What Terminal is Air Canada at DFW

There are five terminals at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, namely, Terminal A, B, C, D, and E . Air Canada and its related services are located at Terminal E. There are a few other airlines that are functional from the same terminal. Air Canada DFW Airport terminal details have been thoroughly covered in the content.

Air Canada is one of the 20 leading airlines in the world. It has earned recognition by offering a wide variety of destination booking options. East to the South and West to the North, it covers countries of and across the six continents. While the most number of flights it offers is to the United States. Texas is one of the destinations and to fly to and from, the airline relies on the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.)

Air Canada Services Location at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Readers in the first two lines must have known about what terminal is Air Canada at DFW Airport.  However, to board a plane, this information is not enough. Instead, gates, where Air Canada services are located, are also essential and covered in the following paras. There are three levels in the Air Canada Terminal 3 of DFW Airport. The baggage Services and check-in are situated at various gates and levels of the terminal. Each service and the place are defined below.

Air Canada Departure and Arrival

Air Canada uses the E2 gateway for departure and arrival at the DFW Airport. The exact details are not specified on the map for departure and arrival. However, Level 1 and level 2 are dedicated to the departures at terminal E. Also, the boarding pass must have information about the gate and terminal. As there are at times changes in the terminal due to operational concerns.

Air Canada Check-In

Air Canada Check-In is situated close to gate E-2 on Level of Terminal E at the DFW airport. Kiosks and the ticket counters are nearby and both are available for offline check-in. If you intend to save the timings and visit the airport a bit late then finish the check-in process online using the website or the mobile application. You can refer to the steps to know how to check-in online Air Canada.

Air Canada Baggage Service

The baggage Service of Air Canada is at Level, terminal E of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The facility and check for the extra baggage is just alongside the main service for the bags. Use the airport map to reach the place from various entry gates.

Air Canada Lounge

Air Canada Lounge

The Air Canada terminal E at DFW Airport offers accessibility to the United Airlines lounge to the passengers waiting to board their flight. The Lounge is available to those who have a membership to the Maple Leaf Lounge of Air Canada.

If you are a worldwide member, then you can access the main or the partner lounges present anywhere in the world. While for the North American membership holders, access is limited to the domestic regions only. If you are eligible for the lounge, then find the facility close to gate E-7.

Other Services at Terminal E Of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

DFW Airport is loaded with numerous facilities to offer a convenient and comfortable experience to the passengers of various airlines. Its terminals are designed in a way that the traffic remains less and the distance is still shorter between the terminals. Air Canada passengers can make use of these to ensure a hassle-free journey. 

Transportation: If you will be visiting the airport soon, then you can use public or private transportation. After reaching, the DFW Shuttle Tracker is available to serve and drive through the terminals. The bus has stops at terminal E, one at the E-35 and the other at the E-10. You can check the page on the airport website and scroll the drop-down menu to choose the terminal to wish to visit or leave from. The QR is even present for passengers to review the current timings of the bus.

There are another bunch of services that the airport offers that are listed below.

  • WiFi 
  • Food and Restaurants 
  • Special Assistance 
  • Family Friendly Amenities
  • Pet-Friendly Areas at E-31, E2, and E-38.


The content has focused on simplifying details about what terminal is Air Canada at DFW Airport. The details of all the services offered by the airline and the airport are given with the location or the landmark to make the information more precise. You can also rely on the signals at the airport that direct toward the various facilities available at the airport.

If you find some extra time, then view the DFW art that offers great pleasure to the eyes. Try to reach the airport early as beyond a point, individuals are not allowed to board the plane. The timings are different for airports and destinations, so confirm when you can check in with Air Canada. A good plan allows freedom to enjoy the trip more with zero worries about the timings and other protocols.

Air Canada DFW Related FAQs

What Airlines fly out of Terminal E at DFW?

Alaska, Delta, Frontier, jet Blue, Spirit, United, and Air Canada fly out of Terminal E at DFW. 

Which terminal is Air Canada at DFW?

Air Canada reserves the E-2 gate at terminal E at DFW Airport.

How long does it take to walk from one terminal to another at the DFW airport?

The structure of the DFW airport is such that it reduces the distance taking 5-20 minutes to reach from one terminal to another.

Do I have to go through security again for connecting international flights at DFW?

Yes, you will again go through the security check as the checking of bags and other procedures is mandatory for boarding any type of flight.
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