How Much is WiFi on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers high speed internet on its flights. Passengers can stay connected and entertained throughout the journey. However, it is essential to remember that the airline charges additional fees apart from the ticket fee. The airline believes that no individual should pay for the convenience  of others. That is why it charges separately for each service. Baggage Allowance, and WiFi are a few to mention. Even in the WiFi category, there are two sections of data available for purchase, namely, the streaming and the  browsing data. Based on the requirements, passengers can choose and buy the required data package for their journey.  

Spirit Airlines WiFi Price List

Check the pricing list of the data package offered by Spirit Airlines to use the WiFi. 

Data Package Prices 
Wifi Browsing costs$2.99 to $11.99
Wifi for streaming cost $5.99 to 14.99

There is a much detailed list available defining how much is WiFI on Spirit Airlines with different data packages. Ticket counters as offline medium are also present for purchase of any extra service, including the WiFi. For online mediums, individuals can purchase the data from the Extra Section provided when booking the flight. The list shall be reflected on the screen when buying from the official site.  There are a bunch of steps to be followed to get the WiFi on Spirit Airlines included for each passenger’s use. Another online option is to buy later by visiting the ‘’My Trips’’ section. Also, extra services like WiFi can be purchased during the check-in. The prices will vary and might increase due to the last minute purchase.

Pro Tip to Get Discounts 

Spirit Airlines is able to offer discounts to passengers who buy the tickets and the services online from the official website. Also, much feasible rates are available for early bookings. The total amount for traveling reduces considerably due to the  offers and discounts. 

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