Passengers can change Spirit Flight by visiting the “My Trip” section on the airline’s official website. Details like time, date of travel, and location can be changed by logging in to the account. By providing the confirmation number and name, you can easily Change Flight Spirit. 

The airline has introduced a policy for situations when passengers request a change due to an emergency or change of plans. Spirit Flight Change Policy is flexible and provides the quickest solution as per the passenger’s need. Before delving into How to Change Spirit Flight one must understand the attached terms and conditions. Furthermore, we will be sharing a step-by-step process for changing the flight of Spirit Airlines. 

Spirit Airlines is one of the major low-cost airlines in the United States that operates flights within the states and in the Caribbean & Latin America as well. It is ranked seventh as the largest passenger carrier in North America. Thus, provides straightforward policies to resolve passengers’ queries. Scroll through the article to learn more about Spirit Airlines Flight Changes.

Spirit Change Flight Policy

Spirit Change Flight Policy

Spirit Flight Change Policy consists of rules and regulations that must be followed to make modifications in the flight details. As per the policy, passengers requesting to change flights may have to face additional charges. Additionally, there are certain conditions on which the airline permits modifications to Spirit Flight:

  • First of all, changes can be made only if you booked the ticket from the official portals of the airline. In case you booked from a third party or any other travel agency then you may contact them for assistance. 
  • Passengers can modify travel dates, destinations, and time on flight tickets.
  • If you request Spirit Airlines Flight Changes 60 days or more prior to the departure date then modification will be done for free. 
  • Passengers can request a change up until an hour remaining before the departure by paying Spirit Airlines Change Flight Fee.
  • In case you book a new flight that is costlier than the original booking then a fare difference has to be paid. 
  • On the other hand, if the new ticket is cheaper then the remaining amount will be refunded as per the Spirit Change Flight Policy.
  • If the flight changes are done by the airline itself then no passenger will be liable to pay the additional charges. 
  • In case, the passenger wants to change the name on the ticket then he/she may contact customer care support for assistance. 

Spirit Airlines Same-Day Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Same-Day Change Policy states if a passenger wishes to change the flight due to an emergency then he/she can do so by opting for two options. Travelers can either choose an earlier or later flight than the original booking. Mind you, the destination and airport must be the same to make spirit flight changes. In addition, this incurs additional fees as well. For example, passenger chooses to fly on an earlier flight then he/she will have to pay the Spirit Flight Change Fee of $99.00 per head. However, if the earlier flight is fully booked then you may choose Spirit Airlines Same-Day Standby option with no additional cost.

How to Change Flight on Spirit Airlines?

In this section, we have gathered all the important stages to guide you on How to Change Spirit Flight. The airline has a flexible policy that directly caters to travelers’ needs. If you fall under such situations and want to change flight details then refer to the following steps for hassle-free assistance:

  • Visit Official Website
  • Manage Your Bookings
  • Login to Your Account
  • View Your Reservation
  • Choose Spirit Flight Change Option
  • Book New Flight
  • Pay Change Fee
  • Review and Confirm Your New Flight
  1. Visit at Official Website

Start off by visiting Spirit Airlines’ official website by opening this link on your browser –

  1. Manage Your Bookings

Once you enter the homepage of the website, you can manage your booking by clicking on the “My Trips” option given at the top of the page.

  1. Login to Your Account

Now, you will be asked to log in by entering the specific credentials like confirmation code and last name. If do not have an account with Spirit Airlines then make one by providing your email address. 

  1. View Your Reservation

Once you log into your account the page will load all the upcoming reservations.

  1. Choose Spirit Flight Change Option

You can now select the flight you wish to change, there will be an option of “Manage My Bookings”.

  1. Book New Flight

Afterwards, make the necessary changes to the Spirit Airlines Flight by clicking on the available flight options.

  1. Pay Change Fee

According to the fare difference, you may have to pay the increased price of the ticket. Aside from this, a passenger is liable to pay Spirit Change Flight Fee, if applicable.  

