What Terminal is Air Canada at Newark Airport

Many of the leading airlines operate out of Newark International Airport, Air Canada chose to operate out of terminal A at the Newark International Airport. Some of the codeshare flights labelled as Air Canada’s are operated by other airlines, and as a result these codeshare flights use terminal B and terminal C at the Newark Airport. 

The passengers are advised to be in touch with Air Canada in order to get updated information about their arriving flight at the Newark International Airport because in some cases the terminals may change. 

Terminal A – Newark Liberty Airport (Map)

Terminal A is located at the south area of the airport, which handles all the domestic and international flights operated by Air Canada. It is the closest terminal to the P3 parking or daily parking at the airport, providing passengers the facility to park their vehicles for a short period of time. Terminal A is divided into the following four levels: 

  • First level gives the passengers access to the parking level. 
  • Second level is the baggage claim area for the passenger’s arrival, additionally passengers can seek out some basic services here. 
  • Third level provides passengers access to the boarding gates named A1, A2 and A3. The security checkpoints and the check-in areas are located at the third level only. 
  • Gates level leads the passengers towards the three concourses which are A1 {gates A10 to A18}, A2 {gates A20 to A28}, and A3 {gates A30 to A39}

Each concourse at Newark Liberty International Airport consists of lounges for passengers.. 


There are a variety of services provided to the passengers for extended comfort and relaxation. Some of the services are: 

  • Restaurants, cafeterias, duty free shops, and other shops.
  • Medical office, TS Precheck office, and welcome centre.
  • Currency exchange, ATM, Charging stations and elevators.
  • Pet relief areas, concierge services, and other accessible services.

Can the Passengers Transfer Between Terminals?

The passengers can transfer between terminals via the free automated mover, the AirTrain. The passengers can access all the terminals via the AirTrain at the Newark Liberty International Airport. Additionally, a shuttle service is provided to the passengers which connects Terminal A with C. 

Wrap up!

All the information regarding Terminal A, Newark Liberty International Airport is for passengers to have a hassle-free experience at the airport. We hope that your doubt about what terminal is air Canada at Newark airport is cleared and now you have a detailed picture of what you can expect at the Newark Terminal A.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I walk from Terminal A to B at Newark Airport?

Terminal A and Terminal B are not directly interlinked with one another, if the passengers wish to go to the terminals, they must catch up on the AirTrain to reach or take the shuttle bus. 

How many levels are at Terminal A Newark Liberty International Airport?

Terminal A at the Newark Liberty International Airport consists of four levels, made for serving different purposes. 

How long should I arrive at Newark for a flight?

International check-ins take longer than domestic ones. You can  consider arriving at least three hours prior to an international flight and two hours prior to a domestic flight. 
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