What is Air France Premium Economy

Premium Economy on Air France is a mid-range offering extra leg space, priority boarding, and other priority facilities. It overcomes the discomfort of the Economy and keeps the price low as compared to the business class. 

Air France offers an ideal seating option to its passengers who are looking for a budget-friendly trip but more comfort and facilities. These premium Economy cabins are available on a few aircrafts and allow passengers to enjoy their journey without the conflict or dilemma of spending less. If this seat range also suits your travel needs then keep reading about its features and the numerous benefits assigned to it. 

Air France Air Carrier Official information

Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France

What Is Included In Air France Premium Economy?

Air France seats include an array of features like reclinable seats with more width and leg space. Another set of priority services also ensures that from the arrival at the airport to landing, it is a convenient and comfortable journey. 

Not only this, Air France duo seats, and premium economy seats are a variety of seat options that ensure privacy and comfort at very reasonable rates. One of the biggest benefits the Air France Economy seats offer is the panel separating the two seats and ensuring privacy. A350, Boeing 787 and a few other aircrafts are equipped with these cabins. Read a detailed description for what is included in Air France premium Economy.

Air France Premium Economy In-Flight Experience and Seats 

Air France Premium Economy In-Flight Experience and Seats 

Air France increases the seat size to 102,51 in length and width with more leg space. Even the seats ensure privacy with dividing panels and more comfort due to the foam used. These recline up to 130° adding the nuances of convenience within an affordable range. 

Finally, another impressive side of the seats are its cover and red threaded designs that give it a premium look. All in all, the Air France premium seats actually are steps ahead of the economy and offer much equivalent comfort at lower prices than the business class. 

Dine with Air France Premium Cabins

Dine with Air France Premium Cabins

Air France offers full-course meals to its premium economy passengers. Also, the snacks are delivered which are inspired by the Business class. menu ensuring tough competition between both cabins. 

The list does not end here. Options between two hot meals along with a dessert that is complemented with tea, liquor, or coffee. More to offer is the A la Carte menu which is an alternative to the above-mentioned. This is available on limited flights departing from Paris. 

Keep the Entertainment going with Air France Premium Economy Cabins

Keep the Entertainment going with Air France Premium Economy Cabins

A 12-inch touchscreen display ensures that at no moment you feel bored. It is really good for passengers who will be flying on long-haul flights. There are approximately 12000 movies, games, programs, music, videos, and much more to binge on.  With the ease of operation and thousands of options to explore, it is indeed one of the attractive features of Air France. 

USB Ports and Storage in Premium Economy Seats

Each passenger is entitled to one electric socket and USB port. Keep your device charged during the journey via easy access to the ports assigned to every seat. Furthermore, a wide tray and additional storage space reduce the stress of handling the essentials that one carries on board. Keeping it easy and simple, these features truly define what is premium economy on Air France. 

Air France Travel Essentials Kit

Air France packs items that are very useful during the trip like toothbrushes, toothpaste, earplugs, socks, masks, and others. A special kit with these products are packed for the Air France Premium Economy passengers that you can carry back home even. Moreover, it keeps getting updated every six months considering the needs of the passengers. 

Air France WiFi and Other Amenities for Premium Economy Passengers

Air France WiFi and Other Amenities for Premium Economy Passengers

Air France has WiFi for all its cabin passengers. This is not a special feature for the premium seat managers but surely a must to mention. The messaging pack is free for all to easily stay connected to the office and business mates or beloved ones. It only allows free texting and the images or videos can not be shared via this pack. While browsing, streaming, or downloading there are additional two packs that the passengers can buy after boarding the plane at a very feasible price. Check out the details on the official page of the airline. You shall also find some additional updated benefits for flying on Air France premium economy seats. 

Overview of Air France Premium Economy


Air France premium seats are a newer addition to their cabins offering relaxed seating arrangements with more legroom. These are designed to ensure a better and premium price within a budget-limited price range. It is defined as a mid-range between the Economy and the Business class. Review the features and get a good idea of what is Air France Premium Economy and compare it with other cabins to finalize which seat you would like to fly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Premium economy of Air France?

Air France premium economy cabins offer wider and more leg space with entertainment and dining options.  

What is included in Air France Premium Economy?

Air France premium seats are wider, more comfortable, and reclining. These try to offer the maximum possible convenience at affordable prices. Food, snacks, and entertainment are also complementary. 

On which flight can I buy the premium economy of Air France? 

Airbus A350 and Boeing aircraft series are equipped with Air France economy seats. 
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