Does Air France Have WiFi

Air France CONNECT is the WiFi service available on all its flights. It has also started upgrading the aircrafts with Satellite connectivity that will enhance the internet speed. Currently, it is limited to a few planes but gradually will be deployed to all. 

Internet access is one of the essential requirements and demands of the flyers. It even defines the airline service quality to some extent. Air France is popular for its services and ensures the best experience for its passengers. The WiFi service with consistent good speed is offered to the passengers. If you are also curious about the prices or are thinking does Air France have free WiFi then keep reading to get answers to all your questions. 

Everything You Need To Know About Air France WiFi

Everything You Need To Know About Air France WiFi

Air France offers free messaging services to all its passengers. The WiFi is divided into three categories based on the purpose. The prices also differ based on this division and the hours of internet use. Passengers can buy the WiFi on an hourly basis or for the entire journey at a bundled rate. 

Messaging, Browsing, and Streaming are the three defined purposes for which Air France offers different speeds and connectivity. Depending on your use, select the suitable internet data pack and enjoy the connectivity on board. After clearing your query on Does Air France have WiFi on the plane, check out the prices of the three categories mentioned above. 

Message Pass: Messaging is free of cost for all Air France passengers. Social Media Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, iMessage, and others are accessible for chatting with your close ones or official members. No additional charges are levied on the same. 

Surf Pass:  Air France charges for surfing or browsing begins at 3 euros. It is again subdivided by the flight duration. Verify how much you need to pay for your journey. 

Flight Duration Air France WiFi Prices 
Short Haul Flights 3 Euros for one complete flight duration 
Medium Haul Flights 5 Euros, complete one journey
Long Haul Flights 8 Euros, per hour 
18 Euros for the entire journey 

Stream Pass: Enjoy downloading or streaming your favorite shows and programs. This Air France WiFi service is available on all of its Long haul flights at a minimal cost of 30 Euros. This price is applicable for the entire journey usage. 

How to Buy and Connect to Air France WiFi?

How to Buy and Connect to Air France WiFi?

Air France WiFi can be purchased after boarding the plane. After payment, the internet will connect to your device for a number of hours or the entire journey. As you already know how much cost does Air France WiFi have on the plane, proceed further to buy and gain access to the internet service by following these few steps. 

  1. After boarding the plane, enable the Airplane mode. 
  2. Next, use the WiFi router to find the available network in flight. 
  3. Select AirFrance CONNECT 
  4. After selecting, it will redirect to the online portal. 
  5. Here, all the internet packs will be visible for purchase.
  6. Choose the preferred pack and pay accordingly.
  7. Finally, you will be connected to Air France WiFi service on board. 

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and PayPal are acceptable modes of payment. While the frequent passengers who have earned the miles can pay using them. Check the required points as an alternative to the prices. Long Haul flights need 2700 miles for one hour. While for the entire journey, it requires 6000 miles instead of 18 Euros. 

Air France Airlines Contact information
Address45 rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex , France


Air France passengers can use the internet service on board. The speed offered is really good and passengers can use the messaging service for free. The other two purposes like streaming or browsing are paid. The prices differ depending on the category of the purpose and the internet used for the total number of hours. Even more, the passengers can pay using the Miles which are reward points that passengers earn for flying with the airline. Easy connect and buy the Air France WiFi service after boarding the plane. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Air France have WiFi on International Flights?

Yes, Air France has WiFi on all its aircrafts with good internet speed and connectivity. 

On which flights does Air France have WiFi on board?

All national and international route Air France flights are equipped with WiFi on board. 

What is the cost of Air France internet?

The price of Air France WiFi service depends on the purpose like streaming or browsing and the total time used. 
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