Does Ethiopian Airlines Weigh Carry On

Ethiopian Airlines uses the weight or piece concept depending on the travel class and route. It allows a maximum of two bags for free to be carried in the flight along with a personal or an essential item. The exact number of how many carry-on bags allowed Ethiopian airlines is subject to the ticket type and the destination. The higher cabin passengers get an additional carrying capacity. 

Each bag allowed to be carried for free should be of specific dimensions and weight. Fee is applicable on bags and items exceeding the limit. Keep reading to know the provisions for free bags on Ethiopian airlines for your ticket. 

Find How Many Kilos Can I Carry on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines allows passengers to carry handbags of certain weight and size for free. The Economy class passengers are entitled to one 7 kgs handbag. While two bags weighing 7 kg each are allowed to be carried by Ethiopian airlines. The sum of all the three dimensions should not be more than 115 cms. 

Alongside, you can also carry one personal item for free. Prosthetics, wheelchairs and other essential items are also permitted by Ethiopian Airlines to be carried. Read the terms and conditions associated with free carry-on bags on board. 

Terms and Conditions for Ethiopian Airlines Carry On Bags 

Ethiopian Airlines Carry On Bags

When you are packing your handbag and planning to carry additional items 

  1. The additional personal item allowed maximum weight can be 5 kg. 
  2. Ethiopian Airlines defines a list  of items that can be carried as personal items. Carry any of the following along with your handbag. 
  • Overcoat 
  • Laptop
  • A small camera 
  • Binoculars 
  • Wrap or blanket 
  • Reading material 
  • Infant’s food 
  • Infant’s carriage 
  • Duty Free items 
  1. Passengers are also entitled to carry essential items like wheelchairs, braces, prosthetics. In case of any confusion, call the Ethiopian airlines customer service to confirm if the device or item is valid to be carried for free.
  2. Remember that the handbag should not be more than 115 cm in size and 7 kg in size. The quantity of the bag or purse varies as per the travel class. 
  3. Hazardous items like inflammables, sharp items, sporting equipment, weapons, spillable drinks or products, aerosol-containing materials and many others that are potentially dangerous can not be carried in the cockpit.  
  4. Musical instruments that fit within the dimensions of 115 cms are permitted to be carried on Ethiopian airlines’ cabins. Irregular shaped instruments are not allowed as carry on luggage. 
  5. Read the detailed list of all the items that are restricted or not allowed in the cabins of the airline. At the time of screening, the airline holds the right to remove dangerous or harmful products or items.


Does Ethiopian Airlines weigh carry on? The weight will be calculated either on the basis of the piece or the bag. Pack the handbags in order to keep under the 7Kg limit. Also make sure that the bag should not be more than 115 cms. This size limit is the total of all the three dimensions including length,breadth and width. Keep the laptop and personal item separately as it is allowed for free up to 5 Kgs. Indeed, the Ethiopian airlines baggage allowance for carry bags enables passengers to carry a considerable amount of luggage. So, it is always beneficial to read the policy well to be able to carry more weight for free. 

Does Ethiopian Airlines Weigh Carry On? (FAQs)

How many carry-on bags allowed Ethiopian Airlines?

Economy class passengers can carry 7 kgs of bag, different in quantity as per the travel class.

Can I carry my guitar on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines allow musical instruments that are no longer than 115 cms and that are not in regular shape.

Does Ethiopian Airlines Weigh Carry On?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines Weigh Carry on bags to allow certain to be carried for free.
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