Does Air France Require Masks

Air France advises all its passengers above 6 years of age to wear a surgical mask as a precautionary measure. While it is not a compulsion for all, it varies for each destination as per the country’s current regulations regarding COVID-19. Even, World Health Organization has also declared that the virus is no longer an emergency. Also, the provisions to curb the impact of the pandemic have been relaxed or removed due to the declining effect. 

There are still countries that are witnessing a surge in COVID cases, although not serious. Consequently, rules are different based on the current patient load of each country and even cities. Air France passengers who will be flying soon and are concerned about the airline rules, can review the following points stating the current status. 

Air France Latest COVID Protocols For Passengers 

Air France Latest COVID Protocols for Passengers 

Air France flies to several destinations across the globe. With the emergence of the COVID pandemic, flights were restricted initially and were gradually permitted to fly on defined conditions that were mandatory to control the spread of the virus.

Selective International protocols like masks and vaccines were common for all nations. Whereas, country-specific rules were also announced for passengers and airlines. Any ignorance of these laws leads to denied entry into the region. Certain guidelines were even formed by Air France Airlines in order to ensure passenger and crew safety. 

COVID Travel Requirements on Air France Flights 

Currently, the airline has slightly relaxed its restrictions on wearing masks and mandatory COVID testing. However, it still suggests its passengers wear a mask to ensure their own and fellow mates’ safety. Moreover, the airline does not restrict the passengers who will not be able to wear masks due to medical reasons. Although valid proofs are required to justify the reason or statement. 

On the other hand, Air France also states that the country’s or destination’s rules will be followed strictly and masks could be mandatory for certain flights. Other documents like vaccination and testing might also be required. 

Travelers with upcoming flights can use TravelDocs (a dedicated page on the airline website) to verify does Air France still requires masks. Take a quick look at the steps to know how to use the respective feature. 

1. Search for or visit the Air France official portal.

2. On the top menu bar, click on the COVID section. 

3. This offers all mandatory and other protocols. 

4. On the same page, select the Travel Requirements option for more detailed and specific information related to your ticket and destination. 

5. A new page will appear. 

6. Enter the following details in the blank columns on the page. 

7. Select any of them-Return, One way, or Connecting flight 

  • From, To
  • Departure Day and Date 
  • Visa details also. 

8. Click on the check box if rules for children are required. 

The answers with all necessary travel documents and mandates will appear on the screen. A reference image is given above depicting a list of protocols whether or not-does Air France requires mask for the specific route and destination.


Air France is a good airline that maintains a disciplined environment to ensure a smooth mechanism for passengers’ safety and convenience. The airline still suggests passengers wear a mask. Those who are unsure about the protocol or want to know about the requirement for the vaccination certificate or quarantine can confirm such queries from the airline’s official page. 

Air France Mask Policy (FAQs)

Does Air France Require Masks in 2023?

Passengers are advised to wear surgical masks without valves on Air France flights.  

Do I need to wear a mask on a flight to France?

Yes, passengers who are unwell and might spread the virus must wear the mask. While for others, it is advised to wear a mask on public transport.

Are Vaccination certification and COVID testing still required on Air France flights?

COVID-related documents and protocols are specific to the country or region. Use the Travel Docs feature on the airline website to confirm does Air France still requires masks, vaccinations, and others for your ticket and destination. 
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