Can I Bring a Pillow on Spirit Airlines

If the pillow can be fit completely in your personal item bag, you can carry them on Spirit Airlines. The twist is to carry your pillow for free and carry a pillow that fits in a18 x 14 x 8 inch bag. This size bag in the carry-on category is transported for free. Rest carry-on bags are subject to additional charges. 

Spirit Passengers can bring a pillow on Spirit Airlines, but there is a definite size for it. 

Carry a minimum-sized and comfortable pillow that squeezes in the personal items bag to be absolutely free. If not, the pillow will have to be fitted in  the chargeable carry bag.

Stating facts, none of us like to pay extra for carrying a pillow. Indeed, follow up with Spirit Airlines protocols, and bring the specified size pillow. In some exceptional cases, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. can be carried free of cost.

Spirit Airlines Allowed Items to Carry for free

Items Allowed to Carry for Free on Spirit Airlines

It becomes important to read the baggage policy in detail. A bunch of essential items along with a personal bag, like the wheelchair, stroller are not subject to any additional charges. 

Spirit carry-on baggage policy has its own detailed section. Also, military persons must claim the extra free luggage transportation facility curated specially for them. 

 Remember the standard tip to buy the baggage transportation services while booking the flight. Spirit Airlines offers discounts that can save up a lot and lie within your budget.  Rest, passengers can use some tricks to pack their luggage and avoid paying the extra fees.

Already Booked a Spirit Flight?

There are no charges applied to bring a pillow on Spirit Airlines if it is carried in the determined size of the personal item bag.  For other luggage, the “My Trips” section is always available for Spirit passengers who still haven’t purchased the chargeable baggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pillows allowed on luggage?

Pillows are allowed on the plane by many airlines only if they can be fit in your personal item bag or under the seat.

Can you bring a pillow on a plane with clothes?

As pillows are allowed by the airlines in carry-on bags and checked bag, it can only be decided by the airline that a full-size pillow will be counted as a personal item.

What do airlines do with pillows?

Most of the airlines provide pillows to passengers especially on a premium fare, until the flight lands, and also reuse them in the next flight after laundry.
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