What are Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Spirit Airlines baggage fees cannot be determined in one sentence. A few bags can be carried for free and the rest are subject to additional charges.

 The airline classifies and sub classifies bags into categories to ascertain the real value. This helps in ensuring nothing unnecessary is charged from the passengers. 

Passengers can pack their luggage according to the Spirit Airlines baggage policy to minimize the cost. Check what baggage can  be carried for free and which bags  are under the payable category. Also check if you are eligible to carry 3 additional baggage for free. The bags are free under specific terms and conditions. 

(Special mention for military members flying with Spirit Airlines)

How Much are Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees?

How Much are Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

As previously mentioned the bags are sub divided into categories to ensure zero extra cost is charged from Spirit passengers.  The following content maintains the same categorization for clear understanding.

Carry-on Baggage Fees

  • Free Personal Bag:

For one personal item, Spirit Airline doesn’t charge baggage fees. This personal item is  boarded as carry-on  for free under specific conditions.

  • Dimensional Limit: 18x14x8 inches
  • Weight Limit: Not mentioned 

The weight policy for the item is not mentioned yet the policy states anything that fits easily  within the specified dimensions bag is allowed to carry. 

  • To be Purchased  Carry-on bag:

One carry-on baggage is allowed for a certain payable amount. The dimensions are restricted for this carry-on bag, exceeding this will be subject to additional charges. 

  • Dimensional Limit: 22x18x10 inches
  • Weight Limit: Not mentioned 

Without weight limitations, the policy describes only those items that are easily fitted within the dimensions prescribed are allowed to be carried. Bags will be transported as check-in bags if it exceeds carry-on restricted dimensions. Else, for essential carry-on items that exceed the limit, there are additional charges per one way trip.

Spirit Airlines: Excess Baggage Charges

The carry-on bags must be purchased. There is a limit for chargeable bags. Bags exceeding the limit of chargeable bags are subject to additional charges. Check additional charges to be paid for each side (one way) trip.

Over WeightAdditional Charges 
18-23 Kg69 dollars 
23-45 Kg99 Dollars 
OversizeAdditional Charges 
63-80 linear inches (158-203 cm)100 Dollars 
Special items over 80 linear inches (203 cm)150 Dollars 

The charges for the  same can be evaluated by the feature on the Spirit airlines page.  Enter the details and the feature will state how much are  baggage charges on Spirit Airlines.

Check-in Baggage Charges 

Spirit Airlines allows 5 check-in bags per passenger with specified limitations. Passengers need to purchase these 5 luggage transportation. The charges and restrictions  may differ at certain timings and because of  the local regulations. 

Generally, these are the checked-in baggage dimensional limit followed by Spirit Airlines. 

  • Dimensional Limit: 60 linear inches 
  • Weight Limit: 40 pounds (18.1Kg)

Checked-Baggage Extended limits 

Relaxing the restrictions for aid devices, musical instruments, the limits are extended to:

  • Dimensional Limit: 80 linear inches 
  • Weight Limit:100 pounds (45.39 Kg)

Special mention for military members is separately done due to the extra privileges they will receive as an appreciation to their work.

Does Spirit Airline Waive Baggage Fees for Military?

Yes, Spirit Airlines carry 3 bags along with standard free bags of military personnel for zero cost. It is an act to show their respect for the work they do for the country. 

It is for active members of the military and requires identity verification. For identity verification, arrival at the airport with a military ID  is a must.

Tip of The Day: Book Online and Save Extra 

This content informs about  what are Spirit Airlines Baggage fees. Here is  a pro tip to conclude this and help travelers reduce their baggage fees. Spirit enables passengers to purchase extra services like baggage allowance, Wifi etc, while booking the flight. Online booking has some great offers. Purchase the baggage and other services online while booking the flight, the offers and discount will minimize the cost to a greater extent. 

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