  1. Review and Confirm Your New Flight

Now, check all the details before confirming the ticket by clicking on the given button. Once that is done, an email will be sent to you regarding the new booking.

Other Ways to Change Flight of Spirit Airlines

There are several other ways to completely change flight spirit. We have discussed a list of other methods that can be used to make modifications to your bookings:

  • You can choose the chat option on the official website. On the homepage, there will be the page “Contact Us”. After that, click on the “Let’s Chat”.
  • Passengers also have the option of texting the customer care agent at 48763 or via WhatsApp/ call using 855-728-3555
  • Use social media platform
  • Simply visit the airport and speak to Guest Service Agent to request Spirit Airline Flight Change. 

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Fee

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Fee

According to the policy, passengers are liable to Spirit Airlines Change Flight Fee. Now, the fee varies according to the type of fare and time of request. Below are the applicable fee according to the time at when the change flight request is made:

Days from DepartureSpirit Flight Change Fee
0-6 days before departure$119
7-30 days before departure$99
31-59 days before departure$69
60+ days before departureNo Fee
  • The Spirit Flight Change Fee varies according to the chosen destination as well. For say, the fee for changes to international flights is more than the charges for flights within domestic regions. Passengers are hereby informed to get this fact straight before starting the procedure. 
  • Once the fee is applied, the amount is deducted from the ticket price, and the remaining is refunded to the passenger on the original source of payment. If the ticket is non-refundable then the airline will give reservation credit. 

Can I Change My Spirit Flight for Free?

Yes, apparently there is a way to change Spirit flights for free. Firstly, if make modifications 60 days or more before the scheduled departure then no change fee will be liable. The other way is through Spirit Airline Cancellation Policy. If you cancel the flight within a day of the original booking then you will not be liable to pay any charges. Passengers will get a full refund of payment and reservation credit will be provided on non-refundable tickets. So, if a traveler wishes to make changes without any charges, he/she can follow these methods. Afterwards, a new ticket with the necessary changes can be booked. 

Change your Spirit Airlines flight for FREE with Flight Flex

What is Flight Flex? It is some sort of protection from charges levied on flight changes. Passengers are required to add this protection while booking a flight with Spirit Airlines. One can find this option on the “Extras” page while booking the ticket. The Spirit Airline Flex Flight will activate the modification charge protection. Meaning, passengers will be able to make changes to their trip once up to 24 hours before departure for free. However, fare differences and charges for other services are still applicable. Passengers may pay government-levied taxes and fees. 

Spirit Airlines Contact Information

For any query or questions related to the change and cancellation of Spirit Flight then one must contact the customer care service as it is cheaper too. You can either call or chat contact number. The Spirit Customer Service2 is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week:

Text at48763
Toll-Free Number1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555)
For Passengers Residing in Mexico800030071


In conclusion, Spirit is a Safe Airline to fly when there is a possibility or sudden change in plans. You can make modifications as it offers a flexible and passenger-friendly Spirit Change Flight Policy. Contact the airline if having trouble changing flights, complete assistance will be provided to you by their dedicated staff. 

Spirit Flight Change Policy (FAQs)

Can I change my Spirit Flight?

Yes, you can change Spirit flight up to an hour before the scheduled departure. According to the policy, passengers are liable to pay a change fee and in some conditions, modifications can be made for free. 

Can you change Spirit Flights for free?

Yes, if changes are requested sixty or more days before the departure then no change fee is applicable. The other way is to cancel the flight 24 hours before departure. 

Can I switch my Spirit flight for free?

Yes, you can! Make modifications at least 60 days before the scheduled departure or purchase Spirit Airline Flex Flight.

How much does it cost to change your ticket on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines charges from $69 to $119 for any modifications done on the ticket depending on the gap between the day of request and scheduled departure. 

Can I change my Spirit flight to a different destination?

Yes, you can change the date, time, and destination of the flight as per the Spirit Change Flight Policy. 

What is Spirit Airlines’ change flight policy?

Spirit Airlines’ change flight policy states that passengers can change their date, time, and destination with an applicable change fee. 
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