Does United Airlines Charge for Carry On

United Airlines does not charge for carry-on bags. It allows one free bag to Economy class passengers. While the rest of other cabins are entitled to two complimentary bags along with a few other personal items. 

The bags that will exceed the quantity or measurements suggested by the airline will be transported as Checked bags. There is no fee charged for limited free carry-on bags on United Airlines. However, an additional fee of 25 Dollars along with the standard fee is chargeable on Economy class passengers for traveling with a carry-on bag. Only those bags will be accepted in the flight which will fit the dimensional measurements defined by the airline. Scroll down for more information on does United Airlines charges for carry-on. 

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United Airlines Carry-on Bags Policy 

Carry-on bags are allowed for free on United Airlines and United Express. The quantity of bags permitted differs for the cabins. Since the space is less on United Express, the number reduces for passengers flying on these flights. 

On the other hand, Mileage Plus members are given additional allowance to carry more free bags under the United Airlines baggage policy. However, these advantages are for the checked bags and remain the same for the in-flight permitted bags. Depending on the ticket type, confirm how many carry-on bags and of what size are permitted by United Airlines. 

Free Carry-on Bags Measurement Restrictions

United Airlines allows one carry-on bag of 22x14x9 inches and one personal item with a dimensional limit of 9x10x17 inches. These are applicable for all cabin passengers except the Economy class. 

The size limit is inclusive of the handle and wheels of the bag. There is no weight limit but the bags must fit within the front space and the upper head cabin in the plane. Additionally, a few other items like Jackets, coats, wheelchairs, other mobility devices, cameras, baby strollers, and breast pumps are allowed on board. 

Economy Class Passengers In Flight Baggage Policy and Size limit

Economy Class Passengers In Flight Baggage Policy and Size limit

Basic Economy class passengers flying with United Airlines are eligible to carry one personal item bag. It should fit on the front side of the seat and must be within the size of  9x10x17 inches.

In case, a passenger wishes to travel with a carry-on in an Economy cabin, then a standard fee plus a 25 Dollars charge is applicable. 

Overview of United Airlines Carry-on Bags Policy


The United Airlines baggage allowance is very flexible. It allows passengers to carry bags that will be enough to hold the essential items required on board. If you have any doubts about whether or not does United Airlines charges for Carry-on, then carefully read the above-summarized details. Each cabin and the number of bags allowed along with a dimensional limit are specified for your reference. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does United Airlines Charge for Carry on?

United Airlines offers a free carry-on bag policy for its passengers. The bags allowed per passenger differs according to the fare type or cabin. 

What is the price for United Airlines carry-on bags?

United Airlines carry-on bags are permitted to be carried for free. Only when Economy passengers check their bags at the gate, there is a fee applicable for 25 Dollars. 

Does United allow free baggage?

United Airlines allow two bags and a few other essential personal items to be carried for free. While the quantity reduces to one for the Economy class passengers. 

How many bags are allowed for Economy Class passengers on United Airlines?

Economy class passengers can carry one personal item bag on the United Airlines flight for free. 
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