What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at Logan Airport

Spirit Airlines at Logan Airport uses Terminal B to fly its passengers. Spirit flies to domestic destinations from this airport. Any changes in flight’s departure and arrival  time can be found on massport.com. The details are only for the present working day, no future or past details will be available. 

After confirming the details passengers can board flight from terminal B where Spirit Airlines is at Logan airport. The signs are situated at the airport for passengers to reach the Spirit check-in and security areas. However, there isn’t any  assigned number for what gate is Spirit Airlines at logan.

What Gate is Spirit Airlines at Logan Airport?

There is no gate assigned for the Spirit Airlines at Logan Airport. Signs and maps are installed to guide at specific locations, such as the security point, kiosk, etc. The arrival and departure are separately dedicated within the Terminal B of Logan Airport. Spirit passengers can use the signs based on the origin of entrance to reach the exact spot for security check and others. 

Use Interactive Map to Reach Terminal B

Further, to enhance one’s experience the Boston Logan Airport offers an interactive map. This interactive map segregates  terminals and further into service at individual terminals to give customized and straightforward directions to its users. 

Refer the image for better clarity 

Apart from this Spirit passengers should utilize the amenities provided by the airlines. The list for the major services that are available and every passenger will require are here: 

  • Wifi Service 
  • Car Rental Centers 
  • Security Information 
  • Parking areas 
  • Logan Hotels 
  • ADA compliance and  accessibility (transportation provision for specially abled passengers, the staff is always there for assistance)
  • Transport Service 
  • Contact facility 

Reach the  Spirit Airlines Terminal for free 

Passengers by now very well know where Spirit Airlines located at Logan Airport. Passengers can use the free Shuttle bus transport to travel within the terminals . It offers pick and drop facility from the most common and crowded areas. 

Moreover, Water transportation is available. The to and from destination is available on the official site along with other transport rental options for outside airport travel.

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