VivaAerobus allows you to take a limited quantity with you without any additional cost or for free. Exceeding the limit will result in an additional fee which you have to pay. VivaAerobus is a low-cost airline in Mexico and is completely owned by IAMSA. IAMSA is one of the largest bus company groups in Mexico. The Airline was co-founded and Invested by Irelandia Aviation. VivaAerobus is based in Monterrey International Airport, Mexico, and started its operations in November 2006.

VivaAerobu provides the facility to add on baggage in no time with low baggage or extra baggage fees. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive to know how much does VivaAerobus charge for baggage? If yes, then what are the charges, baggage size, and limit for the baggage?

VivaAerobus Baggage Types

If you are traveling within your country or even Internationally, your baggage becomes the best partner for your entire journey. Below is the complete information about the baggage types, item considerations, size, limits, etc. The types of baggage are as follows:

  • Personal Item
  • Carry On
  • Checked Baggage
  • Additional Baggage

1. Personal Item Baggage

Personal Item includes any one of these such as a handbag, laptop case, backpack, etc. VivaAerobus only allows you only if your personal item fits under the seat in front of you not exceeding the dimensions: 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

2. Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

The overhead compartment is the place for Carry-on baggage and does not exceed the mentioned dimension of 22in long x 16in wide x 10in tall (wheels and handles included). For traveling with Light or Extra, 22 lbs. is the maximum weight allowed, and for smart or additional weight, one can carry up to 33 lbs. If in any case, the baggage exceeds the weight and/or size limit mentioned by the airlines, passengers will have to pay accordingly then.

3. Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage

With Extra or Smart fare, no additional cost will be applied to check baggage. 33 lb and 55 lb is the weight limit for Extra and Smart fare respectively. Passenger baggage should be under these dimensions: 62 linear inches in length, width, and height (including handles and wheels).

Passengers must check their baggage at least 2 hours before the flight departure for a flight within Mexico. For International Flight, this time slot is at least 3 hours before flight departure. Airlines close check-ins 70 minutes before flight departure. If you are unaware of the check-in process, then learn the complete check-in VivaAerobus process.

4. Additional Baggage

Passengers can add extra baggage/increase the weight of baggage by simply paying the additional cost. One will only have to select the type of baggage he/she would like to add or they are carrying. 

VivaAerobus Baggage Fees & Policy

VivaLight, the cheapest low-frills fare, now has the option to purchase a checked bagged add-on. One can now add 15, 20, 25, or 32 kg of checked baggage allowance. This complete section includes every detail about the VivaAerobus Baggage Fees and its policies to tackle any future hassle. Below is the detailed information for baggage weight, size, and fees:

VivaAerobus Carry-On Baggage – Cabin Bag Size, Weight & Fee

VivaAerobus Carry-On Baggage, Size and fee

According to the VivaAerobus Baggage policy, passengers can only carry two hand baggage pieces inside the aircraft cabin. The weight of the baggage should not be more than 10 kg (22 lbs) and the maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 25 cm without any baggage allowance for the Infants who share a seat.

To increase the carry-on baggage allowance up to 5 kg i. e. from 10 kg to 15 kg by paying $14 USD/$27 USD at the airport. On the other hand, the Increased Carry-on weight allowance of 15 kg/33 lbs which already includes in VivaSmart fares.

VivaAerobus Checked Baggage Size, Weight, & Fee – International Flights

VivaAerobus Checked Baggage Size, Weight, & Fee - International Flights

VivaLight International Baggage Allowance

For International VivaAerobus Flights Checked baggage, there will be no free baggage allowance available. Passengers can purchase the baggage allowance with increments of 15, 20, 25, and 32 kg. This will cost at least $30 USD per bag. This VivaLight fare is not recommended if passengers are carrying their baggage.

VivaBasic International Baggage Allowance

VivaBasic includes 15 kg of free baggage allowance. For an increase in weight allowance to 20, 25, or 32 kg, the price range starts from $6 to $12 USD). For this same fare, there are higher prices on the flights to/from New York and Chicago with a price range starting from $42 to $106 USD.

VivaSmart International Baggage Allowance

VivaSmart fares include 25 kg of free baggage allowance. Passengers are allowed to increase up to 32 kg for a $6 USD charge. Higher charges are applicable for flights to/from New York and Chicago with an amount of about $46 USD.

VivaAerobus Checked Baggage Size, Weight, & Fee – Domestic Flights

It is really important to check and follow all the necessary guidelines before traveling. This will help you tackle unwanted stress and make your trip hassle-free. This section includes all the information about VivaAerobus checked baggage size, weight, and fee for domestic flights so that passengers will be aware of what airlines want, what their policies are, and why they are charging.

VivaLight Domestic Baggage Allowance

No checked baggage allowance will be provided. Passengers can purchase a baggage allowance starting from $549 MXN per bag which is approximately $30 USD for 15, 20, 25, and 32 kg.

