Does Spirit Airlines Fly to Hawaii?

Thinking of Booking Cheap Air Tickets To Hawaii? However, at first you need to know: “does Spirit Airlines fly to Hawaii” or not? Without any further ado let’s know where Spirit Flies To Hawaii?

If you’re planning a budget holiday to Hawaii, you’d certainly want a low cost airline to fly with. To avail great deals and discounts and save more on air travel you can book your trip with Spirit Airlines as the airline carrier also travels to and from Hawaii.

Yes, you can fly to Hawaii from Spirit Airlines as there are many Spirit Airlines flight routes from various destinations to Hawaii. Thus, Spirit does fly to Hawaii and for cheap airfares and a pleasant and comfortable journey, you can consider booking your Spirit Airlines tickets to Hawaii in advance. The renowned airline carrier Spirit Airlines covers up to 83 destinations with various flights to the Caribbean, Central America, United States and South America as well. The airline recently stated about its route expansion and informed customers about adding more destinations in addition to its regular routes. 

Thus, if the Hawaiian Islands are on your mind for enjoying a memorable vacation, Spirit Airlines can be the answer. For making the air travel more budget friendly you can add more discounts on flight tickets and fetch great deals. 

Spirit Airlines is among the major American airlines renowned for offering alluring flight deals. For any query about whether Spirit airlines flies to Hawaii? The airline flies to Hawaii and has covered many other places. It is possible to make Hawaii bookings through phone or after contacting the official customer service desk number of Spirit Airlines. 

A Spirit Airlines customer service representative can inform you about all the Hawaiian destinations where Spirit Airlines flies. To know about the list of destinations, you can also check the official Spirit Airlines website and resolve all your queries. 

Aircrafts that Spirit Airlines Use For Flying To Hawaii

  • Spirit A321neos
  • Spirit Airbus A321s
  • Airbus A320

Booking Process For Spirit Airlines Hawaii Flight

To begin with the booking process, you would firstly need to visit the official Spirit Airlines website, then:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines homepage, and head to the booking section.
  • Now you’ll have to provide the flight departure and arrival destination. For the arrival location you can choose an airport in Hawaii. 
  • Now you would need to feed other details like total number of passengers and dates.
  • After you fill in the necessary details, you would have to click on the option Search Flights to know about the list of Spirit flights flying to Hawaii. 
  • All available destination flights appear on the screen and you need to choose the right ones. 
  • In such a way, you can also see options for customizing flight bookings. Add services that you wish to have in your journey. 
  • Moreover, you have to enter the passenger and contact information in the provided form. 
  • Through this process, you would need to reach the payment page. Select a payment method while finishing ticket purchase.

After finishing the booking process, you’ll also get email address confirmation. You’ll open an email to find booking details.

Tips To Book Spirit Airlines Hawaii Flight Tickets For Cheap

While flying to Hawaii you want to ensure that you receive great deals and discounts from Spirit Airlines, so you would have to make the right flight booking arrangements for the same. Let’s look at things you can do to make your Spirit Airlines booking even cheaper and more worthwhile. 

Make Sure To Do Advance Booking – While booking tickets three or four months prior to the departure, you get the lowest fare for travelling to the destination. 

Avoid Any Holiday And Weekend Flights – In general, higher flight demand can create a fare hike. Thus, on travelling on weekdays, the likelihood of getting tickets at lower prices is much higher. 

Reaching A Travel Agency – Many unpublished deals are there that are possible to grab after you contact airline consolidators. Besides the available discounts, you’ll also get additional discounts on flight booking while opting for flight booking or travel agent.

Book Layover Or Connecting Flights – While booking connecting flights or flights with layover might sound more time consuming, it surely adds to the budget friendliness of the traveller. However, covering the journey might also take more time. So, on flying to the destination you can use connecting flights, get flight tickets at cheaper prices. 

Ways To Book Spirit Airlines Hawaii Tickets

Does Spirit Fly to Hawaii, Ways to Book Tickets

With Spirit Airlines ticket booking facilities, travellers can book tickets to Hawaii from the comfort of their home or almost from anywhere. Two ways are there to book Spirit Airlines Hawaii tickets in a quick and convenient way. 

You’ll need to contact a customer service representative on Spirit Airlines for booking flight or availing any of the provided online services by the airlines for passenger convenience. When you’re hesitant about calling or booking, you can visit your nearest airport for booking a Spirit Airlines reservation to Hawaii.

(i) Through Online Mode

As Spirit does go to Hawaii, interested travellers can book a flight through mobile or website. When you prefer mobile, you need to download the application from the official website of Spirit Airlines. Or else you can try booking from the internet. You can follow the below mentioned steps for the same:

Visit the official Spirit Airlines website: Visit the Spirit Airlines website or you can also open the official Spirit airlines application.

Choose the booking for making a reservation: Enter all the necessary details such as trip type, total number of passengers, to and from with date. This is important information that one must fill out. You can also select the needed facilities like adding a car or hotel.

Now Click on the option “Choose your Flight”: The airlines website will let you choose the flights suiting your needs. When no flights are available you’ll get suggestions for other flights that would work fine for you. After booking, you’ll also get confirmation mail. 

(ii) Reach Customer Service Desk

Contacting the airline’s customer service desk is another  simple way of making a booking from anyplace. Dial contact number for speaking to a representative and linking anytime, according to your requirements. After you’re connected to an agent, you will need to share the necessary details and pay for the same. Now check the confirmation mail sent at the registered email address. 

(iii) At the Airport

Booking at the airport is a relatively straightforward process. After going to the nearest airport, you can purchase the tickets after contacting a live representative. Choose the website of the airline. 


The information mentioned above makes it clear that Spirit flies to Hawaii and it is possible for people to book a Spirit Airlines Ticket to Hawaii through online and offline channels. People who book early are eligible for exclusive deals and discounts and also save on their next flight with Spirit Airlines. For any other booking and destination related queries you can contact a booking agent from Spirit Airlines and get a quick resolution for the same. 

Does Spirit Fly to Hawaii (FAQs)

How to Book Cheap Hawaii Flight Tickets?

A perfect way for scoring cheap Hawaii tickets is to remain flexible with dates. Start with searching for the Hawaii flights, then also click on the “flexible dates” box for a long list of prices at nearby dates. Another handy tip would be to book your tickets well in advance. To get an idea about the prices, $339 was the best price for a Hawaii flight a few weeks ago.

How Much is a Hawaii Flight?

A few weeks ago, the selling price range of round-trip journey tickets to Hawaii destinations was from $340 to approx. $376. For one-way trips that take off from Denver (DEN), the cheapest seat was only $176. 

Which are the Most Renowned Airports in Hawaii?

Based on the airline you’re travelling with and the final arrival destination in Hawaii, you’ll need to get a selection of airports. The major ones are:

(i) Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) – approx. 14,030 monthly flights. 
(ii) Kona Intl. Airport (KOA) – 3,708 flights for a month. 
(iii) Kahului Airport (OGG) – approx. 7,638 flights per month.

What is the Best Time to Fly to Hawaii for Cheap?

You get airfares for significantly low prices in the month of February to book flights to Hawaii gateways. The airfares cost a lot over the December month, so you must keep clear of this time whenever possible. 
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