How Do I Get My Aer Lingus Boarding Pass

Download or print the Aer Lingus boarding pass to board the plane. The airline offers various mediums to get boarding passes. You can use the most effective and fast online check-in feature to print the boarding pass. The majority of the tickets, except the passport cards, are valid to use this method. 

Aer Lingus accepts the printed and download version, both for boarding. Given, the details must be correct. There are restrictions on specific tickets for some destinations to use the methods available. Verify the method valid for your ticket and destination and learn how to get an Aer Lingus boarding pass for your ticket.

Four Ways To Get Aer Lingus Boarding Pass?

Log in via Aer Lingus official website or mobile application to get a boarding pass. Else, visit the self served check-in zones or ticket counters to get a boarding pass offline. Carry essential documents along with the booking reference number written or memorized to share with the staff at the counter. 

Here are the details for each method offered by Aer Lingus to download or print the boarding pass.

Check-in Online 

Visit the Manage Trip section and log in with the last name and booking reference number. Follow the steps to print the Aer Lingus boarding while sitting at home. Remember to carefully check the check-in closing time to finish the check-in before the deadline. The Transatlantic flight passengers can access the online feature anytime starting 24 hours prior to the departure. On the other hand, bookings within Europe are allowed to check-in 48 hours before the schedule. You must also confirm if Aer Lingus charges for printing boarding pass and download.

Check-In Offline

As mentioned earlier, there are ticket and self-serve kiosk counters available for offline check-in. Tickets like passport cards that are not valid for online check-in can refer to these methods. Passengers are suggested hours early to complete all the formalities on time despite the long lines. 

The flights within Europe’s closing hours to get a boarding pass is 45 minutes before flight departure. While 75 minutes prior to the flight take-off is the defined time for closing by the airline.  The closing time for offline check-in via the kiosk also varies according to the ticket type and the destination. For instance, Business class passengers flying to and from North America must finish the check-in at least 60 minutes prior to the departure. The timings for when you can print the boarding pass are available in the above-embedded link. 


Offline and Online Check-in methods enable you to download or print the Aer Lingus boarding pass. The opening and closing hours differ on the basis of ticket, flight, and destination. Refer to the timings well in order to avoid any confusion and get a pass for free. Specific to your ticket read all the terms and conditions to solve your query on  How do I get my Aer Lingus boarding pass. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get Aer Lingus Boarding Pass?

Aer Lingus boarding passes can be downloaded or printed using online and offline methods.

How to download the Aer Lingus boarding pass?

Aer Lingus pass can be downloaded as PDF to clear the security and for further formalities at the airport. 

What is the fee to get a boarding pass for Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus Airlines allow passengers to get a free boarding pass.

Do I need a physical boarding pass from Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus pass can be carried as a PDF in cell phones, instead of a physical copy. It is advised to download the pass beforehand as it is impossible to do so after boarding the plane. 
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