VivaBasic Domestic Baggage Allowance

In this fare, 15 kg is already included in the free baggage allowance. To purchase the baggage allowance within the price range from $200-$400 MXN which is approximately $11-$22 USD for an increase in 20, 25, or 32 kg allowance.

VivaSmart Domestic Baggage Allowance

25kg is already included in the free baggage allowance. To increase in allowance up to 32 kg at an additional cost of $200 MXN which is approximately $11 USD ($360 MXN/Approx. $20 USD at the airport).

VivaAerobus Overweight or Extra Baggage Charges 

VivaAerobus Overweight or Extra Baggage Charges 

According to the VivaAerobus, any overweight, oversize, and excess baggage will be chargeable and passengers will have to pay some extra fees to proceed further. Travelers can pay the lesser amount online or by calling instead of directly paying a higher amount at the airport. One can make it done by pre-purchasing the excess baggage online at the time of booking. If any passenger will try to do this later, it will be very much high.

Passengers can choose whether they want to purchase an increase in weight allowance or extra bags to make it done which will be economically suitable for them depending on the carried items.

Travelers will have to think smartly before choosing the plan for extra baggage. These amounts will be higher or 2x if one is traveling on a connecting flight. For the connecting flight with both segments that is, Domestic and International, excess bag charges will be payable to both.

Overweight and Extra Baggage Fee – Domestic Flights

Overweight or extra baggage will be charged depending on the weight. Passengers can refer to the below charts to make it very clear how much will be charged in both cases.

Charges for Extra Bag Weight

Extra Bag WeightExtra Baggage Fee OnlineExtra Baggage Fee at Airport
15 Kg$549 MXN / Approx $30 USD$850 MXN / $47 USD
20 Kg$659 MXN / approx $36 USD$959 MXN / $53 USD
25 Kg$749 MXN / approx $42 USD$999 MXN / $56 USD
32 Kg$860 MXN / approx $48 USD$1149 MXN / $64 USD

Charges for Overweight/Increase weight allowance charges

Overweight/Increase WeightAllowance Fee OnlineIncrease Weight Allowance Fee At Airport
20 Kg$200 MXN / approx $11 USD$360 MXN / $20 USD
25 Kg$300 MXN / approx $17 USD$600 MXN / $33 USD
32 Kg$400 MXN / approx $22 USD$890 MXN / $50 USD
From 25 Kg to 32 Kg$200 MXN / approx $11 USD$360 MXN / $20 USD

Overweight/Extra Baggage Fee – International Flights

Overweight or extra baggage fees for International Flights are different from domestic flights. This section covers the prices/charges for overweight/extra baggage fees for International flights.

Flights to/from New York and Chicago – Extra Baggage & Fee

Extra Bag WeightExtra Bag Fee OnlineExtra Bag Fee at Airport
15 Kg$75$25
20 Kg$84$28
25 Kg$100$38
32 Kg$106$56
Increase WeightAllowance Fee
20 Kg$42 USD
25 Kg$78 USD
32 Kg$106 USD
From 25 Kg to 32 Kg$46 USD

All Other International Flights – Extra Bags Allowance & Fees

Extra Bag WeightExtra Bag Fee OnlineExtra Bag Fee at Airport
15 Kg$25$25
20 Kg$28$28
25 Kg$38$38
32 Kg$56$56 

International Flights – Increase Weight Allowance & Fees

Increase Weight AllowanceWeight Allowance Fees
20 Kg$6 USD
25 Kg$12 USD
32 Kg$17 USD
From 25 Kg to 32 Kg$6 USD


VivaAerobus provides a facility to carry baggage with you up to limited weight. Exceeding the limit will cost you to pay the amount depending on the charges decided. For all these personal items, Carry-on baggage, Checked baggage, and Additional Baggage, if there will be a weight limit exceeded, then the charges will be applicable. This blog post provides a deep understanding of VivaAerobus Charge for Baggage, its prices, and weight limitations.

Also, you’ll find the answer to: does VivaAerobus charge for baggage or not, overweight or extra baggage fees for both domestic and international flights? Read the complete article to understand completely before planning for your next travel with VivaAerobus Airlines. Happy Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to check a bag on Viva Aerobus?

VivaAerobus charge for Domestic and International flights differently. For Domestic flights, VivaAerobus charges start from $549 MXN or Approx $30 USD per bag.

How many bags can I take on Viva Aerobus?

VivaAerobus allows one Carry-on bag of 22 lbs for Light, and Extra fares, and 33 lbs. for Smart fares of dimensions not exceeding 22 x 16 x 10 inches.

How strict is VivaAerobus with baggage?

While traveling with VivaAerobus flights, if any passenger exceeds the size or weight limit, then he/she will have to check the bag and pay accordingly.
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