What Terminal Is Avianca At JFK

Avianca Brasil is now officially known as Avianca Airlines. The airline has been renamed due to the ownership and other financial reasons. Despite the change, netizens and old passengers of the airline recognize it as Avianca Airline. So, if you will be flying for the first time then you don’t need to worry as both names belong to the same company. 

Redirecting the attention back to the main topic let us discuss what terminal is Avianca at JFK terminal in detail.  Also, a set of other services that the airline offers at the airport with their respective locations are even described in the later content. It is a low cost airline that promises to serve the best at a minimal cost. Avianca flies to various destinations across the globe. While regions of America are extensively covered by the airline. Presently, the Avianca Airline uses the terminal 4 of the JFK Airport in New York city. 

What Gates does Avianca Brasil Airlines use at the JFK Airport? 

JFK Avianca terminal 4 is huge and is a hub to many other airlines. It could be confusing in the beginning to find where services offered by Avianca airlines are located. There are several formalities like check-in, adding checked bags, clearing security or migration. Documentation work is at times lengthy due to the type of booking or other legal protocols. So, it is always better to know where all to visit to finish all the formalities before boarding the plane. 

Alternatively, some of the requisites like check-in, booking ticket and many others can be finished online by visiting the airline’s official website. It is suggested to arrive after completing the many formalities possible  online. The rest can be finished at the terminal Avianca uses at JFK. The details of the services that Avianca Airlines offers at JFK Airport are mentioned in the next few points. 

Avianca JFK Terminal for Departures 

Departure of International and Domestic route flights of Avianca Airlines is located at the terminal 4 of the JFK Airport. After finishing the check-in process and getting the pass, sit and relax until the call for boarding is made. 

Avianca Airlines Arrival at JFK Airport

The Avianca airlines uses the same terminal JFK for all its national and international arrivals. Follow the airport map directions or the sign boards to reach the baggage claim section after landing at the airport. 

Avianca Airlines Check-In 

For Check-in the JFK Avianca terminal is the same as the other services. The exact office for the Avianca Airlines check-in is at level 4 of the terminal. The ticket sales, baggage drop, ATM and many other services are also available at this level. 

Sadly, there is no information about the lounge for Avianca passengers. While Avianca airline does offer Lounge service with many additional benefits, there are no specifications about the same. Dial  (800) 284-2622, Avianca customer care for any such related queries.

JFK Airport Amenities 

Ensuring comfort and convenience of the passengers the JFK has a variety of facilities installed at the airport. Avianca passengers can use rental cars or taxis to arrive at the airport or leave if landing in New York. 

Use Airport Bus or Air Train   

The Air Train connects to various other airports and other outside the airport destinations offering rides to passengers leaving or arriving at the airport. You can use the train for traveling beyond the boundaries of the airport. To reach JFK Avianca terminal use the Airport bus that drives to various gates and stops within the airport. 

After reaching and finishing all the formalities, you can shop from multiple brand shops, eat from the restaurants and cafes or even just relax and stare at the beautiful sketched walls of the JFK Airport by the locals.

Other Services at the JFK Airport 

The JFK airport is one of the main aiports of the New York city. It witnesses a huge crowd on a daily basis and is recognised as the thirteenth largest airport. To attract and retain more airlines that will serve from the airport, it ensures a quality of services and facilities are deployed for the passengers. The list below contains the services divided into a bunch of categories. 


  • Duty Free shops 
  • Florist 
  • Travel Essentials
  • Electronics 
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Convenience Shopping 
  • Books and Magazines Store

Food and Beverages Section 

  • Bar 
  • Children’s Menu 
  • Water Coolers 
  • Coffee and Tea cafes 
  • Grab & Go 
  • Restaurants 

Beauty and Spa 

  • Cosmetic and Skin Care salons 
  • Massage 
  • Nail Care stores 

The services are chargeable as per the prices defined by each shop. While few basic amenities like water, washrooms are free of cost. As per the necessity, passengers can visit the specific location and make use of the facility. There are even worship areas, medical offices and other basic requisites that are open 24/7 for use. 

Concluding Points 

The passengers who will soon be visiting the airport must know what terminal is Avianca at JFK. It makes  boarding a plane very easy. If you wish to cut short the tiring check-in process more then do the necessary steps online. Not each and every required formality can be availed online but try completing the majority before reaching the airport. It reduces the overall time spent at the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Which other airlines use JFK Terminal 4?

Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air India,Avianca, Caribbean, China Airlines, Copa, EI AI, Emirates, Etihad, Hawaiian, Kenya Airways, Singapore, LATAM, South African Airways, Uzbekistan Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Xiamen Air, WestJet are a few airlines that serve from terminal 4 of JFK Airport. 

What terminal does Avianca Airline use for Check-in? 

Avianca Airlines is stationed at terminal 4 of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport.

Is Avianca Brasil and Avianca the same airline?

Yes, Avianca Brasil has been renamed as Avianca airlines. 

Is there a lounge for Avianca Airlines passengers? 

There is no lounge for Avianca passengers at the JFK airport. 
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