sveinn Ingi Steinþórsson are the two founders of the airline. It is a low-cost carrier offering flights to North America and Europe regions. A total of 37 destinations are covered by the airline. 

It took its first flight on 24 June 2021. The plans to form and launch Play Airline were disclosed in 2019. If you are keen to know what is Play Airlines, then read further to get details about its history, growth within 2 years, and the present status of its operations. 

Brief History and Experience of Play Airlines

Detailed Description of Play Airlines 

Play Airlines is a low-cost airline from Iceland. It is headquartered in Reykjavík, the capital city of the country. While its planning began in mid-2019, the actual operations began in 2021. It has received fairly good reviews for its services within a short duration of time. Play Airlines safety is ranked as good up till now. While a few criticisms also accompany the limited and restrained set of services. 

Birgir Jónsson is the CEO of the airline who has diverse experience in handling international-level operations. The management and founding team is surely an assurance for the quality of the airline services within such low prices. Play Airlines flies to a total number of 37 destinations. Keflavík International Airport is the main airport of the airline from where it flies to all these locations. Moving further, it offers a set of basic to additional services for a smooth and convenient flight. It has a fleet of Airbus aircraft series which are equipped with facilities to ensure a good travel experience for the passengers. 

The seats in the Play Airlines Airbus 320neo are really good with significant space and reclining features. Although the features are not too special but considering the prices, these are worth the money. The Airbus A321neo series also offers a similar set of seating facilities. The affordable ticket price only includes the seat and transportation charges. Other extra services are available for an additional fee. Passengers can also choose a preferred seat anytime 24 hours before the flight departure.

seating facilities play airlines

Unfortunately, the lack of WiFi, entertainment options, and a few other frills contribute to the cons of flying with the airline. However, if the focus is entirely on transportation to the desired location at feasible rates, then it is still one of the top options for the North America and European routes. Overall, the beginning of the airline is rated as great. You can analyze how good is Play Airlines according to your preferences and expectations by reviewing its prices, services, and the alternatives available in the market. Yet, it is true that it has emerged as a tough competition for many low-cost airlines with a fairly good set of services. Below is a summarized table of its services and facilities to review it quickly and decide whether or not to fly with Play Airline. 

Services And FacilitiesDetails
Airline TypeLow-cost carrier
FoundersArnar Már Magnússon and Sveinn Ingi Steinþórsson
HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland
Launch Date24 June 2021
Safety RatingGood
CEOBirgir Jónsson
FleetAirbus aircraft series
Main AirportKeflavík International Airport
SeatingSpacious seats with reclining features
In-flight EntertainmentNot available
WiFi Availability
Additional ServicesAvailable for an additional fee

Overview of Play Airlines

Airlines HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland
Website www.flyplay.com


What is Play Airlines? It is a new Iceland Airline which was launched in 2021. The airline is gaining attention amongst travelers for its low prices and dedicated routes within North America and Europe. It offers numerous services on a few limited destinations. The locations might increase in the future. However, to ensure operational efficiency, it is limited to 37 places within specific regions. Interested readers who are looking forward to flying with this budget-friendly airline can gain more insights about what is Play Ailrine and its services to make the final decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Play Airlines?

Play Airlines is an airline from Iceland that was recently launched in 2021. 

When was Play Airlines formed?

Play Airlines formation started in 2019 but it was launched in 2021.

How old is Play Airlines?

Play Airlines is a relatively young airline with approximately 2 years of experience.

How many destinations does Play Airlines fly to?

Play Airlines flies to almost 37 destinations. 
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