How to Get WiFi on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit WiFi is not included in the ticket fee and has to be purchased separately. To get WiFi on Spirit WiFi, additional payment is made by using the offline or the online medium. Last moment purchase of  the WiFi is also possible. Even after boarding the passenger has the option to pay for the extra service of WiFi. 

Spirit Airlines flies its passengers for a very minimal fee, making it very affordable. It claims to offer cheapest tickets for routes it flies to. It does not even have various luxury seats and is limited to Big Front Seats for extra comfort. It is all to ensure affordable prices. 

How to Buy WiFi on Spirit Airlines? 

To get WiFi on Spirit Airlines, Passengers will have to purchase the internet data as per their usage.Despite the extra pricing, one thing is for sure that Spirit Airlines does have WiFi on its flights.

Spirit Airlines divided the usage into two categories. Depending on the usage the total price for how much the Spirit  WiFi will cost for each individual will be different. The data required for streaming and for browsing purposes is different. 

There are various options for purchasing the  internet data anytime beginning from the booking and ending last at the boarding of the flight.  So, purchase the WiFi on Spirit Airlines if required by following some simple easy steps. 

Online Booking Process

  • Visit the website or use the mobile application 
  • Select the ‘Extra’ section when booking the flight with Spirit Airlines. It shows options for buying services like WiFi, Baggage allowance, etc.
  • Click on the WiFi.
  • Prices for each data pack will be shown on the screen. 
  • Choose the best suitable and the prices will be included in the total payable amount.

My Trips 

  • Use the ‘My Trips’ section on the site or the mobile application. 
  • This will allow you to buy the service later after booking the flight. 
  • After clicking on the My Trips section, enter information about the reservation.
  • Your details will be reflected on the screen with options available and their prices mentioned alongside. 
  • Choose the data as per the requirement and pay accordingly. 

Offline Booking Process

Ticket Counters 

  • Either when booking the flight from the ticket counter or when arriving for the final boarding, the purchase can be completed for the WiFi. 
  • Request the staff to add the service and check the various packages available. Inform the respective staff about the data you would like to purchase and pay for the same. 


There are various ways of check-in. Online or offline, Spirit Airlines allow passengers to buy the services while confirming details and before downloading the boarding pass. 

One such way of Check-in for Spirit Airlines is the Kiosks. 

  • Enter the reservation number and the last name.
  • The screen will show the details.
  • Following options to select seats, and buy WiFi will appear. 
  • Select the WiFi option and further select the data package for your preferred purpose.   
  • Check all the details and confirm the procedure and pay for the latest added services. 

In Flight 

Last chance to use and buy the Spirit Airlines WiFi is after boarding the plane. 

  • Visit or scan the QR code. Else, select the Spirit_WiFi from the available networks list.
  • Either of the steps will connect to the website where the internet data packs are mentioned. 
  • Purchase the required amongst the many. 
  • (Use travel voucher or other wallet options available to buy WiFi while flying)
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