How to Book United Flight with Miles

United Airlines offer you to book your tickets with miles points on its official website all you need is to signup for the program, earn miles points, and redeem them to book your flights. You can use your miles on domestic flights to grab your choice of seat or Economy Plus seat even after making a reservation. You can also use your miles to book a seat after purchasing a Basic Economy ticket. The best thing about earning miles is that you get to use them for the things you enjoy. Whether it’s for your next vacation or daily activities you will learn in this article on how to book a United flight with miles to have the freedom to choose where your miles will take you.  

United Airlines Flight Booking- MileagePlus Miles 

United Airlines Flight Booking- MileagePlus Miles 

MileagePlus Miles is the airline loyalty program and it is free to join, the passengers who fly United or its partner airlines can start earning valuable miles from their first day. United Airlines MileagePlus Miles program is your exciting way to united airlines booking to explore your favorite cities across the world. You can earn award miles on every purchase you make from hotels to car rentals to flights and more including some basic shopping.

The airline offers more than 1000 global destinations across the world and partners with more than 35 airlines like Air Canada, Air China, and Avianca. Wherever you go with the airline your miles points will keep adding up and you can use them to redeem free flights and other complimentary services ranging from ticket upgrades to checked baggage services, lounges, and clubs. 

United Airlines Manage Booking 

United Airlines Manage Booking 

When it comes to using your United miles, one of the most rewarding options is to redeem them for award tickets on United flights. Searching for award tickets is easy on United’s official website. You have to simply enter your origin, destination, and travel dates, then select the “Book with miles” option and hit “Find flights” to view available options. United Airlines book a flight to get an award tickets offered for all fare classes and are divided into Saver and Everyday Awards.

Saver Awards

These are tickets that are offered at a discounted rate for economy, business, or first-class flights on united airlines bookings. These tickets are subject to availability, so it may be challenging to find them during busy travel periods. Saver Awards can also be booked with Star Alliance partners. For instance, the 12,500-mile economy award mentioned above is a Saver Award.

Everyday Awards

If you’re looking for more options to redeem airline awards, Everyday Awards might be a good choice for you. However, they do come with a higher price tag compared to Saver Awards. It’s important to note that Everyday Awards are more expensive than other options and may not always be the best choice for redemption. It is important to note these awards can only be used for United and Copa Airlines flights. In case you are a MileagePlus elite member or a United co-branded credit cardholder, you are not subject to capacity controls for Everyday Awards on United and United Express flights. For example, the business or first class award for 45,400 miles mentioned above is an Everyday Award.

How do I Earn Miles on the United?

How do I Earn Miles on the United

You can earn the miles points by booking a United, United Express, or Star Alliance plane ticket. Make sure to enroll first for the United MileagePlus frequent flyer program for free so that you can start earning the United Miles. The miles you earn are based on the cost of the ticket and the other spending through your United Airlines credit card and your level of United Elite status. You can also earn United Miles when you shop by or dine out by signing up for the United MileagePlus Dining program and at the shopping portal of United MileagePlus.You also use their MileagePlus X app to earn miles by redeeming the offers available in the app.

How do United Miles Work?

How do United Miles Work

United Miles works like a kind of currency that you can earn through your daily expenses such as purchasing flights on United and its partner airlines. Miles can also be earned using a credit card, spending on meals, shopping, and travel. With miles, you can get an exchange for a free flight. All you are required to do is become a member of the United MileagePlus program for free and start earning your United Miles to redeem exceptional benefits. You can collect your United Miles Points in your MileagePlus account until you have enough to redeem in order to book a flight. The most valuable awards you can redeem using your United Miles are flights on United and its partner airlines. With United miles, you can get free travel easily.

How to Redeem United Miles through Airlines? 

If your credit card is not affiliated with United Airlines, the process of redeeming miles through your credit card may differ slightly from redeeming directly through the united airlines’ book flight. However, both options are relatively simple and involve registering your details on the airline’s websites. Follow these steps to know how you can redeem miles through an airline.

  • First log into your account on the airline’s website to book a flight.
  • You have to use the airline’s booking tool to search for your desired flight. 
  • Next, you will be able to see both the dollar cost and the miles cost. 
  • After registering your details and when you’re ready to checkout, select miles as your form of payment. 
  • If you would like to redeem miles for a flight on a different airline within the same alliance, you have to contact the loyalty program of the airlines you are enrolled in for assistance.

How to Redeem United Miles Using Credit Card? 

How to Redeem United Miles Using Credit Card 

Earning miles through a credit card gives you an extra benefit that you can use to spend on other things as well, but the miles earned through an airline can only be used to get upgraded services. Use the following steps to redeem your United Miles using a credit card. 

  • To redeem your credit card miles, start by logging into your online account.
  • You may have to look for the reward redemption portal, which is usually located under a “rewards” tab on the parent page. 
  • From there, you can choose to trade in your miles for flights, hotel stays, gift cards, cash back, merchandise, charitable donations, or any other options available. 
  • All you need to remember is that you’ll usually get the most value by redeeming for airfare. However, some cards allow you to transfer miles to certain airline loyalty programs, which may offer better deals.

Final Thoughts

United Airlines book a flight allows you to earn United Miles through their frequent flight travel with the Airlines or with its partner airlines. United Miles services can also be accessed using a credit card affiliated with United Airlines. Miles earned through a credit card gives you additional benefits to earn points even while shopping. Remember that you book your flight on their official website, not through a travel agent to enjoy United Miles services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use my miles to book a flight

Log in using the United Airlines website with your details while booking your flight with miles to book a flight. 

Does United miles expire?

No, it does not expire.

How to use miles for United Airlines to book a flight?

You can use it to redeem a free, upgraded flight and other services. 

Is United MileagePlus free?

Yes, It is completely free to sign up for United MileagePlus. 
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