Where Does Air Canada Fly

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. Also, it ranks in the top 20 list of largest airlines in the world. It was established in 1934 and was earlier known as Trans Air Canada Airlines. Slowly and Gradually, Air Canada achieved the title of Canada’s National Airline.

It started to fly with a few domestic locations and now runs operations throughout the world. It expands its network via Star Alliance codeshare flights. Star Alliance is one of the biggest networks of airlines that codeshare their flights to add more routes and destinations to their network.

Where is Air Canada Flying to Right Now?

Currently, it flies to more than 220 destinations across the world covering six continents. Africa, Asia, Mexico, the United States, Europe, Central, and South America, and destinations within are flown by its aircraft. Its direct flights cover locations within 220 destinations. Furthermore, codeshare flights extend their network. Although it flies to many places, the most number of places flown by Air Canada are from the United States.

Where Does Air Canada Fly in Canada?

Air Canada right now is flying to 64 cities in Canada and has other small routes within the cities. Daily almost 500 flights of Air Canada fly to and from Canada. The flights operate from 51 airports in Canada and fly to various major states and cities.

Visit the official site to determine how many places it is flying to and from Canada. New routes keep on being added at regular intervals. Passengers can check the currently scheduled routes from the list offered by Air Canada. A few of the locations in Canada from where Air Canada flies for national and domestic routes are listed below:

  • Montreal 
  • Alberta 
  • Toronto
  • Quebec 
  • Atlantic Canada 
  • British Cloumbia and Yukon 

Where Does Air Canada Fly Internationally?

Internationally, Air Canada flies to 156 locations internationally. While these locations are the major places, there are other destinations flown to and from the major airports of these cities. Approximately 175 flights daily take off for international destinations to land at 75 airports around the globe. 

The routes of all the destinations are specified on the official website of Air Canada.

‘Where We Fly’ is a feature that enables individuals to search and verify the airlines to the desired destination. 

  • Enter the requisite details of the To and From destination. 
  • Select from the options available for the type of trip, number of passengers, mode of payment, and others. 
  • After filling in the information, click ‘Find’ and check if the place you want to visit is flown by Air Canada.

Concluding Passage

Air Canada flies to several places in the world. You can confirm if it covers the location you wish to visit. Chances are high that it does. After Confirming you can book the flight using any offline or online method. Also, for flyers who have already flown with the airlines might have travel vouchers. Even those who canceled their flights might have an Air Travel Voucher that can be used to pay for the next reservation. Air Travel vouchers have no expiry date and can be used n times until the balance is zero.

Check your mail or Log in on the website to know if you are entitled to use the voucher and pay at the final stage using the voucher. Only a few steps must be kept in mind when using Air Canada vouchers or coupons as the mode of payment.

Air Canada Fly Related FAQs

Where Does Air Canada fly in the World?

Air Canada flies to various locations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Canada.

What are Air Canada Routes 2023?

Air Canada 2023 is reopening its routes in Japan, Toronto, and Europe. Some flights started in these countries in 2022 and with the declining phase of COVID, it will open more routes. The most recent schedules are available on the official website.

What is the Code for interconnected flights with Star Alliance member Airlines?

If an Air Canada flight is connected or partnered with Avianca Airlines, then the code will be AVA for the available flight. Meaning that the code visible is of the airline partnered with.
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