Is Air Canada a good Airline

Air Canada originating from Canada has experience of more than 85 years. The airline has been leading in the industry with a remarkable performance. The passengers’ feedback truly justifies the quality of the airline. The headquarters of Air Canada are located in Saint Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. It has a fairly significant track record with the least number of accidents. However, it has faced a few massive accidents after which the airline redesigned its safety policy. Truly, the experience of the airline reflects in its services. 

All the above points direct to one confirmed answer that Air Canada is a good airline. It is the national carrier of Canada offering flights to various national and international routes. It has a very wide network of routes that flies to more than 220 locations in the world. Furthermore, it adds more routes in its schedules by working in partnership with top leading airlines under the Star Alliance membership. There are 26 airline members who are part of the membership. According to online ratings, it is certified as a four star rated airline. Here is a quick introduction to understand Air Canada airlines better. 

Whether an airline is good or not is still subject to the individual’s preferences. Although it is predetermined in the above passage about the service quality that Air Canada maintains, the real analysis can be validated after comparing the preferences to what the Airline offers.

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5 Best Reason why Air Canada is a Good Airline

why Air Canada is a Good Airline

1. Setting Benchmarks of a Safe Flight 
2. A mark of Luxury, Maple Leaf Lounges
3. With Air Canada Vouchers
4. WiFi Enabled and Charging Portals Equipped Flights
5. Electronic Boarding Pass for the Digital Era Passengers

Air Canada is one of the leading airlines in the world. It offers various non-stop, and connecting flights to passengers who travel to different locations across the borders. While it tops  the list for  maximum number of flights in the United States. There are other factors determining why Air Canada stands out as a good airline. Read and evaluate yourself if or not Is Air Canada a Good Airline. 

1. Setting Benchmarks of a Safe Flight 

Safe Flight 

 Air Canada very clearly defines its safety rules. It is amongst the very few airlines that have a dedicated section on their site detailing its priorities towards the safety program.

It has clearly described the actions it takes and shall move towards to make the air journey safer for the concerned individuals. Even its past record does not have a long list of accidents. However, it has witnessed around 5-6 major accidents, which is a very sad but very low number when compared. 

Air Canada official sites also direct its employees and requests its passengers to align with its  protocols of safety, strengthening the entire ecosystem. Importantly, the safety does not merely regard to the accidental but also health and other hygiene related. 

It has a well maintained feedback system that regularly updates about the lows and highs of the specific duration. Consequently, plans to rectify and improve the same are designed and imposed. Indeed, it is a big yes to the question, “is Air Canada good for International flights”. The airline is not biased to any route and dedicatedly works to maintain the highest safety standards possible. 

2. A mark of Luxury, Maple Leaf Lounges

Taking care of passengers’ comfort, Air Canada has built and located its Maple Leaf Lounges across 16  airports. These Maple Leaf Airports are equipped with all necessary and luxurious amenities to make waiting time of boarding and stopovers much less time consuming. 

Sadly, this is limited to certain groups of passengers who are members of various groups or own a business or first class ticket. Yet, those who are entitled to its benefits get to witness numerous facilities.

WiFi, showers, snacks and beverages, business centers, entertainment options packed with news to movies and songs. 

3. With Air Canada Vouchers

Air Canada offers variety in its digital vouchers with Air Travel vouchers  being the most popular. Although, all coupons and vouchers are for booking a flight or other services offered by the airline. The features like transferability,  no expiration are what makes Air Travel vouchers different and more valued than other coupons. Such services are available at all airline platforms but the voucher concept is still fresh and new.  Other than this the vouchers are offered to be used within a limited time frame. Once expired, the vouchers are of one use. These are like digital wallets and can be used to book flights, hotels, and other services offered by Air Canada, Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge.That is why, it is also essential to understand what are  Air Canada Travel Vouchers to be able to enjoy the benefits as per the features.

4. WiFi Enabled and Charging Portals Equipped Flights 

 Air Canada offers a fast speed internet for entertainment and work purposes. PressReader app is a free additional service offered with WiFi.  However, the WiFi has to be purchased by paying extra fees. The price will vary as per the flight route, total distance and the type of cabin. Also, as per usability data packs are sold providing flexible and budget suited pricing options. 

The WiFi can be bought after boarding the flight. The process to buy WiFi on Air Canada flights is easy. 

To keep the entertainment going, charging ports are attached to every seat of all cabins. Economy sections even have access to charging outlets. 

5. Electronic Boarding Pass for the Digital Era Passengers 

Air Canada offers various means to download or print a boarding pass. Evenomre, these days  QR  enabled scannable code is available  to ease the work. You can download this via the mobile check-in, either by website or the mobile application. Add the number of bags you will be carrying and follow other instructions to complete the check-in. Post that you can download the pass or add an Air Canada pass  in the wallet. There is no need to print the pass as the airport has the technology to verify the details using the QR coded pass. Later even, the self-serve kiosks are present at the airport from where you can add the checked bag after scanning the pass at the kiosk machine.


Readers who were confused about the safety and other services must feel a bit relieved after reading these above detailed points. While everyone has their own criteria to judge, these are the basic yet very essential factors that every traveler planning to book a flight can refer to determine if Air Canada is a good airline. The Air Canada reviews and feedback by the travelers who have already experienced the service also suggest that the airline maintains quality standards ensuring a satisfied passenger. Carefully read the points again, before deciding whether or not to book tickets with Air Canada airlines. 

Is Air Canada a Good Airline? (FAQs)

How does Air Canada rank?

Air Canada ranks in the top 20 airlines and has also earned Skytrax four star ratings. 

Is Air Canada one of the best airlines?

AIr Canada being the leading airlines in the world and the national carrier of Canada can be termed as one of  the best airlines.

What is the number 1 airline in Canada?

Air Canada earns the title of number one airline in Canada due to the flights and services offered. Also, it is the national carrier of the country with the largest domestic network spread in Canada.

Is Air Canada good for international flights?

Yes, Air Canada safety standards qualify the international standards proving it is safe for International routes.
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